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28 February, 2005

Kentucky's Finest - My Heros!!

It starts when his Grannie and Grandad turn him in to the Kentucky Police. It continues when a judge raises his bail due to "the seriousness of the offense".

And I just about pissed my pants laughing at what passes for justice in Clark County, Ky. SondraK scored huge with this one. Go see. You'll either end up laughing like I did or you're gonna throw something at the screen. Either way, it'll get a reaction!


The Government Quits

OK - the Lebanese government folded up - so what? Just what will be accomplished by this? Nothing that I can see.

First off, the pro-Syrian president, Emile Lahoud, will name a new Prime Minister to carry through until the planned elections in May (if they ever happen).

Syria has changed their mind about pulling out their troops, now tieing it to a "peace treaty" between themselves (or the Palestinians, I'm not too sure) and Israel. Yep - I can see that happening. It translates to "NEVER" - at least as long as it can keep total control over Lebanon. Is Jumblatt a possibility for a new government? Would he be acceptable to the Lebanese people? More to the point, would Syria put up with any choice that doesn't kiss their ring?

As was expected after Afghanistan, Iraq and now Egypt, other Arab and Middle Eastern nations are seeing what can happen and are becoming highly pissed that they aren't being able to participate. Hell, even the Saudi's are going to let women vote - as long as they're so covered up that they can't read the ballot (and who taught them to read, anyway?).

I can't see any good coming out of this in the short term, but that's just me.


Do You Want Fries With That?

OK - so I lived overseas for all of this killing spree, and I know that the people in Kansas don't see a damn thing funny about all this Dennis Rader arrest and alleged confession. Hell, no one in my family could even figure out what BTK stood for.

But I had never heard a thing about this mass murderer until very recently, when he started sending clues to the cops again. So each time I'd hear BTK, the first thing to go thru my mind was ...

With Mayo on toast, thanks.

If you write that I'm sick and have no respect, you're sailing very close to the buoys. What's your point?


An Excellent Piece of Writing

If you have some spare time to read a fairly lengthy article, I direct your attention here.

Donna Abu-Nasr, in an Associated Press piece, gives a very good background into the families of some Saudis who go to Iraq for nefarious purposes. It's eminently readable and gives the kind of information that you just knew had to be the truth.

Now you have at least one version of the facts. For whatever weight you give to any AP report.


New Entries

My blogroll has grown by three this morning. I'm not too sure if these sites should consider this more of a shame than anything else, but it's too late for them now. Circa Bellum and Pirates! Man Your Women! can blame Knuckles for my finding them, while The Freeholder made the fatal mistake of doing a trackback to one of my blatherings.

Welcome all - just don't blame me if the overall tone of your sites drops an octave or so. It can be a tough crowd here!


I Just F'kin Love It!

Way back on Lincoln's Birthday, I put up a post askin' why Charles & Camilla are different from Edward VIII and Wallis Simpson. No one took me up on that, so I'm left in ignorance (my normal state).

Now I see the wags have come up with a new name for Camilla Parker Bowles.

The Bride Of Chucky.

I damn near wet myself!


Justification For The Death Penalty

I picked up the following from the pages of the Winston Salem Urinal today. It's credited only to "Journal Wire Report":

Inspector-general report says
laws may have been broken

SALT LAKE CITY - A Defense Department report said that the Air Force wasted $1 million on unreliable hand-held chemical agent detectors that could have put any airmen at risk who depended on the equipment, a newspaper reported yesterday.

Air Force officials may have violated federal laws and military rules when they bought 100 commercial versions of the detectors and supplied them to commanders in the Middle East while knowing that the manufacturer's tests showed that the detectors did not work well in hot areas or under battle conditions, the Deseret Morning News reported.

Officials also did not wait for other necessary tests, according to a Defense Department Inspector General report the newspaper obtained through a Freedom of Information Act request.

Assuming that this report is correct, and our troops were placed in an area where we know from past history chem and biologics were stored and used, both the suppliers and the Air Force procurement personnel should be up on some dead serious charges.

Of course, that's just my opinion.


Is Summers Right?

According to an AP report today, Harvard president Larry Summers - villified, condemned, etc. etc. for his statement about possible inherent differences between men and women - could just be right!

Damn! Who knew?

This report goes into - very superficially - a study stating that men have more gray matter - which leads to computational, spacial and pattern analysis abilities, while women have more white matter - this seems to control the number of linkages between brain cells.

While most of this article is dedicated to a professor of "Applied Psychology", Joshua Aronson (New York University), who says it's all crap and the Biologist don't know what they're saying and men and women are equal, yadda; another psychologist, Linda Gottfredson (University of Delaware) makes the most telling statement:

"I think it's an outrage that certain questions - that real, important questions - can't be raised in an academic atmosphere, that research that's well known can't be presented without some sort of hysterical response,"

Do Tell!

(the above link may require free registration)


27 February, 2005

A Salt of the Earth

Salt has always been a staple of human society. The reason you get a salary is because at one time it was actually paid in salt.

Once again, the Center for Science in the Public Interest has gone absolutely bug-fuck over the American diet, which they want to control all aspects of. Remember how bad movie popcorn is for you? That was them as well.

Now, according to our favorite slavering canine, they want to take control of the amount of salt you partake of on a daily basis.

Trying to get into my kitchen could be a bit tricky for those turds - not to mention very, very painful!


Teach Your Children Well

This is from Wayne - thanks, mate!

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us


NBC - No Bloody Catholics

I just got through reading an article at Michelle Malkin's blog that I really don't want to believe.

Apparently, NBC decided that being as insulting and disrespectful as possible to the Catholic population of the United States is a Good Thing. On the Feb. 22nd show of their sitcom "Committed", they had two non-Catholics being given the Eucharist and they didn't know what to do with it - so starts the hilarity.

If they were to even hint at such disrespect towards Muslims, there could quite possibly be blood in the streets. Catholics, on the other hand, are fair game.

Go figure.



I just came back from Emperor Misha's page, and he's got a column up about a Uri-peein' Soccer team that ... well, I'm not even going to try to explain it.

You just gots to read this one for yourself.


So I'm Slack - What's New?

I know - here it is mid-afternoon and I'm just getting on the 'puter. I got an excuse (again). I actually spent some time in the yard playing with the pooch, after doing the daily patrol for the land mines he leaves out there. You know the problem - big dog, big land mines. Besides, I actually went out to a dinner thrown by She Who Must Be Obeyed's employer, so I'm operating at big pain, bad attitude levels. This, too, shall pass.

Once I did get on, though, I ran into a couple of tales up on the Calamari's site - one about that damn quagmire in the Kitty Litter, the other about how our favorite fraud (no, not Churchill, the other one) is doing these days. Not real good according to that piece. Breaks my f'kin heart, that does.

Some fun reading, so if you haven't been yet, head over. Don't be detered by his set-up there - since he changed his format you have to hunt for the meat - but it's there, I promise!


26 February, 2005

On Our Southern Border

Oliver North, over at TownHall, has an article this week that brings South and Central America into sharp focus. This is something that our government needs to look at - now.

Lately there's been people worried about Islamic terrorists infiltrating through Mexico, but I think they may be missing the larger problem - and it's not just from Castro. Hugo Chavez, Daniel Ortega (remember that name?) and others - either state-sponsored or free-lance - are trying to enter our country for evil purpose. And they're doing it with pretty good success.

The good LtCol brings all of this together and says that we can no longer afford to ignore the problems in our hemisphere.


Can I Have Coffee Today?

As a LARGE consumer of coffee (the real stuff, not the Starbucks junk) this article interested me.

I remember the "Red Dye #2" scare that led to the disappearance of red M&Ms some time ago, which ended up that, in order to reach the cancer-causing results of the Canadian test the average human would have to ingest about 50 pounds of it a day!

I'm still confused about salt - can I have any this week or not? I've seen too many studies pointing each way.

And don't even get me started about that group "Science in the Public Interest"!


A Professional Flaming

Somehow, I managed to miss the original article by some German "journalist" named Rupp. By what I've seen since I don't think I missed much.

Fairy Blogmother has pointed me to A Collection Of Thoughts, where former Special Forces and Vietnam Veteran Don Bendell takes issue with said "journalist".

Doesn't He What!! Go have a read of this - it'll warm the cockles of your heart!


25 February, 2005

Cruel & Unusual Punishment?

OK - so Judge (Kill'em Quick) George Greer gave Terri Schiavo a stay of execution - but he ain't happy about it. He's tired of granting temporary stays and wants to get Terri killed off once and for all.

I got a couple of questions about this.

First, why is Dr. Kevorkian in jail?

Second, have you ever seen anyone die of starvation? Lemme tell you, it's not pretty.

Third, if anyone in the U.S. prison system used this manner of execution, the ACLU would be on them like stink on shit - where are they now, since I would think being forced against your will to starve to death would seem to me to be a violation of rights somewhere.

Judge George Greer has literally set himself up as Judge, Jury and Executioner.

American justice. Gotta love it.


Gummi Snacks Lead to Murder!

Just about all the major MSM arteries have picked up on the story from the AP about the New Jersey SPCA going ballistic over Kraft Foods newest Gummi - Road Kill Gummi's.

These new gummi candies consist of snakes, squirrels and chickens with flat spots covered in tire treads. Well, I can understand the outrage.

Imaging the 4 year-olds who eat these - they might grab the old man's car and start aiming at the nearest barnyard! The Horror! The Outrage! Kraft immediately buckled, saying they never meant to offend anyone.

It's got to where no one can take a joke anymore.

And you know what they say - if you can't take a joke, don't you?


Indigo Strikes Pure Gold

Indigo Insights has a letter up that's a great read.

Seems this Navy full Commander (a REMF) ran into some Marines getting ready to rotate out of the kitty litter.

Those kids (the Marines) are just too damn young to look like they do!


The Multifaceted Jerk

Michelle Malkin has a new article about our Renaissance Terrorist, Ward Churchill. Not only does he applaud & encourage the murder of his fellow citizens, claim falsely to be an Indian in order to steal tenure and extort large sums of money for "free speech", he is also the Artiste.

And what an artist! He's so good that his art resembles exact copies of existing paintings, drawings and photographs - sometimes even going so far as to mirror-image them.

The Perfesser's explanations? Ya just gotta read them for yerself!


Da Man's Holdin' Down Wimmin - Again!

The Big Squid has an article up by Heather Mac Donald - someone I can only assume is now a former woman. Read the article for my reasoning.

Seems Susam Estrich is unhappy with the OpEd editor of the LA Times, Michael Kinsley, over the perceived representation of wymyn in those august pages. Any imbalance in anything male / female seems enough to set Estrich's tin hat into meltdown, and in this case she claims to have had her law students counting up letters and opinion pieces. Of course, she then carefully selects her data from this to back up her screaming rant (to call it an argument is too embarrassing). Too bad these students haven't been studying law.

Just so you know - any time a wymyn has ever sent an opinion piece to the LA Times that wasn't published, the reason (according to Estrich) was gender bias. Space constraints, quality of writing, opinions with some tenuous reach towards reality - none of this matters! It's all bias all the time!

She even got so low as to bring up Kinsley battle with Parkinsons Disease as a reason for his apparent mental inability to publish all wimmin all de time.

Sad. Very, very sad.


24 February, 2005

Just Askin'

From Norman Liebmann at EtherZone:

Just askin’: Now that Americans want Jane Fonda to go to Hanoi, why the hell won’t she go?

Just askin’: Is Madeleine Albright the stupidest woman on the face of the Earth, or is it that she and the stupidest woman on the face of the Earth are frequently mistaken for each other?

Just askin’: Wasn’t it John Kerry who said to Osama bin Laden, "I always spoke well of you"?

Just askin’: Isn’t it time homosexuals harnessed all their much-advertised compassion and established a first aid organization called The Gay Cross?

Just askin’: Which world-wide pestilence will cause Civilization to go down the tubes first, AIDS or Arabs?

Just askin’: As a message to the rest of the world, isn’t it time for an American super hero named Captain Payback?

Go here to read the rest - this is but a small selection. This man is seriously twisted.


He's Back!

Thanks (I think) to The Museum of Left Wing Lunacy for letting us all know that Algore's back in action.

Big Al's even got his campaign web site up and limping already for the 2008 run for the Presidency. He seems just a tad upset with the United States telling the Kyoto treaty asswipes to piss up a rope.

As always with the Museum, everything is done in the best possible taste (yeah, right!)


The Left Is Getting Worse!

Thanks to the gang at Four Right Wing Wackos, I just finished reading this article (and some incredibly ignorant comments) on Cold Fury.

This is worth everyone's time to go read. It's a bit long but time sure flies when you're having fun!

It seems that some mewling liberal named Will Pitt posted up a whole shitful of lies, innuendoes and flat-ass wrong ideas about how he and the rest of the Libs "love our troops" and support them so much, while at the same time throwing up every lie they can possibly think to denigrate our President, our Military and our Nation in general.

While you can head straight to Cold Fury, go the way I did, so you can give Raging Dave credit for spreading this around.


Gannon / Guckert Rolls Along

Aren't the Dem's getting all bent out of shape over this one! I just did a "Google" om Guckert, and just about every lib/commie blog out there is going absolutely f'kin nuts!

Ann Coulter's column today goes into how Maureen Dowd threw a hissy over how Guckert got day passes while she had to wait for a permanent press pass to the White House. Typical of Dowd, she got her facts wrong, but that's never gotten in her way before.

According to Brit Hume at Fox, "CBS Senior Political Editor Dotty Lynch says that former right-wing Talon News reporter Jeff Gannon was a Republican political operative and suggests that Rove sanctioned his presence in White House briefings. She offers no proof."

Now Reps. Louise Slaughter, D-N.Y., and John Conyers, D-Mich., are writing letters to the U.S. attorney for the Northern District of Illinois, saying the Chicago attorney's office may need to subpoena Guckert's journal. According to Conyers and Slaughter's letter, Guckert had access to a memo revealing the name of CIA operative Valerie Plame.

We also have Sen. Richard Durbin, D-Ill., circulating a letter around the Senate asking President Bush "to launch an investigation into how Guckert gained access to White House press briefings over two years despite having no journalism background and using a false name."

This is all in addition to Sen. Frank Lautenberg, D-N.J Families., and others jumping up and down yelling that Talon News of GOPUSA isn't a "real" news organ but only spouts conservative bias.

Funny how they never let liberal bias slow down the access for the New York Times or CNN, CBS, etc. etc.

(Most of paragraphs 3 - 5 has been taken from this article at FoxNews).


Russian Cooperation?

This is all just my opinion, but -

- - Putin is actively helping Iran develop their nuclear capabilities.
- - He's also giving Syria missle technology, even though Syria is still dragging their feet over leaving Lebanon.
- - He seems to be ambivalent over getting North Korea back to the negotiating table.
- - Even after the horrific attack at Beslan, he doesn't appear to have much interest in the war against terror - at least any part that doesn't involve Chechenians.
- - It was only within the last week that he decided to recognize Georgia and the Ukraine as independant states.

Combine all that with the takeover of the Russian oil industry and the arrest of the former head of it, plus the fact that Putin was a former high-up in the KGB, and you have a situation that does not bode well for 'democratic cooperation' between Russia and anyone else.

Maybe it's just the strength of Putin's personal history coming out. Maybe it's the only way he feels he can counteract the Russian Mafia. Whatever it is, Putin seems determined to return Russia to the Cold War with respect to the United States, and returning his own people to the bad old days of constantly looking over their shoulders in fear.

We always knew that this was on the cards one day for Russia. Looks like that day is here.


23 February, 2005

Right Wing Duck Sells Out

The Devious Drake, aka Right Wing Duck, has lost his amateur status. He was last seen spreading joy (he's spreading something - I hope it's joy) over at Frank J's place, IMAO.

His news wrap-ups are just as good as ever - as long as you ignore the plaintive begging in the commercials.

Congrats on going pro, Duck! Shame the NCAA will cancel your eligibility!


The Asman Observer

If you haven't read this article over at FoxNews, please go and do so now.

David Asman, in a very terse piece of writing, not only remembers those who gave their lives on Iwo Jima 60 years ago, but says that the Marines then and the Marines now should be a valuable lesson for Europe.

I agree, but I doubt that Europe will pay attention until it's much too late.


And The Crowd Goes Wild!

The British tabloids (aren't they all?) and royal watchers are wringing their hands over this one - apparently Good Queen Liz and Phil the Greek won't be going to Charley's wedding.


Just out of curiousity, could anyone from Great Britian please tell me why this is different from the King Edward VIII and Wallis Simpson wedding?

Just askin'.


Can You Keep A Secret?

Besides being the anniversary of the Flag Raising On Iwo Jima, today is also the birthday of She Who Must Be Obeyed.

Fer cryin' out loud, don't say anything - she'll kill me if y'all find out!


60 years on

Does anyone recognise this photo?

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

If not, you should. Sixty years ago today, that was the raising of the flag atop Mount Suribachi, Iwo Jima. That first was hoisted on a steel pipe above the island by First Lieutenant Harold Schrier, platoon commander, Sergeant Ernest I. Thomas, platoon sergeant, Corporal Charles W. Lindberg, and Private First Class James R. Nicel.

It wasn't until three hours later that the more recognisable flag was raised by (from left to right) Private First Class Ira H. Hayes, Private First Class Franklin R. Sousley, Sergeant Michael Strank, Pharmacist's Mate Second Class John Bradley, Private First Class Rene A. Gagnon, and Corporal Harlon Block.

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

To the best of my knowledge, only Mr. Lindberg is still alive.

Very few men ever made it off that hell hole of an island. Think of them today.


On Self-Mutilation

Michelle Malkin has a column up on both Town Hall and her own site about this "craze" called Cutting.

It seems to be most popular with girls and those in their teens (and pre-teens in some cases). This isn't a hoax or something to joke about. If you even suspect one of your children - or one of their friends - is doing this (or even considering it) you need to talk and get help now - later may be too late.


Coincidence? I Think Not!

Lately I've been getting semi-daily giggles reading Cajun's 'Boudreaux' jokes (I assume they are jokes, Cajun?) and his trip to the Big Smoke of Houston.

Now I find out that a very good mate of mine - who happens to live in Houston - is going to be getting married in Thibodaux, LA. to a lovely Cajun lady.

There must be a conspirany going here. One thing I do know is that Boudreaux and Thibodeaux had better get invited to the wedding or there's gonna be hell to pay!

Laurie & Rob - just keep an eye out for Mrs Boudreaux in case she's still holding on to that shotgun!


Bits & Pieces

I don't know - I spend a day and a half on family medical emergencies (not me for once!) and the world goes to shit again.

Ahmed Omar Abu Ali is accused of plotting to assassinate the President, his family calls it "all lies". That's surprising, isn't it? I would've thought half of Hollywood could be added to the list of defendants.

When my parents were alive they looked at buying property in Winslow AZ with the thought of it becoming ocean front property. Looks like they may have been on to something. Pity of it all is that there'd be damn few people in LA or Hollywood who'd know what a cubit is, let alone where to find the instructions on Ark building.

If Ward Churchill and the University of Hawaii aer so big on free speech, why is money changing hands?

The President is nearing the last leg of his European trip, where the hardest thing so far is to control the giggles. Slovakia is next, so it may degenerate to belly laughs.

And apparently Stephen Dale Barbee had admitted to the murders of Lisa Underwood and her son Jayden. In Texas. I'm willing to be the year 2008 will arrive without him.

When I read more, I'll be back.


22 February, 2005

All Too Believable

Just got back from my morning trip to the Emperor's House, where he's got a real sick-making tale about a wonderful middle-school teacher in Brooklyn.

Seems this teacher had his Socialist Studies class write some letters to the troops in the Kitty Litter, and some of these accuse the Soldiers of slaughtering civilians, blowing up mosques, etc etc. You know the drill.

Of course, everyone is just shocked and stunned that the 6th graders would have such fully formed and flesh-out opinions about Iraq like the ones expressed in the letters.

Ya just got to go read what Misha has to say about it.


Welcoming Home the Troops

My Fairy Blogmother, Indigo Insights, is getting ready to welcome home the Marines and Sailors returning to Camp LeJeune.

Seems she lives just off the main drag between the port at Morehead City and Jacksonville, and just about everyone along the miles of that highway are going to turn out.

Indigo - put my name on some of that beer & pizza for me, OK?


21 February, 2005

Charlie D. Is At It Again

If there's anyone out there who hasn't been to Charlie Daniels' Soapbox, you're missing out on a real treat. Whether you agree with him or not, the man isn't bashful about speaking his mind.

His current offering is about the United Nations - and I'll just bet you can guess what his take on it is.

Go see for yourself - just in case you're wrong!


An Advertising Giggle

So far this morning, I've seen the Jack Nicklaus ad several times. You know the one - "I got a ceramic hip for the quality of life" ad. There's also an ad with some woman hiking up San Francisco's hills bleating on about how wonderful her knee replacement is.

What I want to know is, when did joint replacement become an impulse buy? How many people are seeing those ads and thinking, "My God! That's just what I need - I better call an orthopedic surgeon right away!"

And here I thought the ads for the other drugs were bad - telling to to shop around for a doc that'll give their drugs to you ("Be sure to tell your doctor about the drugs you're currently taking" - shit, I rely on HIM to tell ME what I'm on!)

Old age must be seeping in. I can't handle this any more. Send help.



Extortion – A Cautionary Tale

So the NHL cancelled their season, after having already missed over half of it along with the All-Star game. For most of us, this is no big deal – we’ll get by.

But what if you live in one of the cities which is home to a professional sporting team? How many of you have lived through the team owners saying, “Give us what we want or we’ll move the team elsewhere”? I know it happened in Chicago when I was there and many other towns have gone through the same thing.

Team owners are really good at using extortion to get what they want – whether it’s a new stadium, parking concessions or something else. How many of them are willing to guarantee their cities that the expected revenue from that team will be met? That’s a laugh, isn’t it?

And it’s not just sports, although most of the time they are the biggest extortionists. I’m living down here in North Carolina (and loving it!) and we just got chosen for the new Dell Computers plant. Of course, it’s going to cost the area over 30 million dollars in tax relief and ‘incentives’ to draw them here.

What guarantees are there that the number of new jobs will be what was promised? Or anything else on the side of the corporation that was just sweet-talked into moving here? I’d be willing to take a guess – zip, zilch, nada.

Any city going through this kind of extortion – be it for new business or a sports franchise (no difference, really) – had best be very circumspect. Look at the revenue being generated by the NHL this season before you cave in to the Wirtz or Steinbrenner clans next time.


20 February, 2005

Playing With The Big Kids

Dave Szczek, son of Wayne (of Wayne's World, currently on hiatus), has just started his tour in Iraq. This young, hard-chargin' Marine is in Anbar province which includes Fallujah, Ramadi, and all the way up to the Syrian and Jordanian borders.

The lad's goin' to be playin' to a tough crowd, but he's with the travelling band that'll knock their socks off. He's one highly trained, motivated Jar Head with a positive mental attitude.

Of course, if anyone out there wishes to join me in a prayer for his safe return, that wouldn't go astray either.

Give 'em hell, Dave - when you get back to LeJeune I'll buy you the first one (or so).

Bet on it.


UN Refugee Chief Resigns

So - according to an article I saw at the Big Squid's house, the Ruud (Land)Lubbers has finally resigned - after a couple of sexual harassment charges were swept under the rest of the filth at the UN.

Could this be the start of a trend? Not F'kin Likely!


Operation Stars & Stripes - More Info

Last Thursday I posted about this organization, which is doing some fantastic work supporting our troops. I've since got some more info on it for y'all.

Your donations to Operation Stars & Stripes are tax deductible. That's the main reason they prefer donations to be by check - that way they can trace back, send a receipt and a 'thank you' letter.

That good friend I mentioned who started this? Well, it turns out that, besides all the money and effort she's put into this so far, she's also footing the bill for the web site as well - and as a non computer person, she's done one hell of a job on designing it.

Her site tells you how you can donate, but I'll repeat it here:

Any cash donations can be sent to:

If you have any questions regarding "Operation Stars & Stripes", please feel free to contact Mere at Johnmeredithk@aol.com

If you can link to this site on your blogroll, or just give it a mention on your site I'd really appreciate it.


Fred's Going To Hell (Again)

Fred Reed has taken up his cudgel once again and has decided to place his life at risk once again. A very bright but very silly man.

He has the audacity to take on those testosterone-challenged members of academe who have been beating Lary Summers, the president of Harvard, severely about the head, shoulders and groinal regions over his statements about wymyn.

How dare he (and Fred) speak the truth? What right do they have to fall back on millions of hours worth of human behavior studies?

The pricks. Park the coffee before entering (as usual) as Fred on Everything is always worth a laugh. Pity he's gone to only occasional entries.


Pity It's Believable

I just ran across something on Four Right Wing Wackos that should have the Navy taking it's submarine back and have Jimmah Carter hung by the neck by his Nobel Peace surPrize.

Peter Schweizer, in a new book titled "Reagans War", he states that sitting President Carter actually went to the Soviet ambassador at the time, Anatoly Dobrynin, and ... ...

Well, you just got to go read it for yourself. If this isn't grounds for some kind of action against the rabbit-hating sonuvabitch, I guess nothing would be.

Maybe that's why they made his sub the most heavily armed in history - they must reckon with a name like that, it's gonna need it. The rabbits are just f'kin vicious!


Late As Usual

I meant to put this up for the last couple of days, but I was slack (again).

Indigo has something up from Friday entitled, "WHO SAYS COPS DON'T HAVE A SENSE OF HUMOR?"

Having grown up the son of a cop, and having been one myself in a previous life, I think I can say with some authority:


But read the article - it's a hoot!


In The News?

There’s a couple of articles in today’s paper that caught my attention because they have a (tenuous) link to each other.

In a story out of Frankfurt, Germany, a Jewish leader has criticized the Pope because he dared to use the word "Holocaust" when referring to the number of babies aborted as a result of government policies world wide. I wasn’t aware the Jewish people had a copyright on the term, but I guess you live and learn.

Speaking of possible holocausts, it seems that PETA faxed a letter to Gov. Frank Murkowski of Alaska, asking that he put a stop to all Alaskan fishing for king salmon, claiming the fish are "intelligent animals who feel pain." I presume that places the fish several steps above the PETA folks on the evolutionary ladder.

Now, sending a fax like that to an Alaskan governor would be enough to have even the fax machine spitting coffee across the room, but the real kicker here is that the fax was sent to Gov. Murkowski, "Governor of Alabama".

Attetnion to detail. Gotta love it.


19 February, 2005

A Rash Attack Of Common Sense?

Vioxx, Bextra and Celebrex look to be back on the market. I view this as a wonderful thing, and here's why.

As a male in his mid 50's, my statistical chance of a heart attack or stroke is pretty much identical to that of someone taking one of these drugs.

People who suffer chronic pain have normally gone through a gamut of drugs trying to find something that will work for them with a minimum of side effects. When you finally find that one drug, it's truly a blessing and it allows you some level of functionality.

When the lawyers take that drug away from you, even though you've made an informed choice in using it, you can get pretty hostile towards the world. That can make life hell for family members who normally catch the brunt of this hostility. Believe me, we've been there and it ain't pretty.

Make the bottles and boxes three foot square if you need to find enough space for the lawyer-mandated warning labels. Just let those in pain have access to medications that work for them.


A Bad Case Of Chipmunk Cheeks

I just watched the press conference the senators had in Baghdad, and is it just me or is Sen McCain starting to look more and more like Teddy Kennedy?

Maybe the physical appearance is finally catching up with the mental?


18 February, 2005

Laugh? I Think I Wet Meself!

OK - so everyone has been blogging about the Greenpiss dorks who tried to use their version of Political Free Speech in the Petroleum Exchange in London. I have no intention of doing so as well.

But have a read of what the Rottweiler has to say about it. Park all liquids before entering.


The Perfect Post For Me

When you live in North Carolina, you see a lot of cars with one of those little oval stickers on the back - you know, the one that used to be for nation of origin? Well, here you see quite a few that have 'OBX' on it.

It wasn't until I'd lived here for some years that I found out this stands for "Outer Banks" (can't spell, either). Having watched these people drive for a while, I had come to a very different interpretation of this.

Obnoxious. A very apt interpretation.


Dat's My Boy!

There's times that Boy Wonder makes his dear old dad proud.

This is one of those times. Check out the back of his Jeep:

Free Image Hosting at <a href=

That POW/MIA tire cover was his idea. He's a good lad (when it suits him).

BTW - Anyone out there know why ImageShack has gone strange? Just curious.


Give It A Rest, Already!

Will someone - anyone - PLEASE get a shitload of Dr. Peale's book and send them to the Sunnis in Iraq?

So far today there's been over two dozen Shi'ias blown up today while at prayer in mosques by these mental midgets. Talk about how to win friends and influence people!

If they were looking for a way of getting the majority of the Iraqis to work much closer with the Americans, I think they might just have found it.

Don't you?


About Damn Time!

In a landmark case last year, a Federal Court has finally decided that, when the Government takes your land under the Endangered Species legislation or declares your property a "wetland" and tries to force you accept it in silence (the Army Corps of Engineers has been used a lot for this), the Fifth Amendment powers come into play.

Under this Amendment, it states “nor shall private property be taken for public use, without just compensation.” You would have thought this would have applied to these situations all along, but it took a case last December for this "just compensation" to be triggered.

The case was Tulare Lake Basin Water Storage District v. United States if anyone wishes to look it up, but you can find a precis of it on the Pacific Legal Foundation web site here.

I think this is a "good thing".


I Love This Guy

Bill Maher is at it again. He could keep a blogger employed on a full-time basis even more than Dan Rather.

Now he shows up on Joe Scarborough stating that religion - any and all religion - is a "neurological disorder" and compares then - unfavorably - to fairy tales.

Apparently, whenever someone holds views based on personal moral values (and those views conflict with his), Maher views this as unenlightened religious brainwashing. He views the flying of airliners into the World Trade Towers as a "faith-based initiative".

And he can't understand why his supercilious attitude doesn't fly outside of California and New England.

Go figure.


17 February, 2005

I Shoulda Seen This Coming

I don't know if there's any links to this, but I was just walking past the TV when I heard something that had me shaking my head.

Remember the guy who put the billboards up in Hollywood with a picture of Pres. Bush saying "Four More Years" "Thanks, Hollywood"? Then it had pictures of Mikey Moron, Chevy Chaste and the usual cast of characters.

Well, it seems that one of those tolerant Hollywood Liberals - you know, the ones that are rabid supporters of Free Speech? Well, someone climbed up the top of one of the billboards and painted out the President's eyes and painted a large black swastika on his forehead, ala Charley Manson.

Free thinking, liberal, free speech supporting Hollywood.

Who'd a thunk it??


Just In Case You Missed It

Ya know, folks, there are a few people that I've pretty much stopped mentioning in my posts. There's two main reasons for this:

a) I figure everyone already reads them, and
b) They certainly don't need my help!

Among these are LtCol Oliver North and Mark Steyn (once the novelty of his return wears off). I guess the number one on this list has got to be Ann Coulter. Even the rabid left read her these days, if for no other reason than self-preservation.

Just in case there's someone on this planet that missed Ann's take on everone's favorite adademic, go see what she has to say about Ward Churchill. I promise you'll giggle from start to finish (as usual).


Operation Stars & Stripes

One of the sweetest people I've ever known has a site up that everyone should look at and link to.

The site is Operation Stars & Stripes, and it outlines the efforts this wonderful lady has put into getting donations for our troops, packing them and mailing the boxes out - not just to the sand box, but to the hospitals receiving and caring for our men and women.

Go have a look at this. I know it's not a real snazzy professional job (but it's better than mine!) but it just shows that every cent she gets goes to the troops - along with way too much of her own money!

Mere - we love you and we're damn proud of all you have done and are doing to help our troops!


Typing While Wiping the Tears

If there's anyone out there who hasn't been to Mostly Cajun recently, go over and start reading. His articles over the last couple of days are some of the funniest I've read in a long, long time.

You can just start from the top and keep reading 'til you get tired - it's all just that damn good! And you don't have to be a Cajun to understand most of it!


On Academic Freedom and Tenure

Mr. Paul Campos is a law professor at the University of Colorado. On Tuesday, Feb. 15th, he had a column in the Rocky Mountain News addressing the Ward Churchill affair.

And I'd be willing to bet that it's not what you'd think to hear from a UofC professor! Prof. Campos waxes downright f'kin lyrical about the whole Affirmative Action Tenure question, and it's a must read for anyone interested in tenure questions in general or about Ward Churchill.

Go there.



16 February, 2005

Asman's Column at FoxNews

I missed the Superbowl, so I never saw the ad mentioned in this article. I wish I had.

Please go have a read of this very short article? Those of us from the Vietnam era will thank you.


Scott Ritter - Our Hero

Anyone out there know what Scott Ritter - the ex-weapons inspector - has been up to lately? Does anyone really give a shit?

Well, you just might. Thanks to a tip I saw on Fox News, I found Scott Ritter is now doing opinion pieces for Al Jazeera.net. And what pieces they are.

If you feel a real need to experience what Kim DuToit calls the RCOB, follow this, but don't say I didn't warn you.

Scott Ritter - a new phrase meaning Dog Shit.


I LOVE This Town!

I've talked before on this site about the VA here in North Carolina. They just can't do enough for us. The VA is now covering all of my medications and all of my health concerns, including optical (I'm working on the dental bit).

I've had a bad hoof since 1970, and the VA podiatrist here sent me to a local (private) company to get inserts for my shoes (GI as well, as are the socks, fer crissakes). You'd figure being a "government" patient, knowing how long the government takes to pay its bills, would put you at a disadvantage, right?

Not bloody likely! Straight in, measured up and pick up the inserts in two days!

After all the horror stories I'd heard about the VA and Hines Hospital in Chicago, this place is Heaven!


Your Morning Court Report

Fun & Games in the American Courts:

The Weird One (multi-racial, multi-gender, one body - lots of spare parts) is rushed by ambulance to hospital because he has (drumroll, please) - The FLU! That’ll impress the jurors, won’t it?

Meanwhile, Robert Blake rushed out of his courtroom, sobbing uncontrollably after hearing a tape of him talking about his daughter - and how he wanted to do in his wife. Wonder which sent him to tears?

The Zoloft defense went down in flames, along with the kid who shot both his grandparents to death and burned down their home. The 15 year old got 30 years and in my humble opinion basically walked.

A defrocked priest (and that phrase brings up some ugly images) in Boston (where else?) got 12 to 15 years for raping a boy. He’s 74 so he’ll be 82 by the time he’s eligible for parole, but I think the general prison population will take care of this well before then.

The guy in LA, who changed his mind about committing suicide and left his car on the railroad tracks, causing a massing derailment, pleaded not guilty to 11 counts of murder. This is one clown the death sentence was made to order for, and can take care of any further changes of mind about that suicide.

Finally, in a case that just warms the cockles of my heart, a Federal Appeals Court ruled that Matthew Cooper of Time Magazine and Judith Miller of the New York Times must testify about their sources in the Valerie Palme case. The judges were unanimous in their ruling, saying that the outing of a CIA agent by these clowns isn’t covered by the First Amendment.

Overall, it looks like yesterday was a win-win day, don’t you think?


15 February, 2005

The Search For PEARL

The estate of Janis Joplin has announced that they are going to hold a new "reality" series - "The Search For Pearl" to find (I guess) a sound-alike for Janis. The winner will play with Big Brother & The Holding Company, the Kozmic Blues Band and Full Tilt Boogie Band. The tour will culminate in a star-studded tribute concert in 2006.

Another "cutsie" idea. Right now there are hundreds, if not thousands, of women singing blues in this country who deserve to be recognized and have their music brought before the pubic. People like me who listen to a lot of classic and contemporary blues hear these ladies and are just left in awe of their talent.

How 'bout people like this estate, and the estates of other blues men and women, along with the living legends like Buddy Guy who have blues clubs, put some money into developing these women?

I've always loved the Blues. It's the roots of all rock and it's about time it gets the recognition it deserves - without looking for a kareoke stand-in for Pearl.


More On Those Flashbacks

When they come, they come in bunches, don't they?

After almost 37 years, I got an email from a guy I graduated High School from. In all this time I have only been in touch with one other grad, and it wasn't him.

Seems that this guy has been hunting people like me down to set up a board for Grads of the Sixties from our school near the Brookfield Zoo, west of Chicago. In order to find me, this guy's gotta be pretty damn good, seeing as how I've moved around since school!

This could get interesting - especially for people like me who has never attended a reunion. Hell, I'm going to have to find a Yearbook to see who everyone is!


And The Survey Says ... ...

The Preening Pintail has done it again. Right Wing Duck, posing as an illegal immigrant (undocumented? Not any more!) managed to smuggle out a copy of the juror survey from the Michael Jackson trial.

Go get'em, Duck - this one's a real hoot!


14 February, 2005

Skype'in Out Something

My best mate on this blue ball lives in Australia, and that makes the phone bills a tad outrageous at times - especially when he'd call me on his cell phone!

Now we both have basic headphone / microphone setups and by using Skype (www.skype.com) we can talk forever at no charge. Zip. Nada.

Ain't modern technology wunnerful??


It's Miller Time, Bud.

I just read the story about the guy who lost his job at Miller Brewing because his picture showed up in the local paper holding a Bud Light.

Silly Ass!!

Living here in Winston Salem, it doesn't take a genius to figure out who I used to work for. You could smoke anywhere in the building - desk, conference rooms, even the elevators - but it had better be an RJR product!

There have been consultants there sacked and even multi-million dollar contracts lost because the rep pulled out a red & white pack of smokes.

Yeah, the guy was within his rights to drink whatever he wanted, but if he was stupid enough to get his picture taken for the paper holding the competition's product, he gets what he asks for.

When you live in a company town and the company is paying your checks, you have to use some common sense. Drink what you want at home or in a bar - not in a public place when your paycheck is on the line.

Feel free to tell me how his "civil rights" have been violated. Bullshit.


13 February, 2005

The Things I Missed

See what happens when you take a week off and don't have any news? I just found out about dear LtGen James N. Mattis, USMC, and his comments in San Diego.

Apparently someone (undoubtedly fully supporting our military) taped the comments, which were released as, "Actually, it's a lot of fun to fight. You know, it's a hell of a hoot. ... It's fun to shoot some people. I'll be right upfront with you, I like brawling."

I'd love to know what's in those ellipsis, wouldn't you?

While I was a Marine I knew several like the good General. Me? I was shit-scared most of the time dodging the incoming rounds, so I had a different point of view.

But, true to form, when a warrior gets in front of the ignorant, the shit will fly. Mattis ends up with an extremely mild tap on the wrist from the Commandant and told to go forth and sin no more (or at least pick a new type of sin).

I guess the only cure for this type of situation is to keep the ignorant safely wrapped in their cotton wool while the warriors - past, present and future - get together and swap lies with others who understand where they've been.


The Top (?) 20 Are Out

OK Folks! Listen up for your names!

So - Castro only rates 13th and al-Assad of Syria ranks 14th in the world? Musharraf of Pakistan (7th) ranks two spots ahead of Robert Mugabe (9th)? And Iran (18th) and Vietnam (19th) barely make the list at all?

I’m talking about the list of Top Ten Worst Dictators in the World (and the Dishonorable Mention List) listed in today’s PARADE magazine. The choices made in assigning these positions look to have been decided by pulling the names out of a hat - until you see who was involved in compiling the list:

- - Amnesty International
- - Reporters Without Borders
- - Freedom House
- - Human Rights Watch

The Top Ten (by country) are Sudan, North Korea, Burma, China, Saudi Arabia, Libya, Pakistan, Turkmenistan, Zimbabwe and Equatorial Guinea.

Yeah, there are some real bad people there, but the Saudis worse than Iran, Cuba, Syria and Zimbabwe? GMAFB!

Debate this one at your leisure.


Maybe Those Flashbacks ARE Real!

Don't you just hate it when you wake up and suddenly you're 18 again?

That's what just happened to me when I heard that the Grammys this year are awarding their little grammophones to Led Zeppelin and Janis Joplin. Pinetop Perkins is also in line for an award. Anyone who asks who Pinetop Perkins is will be severely taunted.

It's really nice to see that these award mills are doing something other than awarding Leo DiCaprio a "Lifetime Acheivement Award".


Iraqi Elections

As I type this, an official is reading out the results of last month's election. No real surprises here - the Shi'ite coalition first, the Kurds second, Alawi's party third and the Sunnis sucking hind tit, since they (for the most part) decided not to partake of the process.

Now comes the fun. Will the new government degenerate into a Theocracy ruled by the Mullahs? What are Iraq's neighbors going to do as a result of this? And how is this going to be used by the terrorists - what type of attacks, what will the targets be now, will there be a change in the makeup of the terrorist bloc?

"May you live in interesting times" goes the Chinese curse. Interesting times indeed!


Mark Steyn is Almost Back

SteynOnline is returning on a limited basis today. His latest column on how we're losing the culture wars can be found here, and he also has a new column up on the National Review (requires registration).

I hope, now that the election is over, he can keep his edge and apply it to other areas of our society needing skewering.


12 February, 2005

Oh! The Humanity!

I haven’t been watching much TV lately, so I was trying to get caught up a bit when I read John Gibson’s "My Word" column on Fox News tonight.

When I got into the article, the name "Khadr" leapt off the page at me. Anyone who has read Mark Steyn (sorry - it's pretty much a dead link these days) over the last few years would know that name instantly - that is the nest of vipers that have been using Canada as a shield to protect them from the world as they financed and took part in Al Qaeda plots for years.

It appears that Daddy viper, Ahmed Said Khadr was killed in a battle against US troops in Afghanistan, while son Karim was badly injured and another son, Abdullah, went missing.

A third son, Omar, was captured after he threw a grenade at a medic tending to a wounded soldier. The grenade succeeded in killing Sgt Christopher Speer. Omar was 15 at the time he was taken into custody and sent off to Gitmo.

Now the ‘Toronto Star’ has published an editorial telling us that we should let the poor, misguided widdle boy go home to his mama in Canada. Those nasty Americans have been abusing and torturing the lad - why, he even was made to do wee-wee down his leg once! Imagine! And I’ll bet those same nasty Americans have been laughing at him! Oh, the humiliation!

The Star’s editorial asks for anything but a US Military Tribunal be convened to try this misguided little fellow. If this isn’t done he should be released immediately.

The coffee is still dripping off the laptop's screen after that one.


A New Site On The Blogroll

Go over and have a look at the new site, Defend the Defenders.

It breaks my heart to see such a site be needed, but we all know what the current situation is. The journalists out there in the Eason Jordan mold like nothing more than to catch one of our troops doing something that can be distorted into something terrible, and the troops need our help.

My current pension position won't allow me to help much right now other than by giving them as much of a voice as I can.

Please go over there, read up on what and why they're all about, and give what help you can.

Thank You.


A Jordan Wrap Up

Hopefully this will be the last I put on this site about this bloated pustule. Emperor Misha I has a word or two to say about this, as does Larry Kudlow of CNBC.

In his Farewell Speech at CNN, Jordan views himself as the victim in all this. What a sorry ass excuse for a human, let alone one that claims to be a reporter who seeks "truth".

No mention could be found in CNN's archives about Jordan's previous statements about the U.S. troops torturing journalists, nor was his statement about selling out to Saddam in there.

Would you have expected anything less from CNN?


Viva Fidel!

I saw something scroll across the news screen this morning, and so far I've been unable to verify it at any of the main news sites.

It seems that Fidel's good bud, Chavez in Venezuela, thinks he just might get done in. I can't think of any reason for this, can you?

Anyway, Fidel's been flappin' his gums again claiming that if his best bud gets knocked off - by anyone, anywhere - then Fidel's going to blame the U.S.

Isn't that just too sweet? What does he plan to do if Chavez dies? Sent another boatlift of criminals? We did that once, remember?

Poor Fidel. He's trying so hard to be relavant these days.


Charles & Camilla - What's Changed?

Does anyone remember that Charles, Elizabeth and the rest were actually named Saxe-Coburg-Gotha until the outbreak of war in 1914? It was then that they changed the name to Windsor.

Anyone out there remember their history about King Edward VIII? He was the one who abdicated the throne and married an American divorcee named Wallis Simpson. That story goes a bit deeper, since Simpson was also having an affair with von Ribbentrop at the time, and Edward was sympathetic to the Nazi cause.

But the current situation is still much the same, in that not only is Charles divorced, but Camilla was still married when Charles was playing out his desire to spend the rest of his life as a Tampon. The big difference now is that the Prime Minister and the Archbishop of Canterbury are now saying that this marriage is a good thing.

I wonder why? What is so different now than when the Duke & Duchess of Windson wed and were banished from Great Britain?

Or is it that no one really gives a shit anymore? Don't forget - as King, Charles will be the Head of the Church of England, on a par with the Pope as far as Anglicans are concerned.


Eason Jordan Resigns

So, is that it? He resigns - is that going to be the end of it? I would like to think that the big guns out there such as Joe Scarborough, Hugh Hewitt and others will keep his feet to the fire over this.

Certainly Sen. Dodd and Rep. Barney Franks should keep on this issue, since Jordan was using his position to (once again) cast aspersions on our fighters in order to curry favor with the AlJeezera crowd and their ilk. Apparently with quite a bit of success.

Don't allow this to die like the Swift Boat Vet issue did. Keep this alive until a satisfactory conclusion is reached.


11 February, 2005

So, Kim Jong Il Has A Nuke

Again, who knew? I think it's pretty obvious our government knew - hell, Clinton & Carter did all they could to help him along in that, didn't they?

The problem now is how to react to the public statement. I doubt that any further sanctions against him will do any good since he doesn't give a damn if his entire nation starves as long as he and his inner circle are taken care of.

The people of North Korea have been eating grass, trees and the recently dead for some time now, so there's not much more that he can do to them. China, Japan, Australia and other Southeastern Asian nations are the ones with the most to lose right now, so they must be involved in any talks.

Kim is another Mugabe or Saddam - a one man band who holds total control and is about as stable as I am. That's not a very good thing at all.


There's A Hockey Strike On?

Who knew? Why wasn't I made aware of this?


The Duck Kills His Comments

Sad to say, The Right Wing Duck has turned off his comments - apparently for good.

Pity that - it was the only way I had of getting in touch with him. Maybe he'll read this and take pity on me.


never mind.


It's Not Hate Speech, It's Just "Unpopular"

Yeah, I know - everyone has already weighed in on the Ward Churchill asswipe. I have to get in on this one though, because I know the Whitewater, Wisconsin area very well. My sister owned a home only a couple of miles down the road from there.

Now that the UofW at Whitewater is bringing in this fraud - he's not an Indian - to espouse his brand of hate speech (remember: it's only hate speech if they disagree with you), can we get something through to these people?

Fox News uses the quote, "a decision the chancellor said was repugnant but necessary under First Amendment principles of free speech."

Free Speech? BULLSHIT! Free speech does not mean you have to provide a podium or employment for anyone. They can espouse their Free Speech quite nicely, thank you very much, standing on any street corner in America.

The University of Wisconsin must provide adequate security for this event. I pray they don't find out what "adequate security" really means.

I've been giving this a little more thought and talking it over with Boy Wonder. When a person gives a speech designed to incite others to take direct violent action against other groups, such as Churchill's statements against Jews in particular and the average American in general, have we gotten so afraid of the ACLU that we as a nation will now allow this?

How is this any different from shouting "FIRE" in a packed theater? The results are very similar - they both plant a fear of a situation that does not in fact exist.

Whether or not his words are provable treason, his statements about the Jews alone should be enough to keep him off the speaking circuit.

Of course, someone will point out the fallacy of my views.