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28 April, 2006

All Mex All The Time

From Dictionary.com:
travesty (trav·es·ty) n. 1. An exaggerated or grotesque imitation, such as
a parody of a literary work. 2. A debased or grotesque likeness.

If that isn't the exact definition of the Chicano version of the National Anthem I'd like to hear about it. Considering it's history, I'd love to see the Mexican national anthem (assuming they have one) translated into French. Despite the platitudes being mouthed by the "author", Adam Kidron, it is a slap in the face of every American who has any love for our country.

The state government of California passed a resolution today endorsing the May Day fiasco that's designed to bring its cities and economy to a halt. Isn't that special? Of course, they said they want the kids to stay in school and join the protest afterwards, but if you give a kid - any kid - a semi-legitimate reason to skip school, even I can figure out what will happen.

In the meantime, Vincente Fox is going to sign into law a bill that will legalize marijuana, heroin, cocaine and ecstasy. I can see Amsterdam protesting this one - and Vinnie Fox might find his borders heading South are porous. I can imagine the number of Gringos who are going to be changing their vacation plans.

Finally, people are still talking about some kind of "virtual fence" at the border. We tried that with the Devil Dog. I can see them burying the wire along the border, but how are we going to get all them Mexicans to wear the electronic collars?


26 April, 2006

An Overdue S&G

Even though there's been a lot going on in the world, to tell the truth I just haven't been in the mood to do any writing. I figured it's time I forced one out just to let folks know I'm still breathing.

Let's see - over the last three trading days, the price of oil has dropped each day. The price at the pump, of course, has gone up. It's good to see the companies aren't taking advantage of the situation. When President Bush said we're addicted to oil, he was only partially right - the House and the Senate are addicted to oil taxes, and if you think there's any chance of those coming down, keep dreaming.

The longshoremen's union is an unhappy lot. This new "tamper proof" ID card that Homeland Security wants to issue will thin out their ranks - all the illegals and felons will be sorted out and the poor longshoremen say that there won't be enough people to do the job. I guess they never heard of "hiring".

Speaking of illegals, this May Day demonstration that they've planned looks to have started unraveling. Many of those they thought would be out there with them have decided that keeping their job and feeding their family might be more in their immediate interests. Now those in Mexico are trying to get into the act with a "No Gringo Day" where those in Mexico are supposed to boycott American owned corporations and jobs. The problem is that they can't figure out what's American owned - Sears in Mexico is owned by a Mexican. I can see a solution for this - if they want to boycott these jobs and businesses, the companies can always move to one of the other South or Central American nations who've joined in a trade agreement. Then the Mexicans won't have to worry about those nasty Gringos.

And on our northern border, our government is trying to put in place a system where you'll need a passport, a birth certificate and a note from your mother to cross the border. Don't you find it strange they can implement that to the north but can't do anything about the southern border?


23 April, 2006

This'll Change Your Climate

I've been listening to the Gloom & Doom crowd on the left lately. And just what is it that has their nuts in a knot? Nukes? Naw, that was for the 70's. What has John "The Sky Is Falling" Kerry all bent out of shape is Global Cooling, er, Global Warming, er - aw, screw it - Climate Change!!

Now, by what I've seen the climate on this rock has never stayed static. It's called cycles and it's been going on for about five billion years. I don't think there's anything us poor humans can do that is going to change that - unless the Mullahs have a say in it.

Right now we know that nukes exist in the U.S., Great Britain, France, North Korea, Pakistan, India, China, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and who knows how many of the "want to buy a vowelistans". The ones in the U.S. and England don't bother me because these countries have some kind of ethical standards. The others?

Once Iran gets a bomb with any kind of yield, how long do you think it'll take before Tel Aviv disappears? You know they won't hit Jerusalem - not with the Dome of the Rock on Temple Mount.

Another dimension to the fun & games that can happen if Iran gets a nuke, wouldn't you just love to see Hezbollah or al Qaeda - Iran's biggest buddies - get access to one? As far as that goes, as much as I loved Pakistan, I wouldn't trust the government any farther than I can spit a rat. How long before one of the Paki scientists start cozying up to bin Laden? If they haven't already?

Lefties keep talking about "Radical Islam" as if they're some kind of abomination, but keep in mind, Mohammed was the original "Radical", declaring war on all "non-believers" and putting all who didn't submit to him to the sword. The only difference I see now is that the sword has a much bigger bite. And I have absolutely no doubt that someone in the Islamic world is going to use one.


21 April, 2006

Careful What You Wish For

As oil hits $75.00 a barrel, there's people out there who are cheering it on, hoping for the price to hit $100. They think this will make us become more energy efficient, but ...

How many airlines will go out of business because the rising price means people will no longer be able to afford to fly? The cruise ship industry might as well close up. How many people will go hungry because of the added transport costs to all foodstuffs? Transport costs will also hit every area of manufacturing as well. In fact, higher oil prices will affect every area of our lives.

Sure, it may force auto makers to start making more efficient vehicles, but the lag between the design and production of those and living with what we already have will end up driving people out of their homes and jobs. And while those on fixed pensions like me look to be the hardest hit initially, the repercussions are going to be felt by every American who doesn't have millions in the bank.

Come to think of it, those are the very folks who are yelling the loudest for the price to rise.


19 April, 2006

The Rest Of The Story

Lilred4x4 left a comment here that really needs some explanation.

Back when we lived in Australia we owned a Newfoundland, Custer. Almost totally pitch black, this boy weighed nearly 170 pounds but could move like lightning, as a friend found to his cost.

One evening we had some friends over and one of them, Dave - who might have weighed 140 pounds soaking wet - was in the yard playing with the dog. On his way back inside Dave decided to forgo the steps leading to the door and stepped up on the porch in an area where the rise was about 18 inches.

Just as Dave was transferring his weight, said dog came up from behind and with one swipe of the paw dropped Dave and proceeded to mount him. As Custer's tongue lolled and his eyes rolled back Dave started screaming, "Get him off me!!" Unfortunate, Dave was on his own as we were laughing so hard we were incapacitated.

I don't think he ever quite forgave any of us for that, but Custer fell in love.


18 April, 2006

The Great Dictator

If they ever decide to re-make this Charlie Chaplin classic, maybe they could get someone like Danny Glover to play the starring role. My favorite dictator, Robert Mugabe, is at it again.

It was 26 years ago today that Salisbury, Rhodesia became Harare, Zimbabwe. To mark this august occasion Mugabe planned on celebrating by giving a speech and having lavish celebrations all over the country. I can only imagine the millions being spent on this.

Meanwhile, unemployment is over 70% and inflation is rapidly approaching 1000%. Homelessness, disease, hunger and severe economic hardship are what the majority have to look forward to every day. Mugabe had thousands of homes and businesses destroyed over the past couple of years because he deemed them to be eyesores.

As little as six years ago or so, Zimbabwe was the breadbasket of Africa, exporting food to most of the southern half of the continent. Then he had another bright idea - all them white folks shouldn't be running those farms - even though they had owned and operated them for decades. No, Mugabe decided that all those arable lands should be farmed by blacks - specifically blacks who were his asshole buddies. The white farmers were removed, often by murdering them. The blacks showed they had no idea about farming and had no interest in learning.

About a year ago, Mugabe decided to ask those white farmers (at least the ones still sucking oxygen) if they'd mind coming back. I believe the unanimous reply was, "Piss Off".

Ya just got to love a guy who can take a happy, prosperous nation and deliberately turn it into a sewer.


16 April, 2006

Okay, So I'm A Slow Learner

One of these days I'm going to figure out that certain things are bad for my tired, bent and broken body.

On Friday, I mowed the back lawn.

On Saturday, I mowed the front lawn.

This morning I got down on my hands and knees and planted the veggie garden:
Yellow squash x 2
Zucchinni x 2
Cucumbers x 2
Snow peas x 6
Cayenne peppers x 3
Bell peppers x 3
Tomatoes x 2

My body is now telling me in no uncertain terms just how it's going to get even with me. The next couple of days aren't going to be any fun at all.

But hopefully it will have been worth it.


13 April, 2006

How Boring

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

I really haven't seen much that strikes my twisted little mind that I haven't written about already.

Maybe tomorrow.


10 April, 2006

S&G In English

Mexicans don't have to obey any laws. That was pretty much the message from all those demonstrations, wasn't it? Just out of curiosity, since Mexico has agriculture, gold and other minerals, and oil out the ass, how come Vincente can't keep his folks home instead of them bitching about their terrible conditions in our crops?

3 Blacks and 1 Hispanic shout "Get Whitey" and proceed to chase this guy into traffic where he's run over and killed. This, of course, is not a hate crime. Hate crime can only consist of white on some other race, right?

The definition of a "leak" is the unauthorized release of info. If the president authorizes the release, how is this a leak? Harry Reid will bald faced lie about anything.

Some thoughts on that Duke rape case. Every member of that team has had their reputation destroyed, their season has been cancelled, and I would imagine that there is the possibility of some losing scholarships. Don't you think that, if something happened, someone would have come forward by now? Even the sole black player has kept silent. Maybe - just maybe - this could mean that there's nothing incriminating to be said?


More Fun & Games

I've been sitting flipping around the news channels and just about alll I see are illegal Mexican demonstrations around the country. They finally got the bright idea that waving the Mexican flag wasn't helping them, but the signs I'm seeing aren't much better. "Give us the opportunity ..." "We demand respect ..." I have to wonder if any of thise f'kwits ever heard of the word (or concept) earn?

Speaking of those news channels, you always hear them bitch about how they have problems filling up those 24 hour time periods. But when they get an issue, they let it drive everything else off the airways. Whatever happened to:
+ The sale of port management?
+ The Talibani at Yale?
+ Russ Feingold's censure motion?
+ Russell Tice - the guy who leaked the NSA wiretaps to the New York

Short attention span theater.


08 April, 2006

Let's Stir Up The Rednecks

It looks like there just wasn't enough news available for Dateline NBC, so they thought they'd create a story all their own.

They dressed up a bunch of men as Muslims and send them to the NASCAR race at Martinsville, VA, hoping to catch the fans mistreating them. After all, in NBC's mind, if you attend NASCAR you must be an inbred redneck bigot. These people spent the race milling around in the crowds trying to draw attention to themselves.

And they were roundly ignored. Not satisfied with this result, it appears Dateline was going to repeat this stunt at the Texas race this weekend until the story broke. Needless to say, NASCAR is not impressed. You might say they're downright pissed off over this.

The fun starts when you realize that the TV broadcast rights for NASCAR are split - the first half of the season is on FOX, while the second half is on - wait for it - NBC! It's going to be interesting to see if those rights stay with NBC now.


06 April, 2006

Jose, Can You See?

Don't you just love the schools around the country who have decided that the flying of an American flag - or the wearing of red, white and blue by students - is now banned because it might remind people that they're inside the borders of the United States?

Now we have the Senate playing Kumbaya by coming up with a plan to allow illegals to become citizens or get Green Cards. How they plan on coming up with verifiable ways of proving length of residence is beyond me.

What all these people seems to be missing is that these illegals don't want to become citizens or get Green Cards. It isn't the flag that sets off those school kids. It's the very fact of our existence as a nation. They want Aztlan - for starters. They want the Gadsen Purchase ripped up and as time goes by it's becoming clear they won't necessarily restrict themselves to peaceful protests either.

I know that the schools, in the tradition of Kos and MoveOn, are trying to teach our children to be ashamed of our country, and many of the Dems are right in there with them, but what the hell are the Republicans in the Senate thinking? I fought for this country many, many years ago, and I'll be damned if I'll stand idly by while this progresses.


Stop The Freakin' Presses!

Rep Cynthia McKinney, on the floor of the House, has issued an apology!

Best I can figger, tho, is that she was apologizing for the way this whole incident has escalated and for all the bad press she's gotten from it. Hell, her first clue should have been when she couldn't get a single member of Congress to back her up - not even Mel Watts, fer crissakes! When your only supporters are Harry Belafonte, Danny Glover and a bunch of school kids you trucked in for the occasion, you should be able to understand your case is down the toilet.

I do agree with her that this is a case of racial profilling - every time McKinney comes in contact with a white, she automatically screams racism. It would be nice if she actually apologized for the incident itself, and to the cop she hit.

One other thing about this - that pin that they wear. Now, I don't know what the pin is, what it looks like, and I don't want to know. What I can tell you is that, while a member of the Australian Federal Police, I worked security for a Commonwealth Heads of Government meeting. As part of this, we also had lapel pins - I say plural because we were given a card of different colored pins that were to be worn on different days so that no one could copy a "Monday" pin and get in on Wednesday.


05 April, 2006

Happy Birthday, Indigo!!


04 April, 2006

What Th' Heck?

I just had a hit from someone in Saudi Arabia off of a Google search. How this site turned up is beyond me - I guess Google is getting stranger and stranger. Or curiouser and curiouser, depending on your point of view.

The search criteria? Well, my 9-year-old granddaughter - The Sidekick - occasionally sees this site on her way to other places, so I'll just say it involves "small boys" and carnal pleasure.

I think I'll stick with using "Ask".


An Itty-Bitty S&G

Tomorrow's all fun and games - the VA medical center, picking up a shoe that's been modified to take my leg brace and taking the Devil Dog to the vet. Since all that's going on I figured I'd get something out today.

Tom DeLay stepping down doesn't surprise me. Regardless of the validity of any charges against him, with his staff falling like flies the Dems would shred him in an election campaign. We have our own version here in N.C. - Jim Black in the state house is in crap up to his ears, but since he's a Democrat he's still in.

I've been waiting to hear what's going to happen to that racist on Capitol Hill. I don't know what the hold-up is, since there's witnesses out the ass and video from enough angles that it reminds me of "Alice's Restaurant". Of course, you know who the racist is that I'm referring to - and it sure ain't that cop!

And once again, the French are fighting the French - and both sides are losing.

Also - I know you haven't heard about it in the MSM, but that Hispanic radio dude who got those California protests started in the first place? Turns out he's another Aztlan f'kwit who wants the land turned back over to the original inhabitants. I don't think he means the Sloths and Sabertooths. He wants it all Mexico - I wonder what the Pima Indians and the Apache think about that. They were the inhabitants, wern't they?


03 April, 2006

Ah, Spring!

Opening day of the baseball season for the Chicago Cubs, and they scored 16 runs.

If the past is any guide, that's more than they will score during the entire month of September.


02 April, 2006

Peach Tree Pride

Picture yourself as a security guard. If you make more than minimum wage you’re doing good. You work in a government building lobby, performing security checks on everyone who enters. But there’s a problem.

At least 635 people are allowed to bypass the security – 535 Reps and 100 Senators. Every two years, all of the 535 and 1/3 of the Senators are up for reelection so there’s a real possibility of faces changing constantly. In order to identify those who can bypass you, they are each issued special pins which they are required to wear.

Now, while you’re minding your own business and doing your job, someone with no I.D. walks past you and tries to bypass the security. You call on that person to stop, and when they don’t you grab their arm to detain them.

It turns out that this person is Georgia Rep Cynthia McKinney, who has a history of doing exactly this – going around the security without I.D. When you stopped her she turned around and, with her cell phone in her fist, punches you.

When you stopped her, you couldn’t give a damn if she was female, Black or “Progressive” – all you worried about was maintaining security. But now you are being accused of bigotry because McKinney is all three of the above, and your job, shitty as it is, is on the line.

McKinney holds a press conference basically blaming you, and who does she drag along to this event? Harry Belafonte and Danny Glover.

Those folks back in Georgia must be proud.


Immigration Policy

Since I have dual U.S. and Australian citizenship, I was sorely tempted to post this graphic as one of my droppings.

The Charming Guy can claim credit for having located this - I just want to make up a shitload of 'em for the U.S. border!