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29 August, 2006

The Death Of Civilization?

It was (and still is) bad enough when people drive down the highway, weaving between lanes, because they're talking on their cell phones. Now you put your life at risk every time you start your car.

The cell phones were bad enough. Then they added cameras to them so that someone can drive and take pictures of their trip at the same time. Go ahead - convince me they're paying attention to any other car on the road.

Now they can use their phones and blackberries to access the internet and bring up Windows applications. If that wasn't bad enough, you also have the blue-rinse grannies in their Mazda RX-7 who get behind the wheel and bring out their phone so they can watch Oprah while doing 30 mph on the interstate.

At least this should help cut down on greenhouse gases - the multi-car pile-ups that are going to be happening from all this might just take cars off the roads and we'll all be driving Amish wagons!


23 August, 2006

A Heart Attack Is Possible

I may never recover from this one. I just heard Juan Williams on TV and I agreed with every single thing he said.

He was talking about what Bill Cosby is doing for the Black community, especially the youth, and what $harpton and Jack$on are doing to them in order to keep the money coming in.

And who is getting villified over this? Why, Cosby of course, because he's telling the kids that they don't have to look like they just got out of jail, and there's more jobs out there besides flipping burgers or selling drugs.

The world just turned inside out!


20 August, 2006

I Talked to Indigo

Last night She Who Must Be Obeyed and I talked with Indigo, and that lovely lady is doing much, much better. She sounded great but is still taking it one day at a time.

Hopefully our prayers have helped - but that doesn't mean it's time to slack off. We're hoping to get down there next month to spend some time with her. I'll then be able to give a much more detailed report.

She's even thinking of putting out a post - but I wouldn't hold my breath just yet on that. Just hearing how much better she sounded made me a very happy lad.


19 August, 2006

Perseverance Pays

After almost 3 years of dickering back and forth with the VA, they have finally decided that I'm 100% service-connected disabled.

This is going to get me dental care, commissary and PX privileges, free license plates for the car, an increased pension and other bennies for She Who Must Be Obeyed and me. She can now get health insurance from the gov't and hiring preference if she decides she wants a government job.

It was definitely worth fighting for, and the DAV played a large roll in this. I owe those folks big time.


14 August, 2006

Hugs And Kisses

So hypo-pathetically there will be peace and love between Israel and Hezbollah. We know this because the UN said so. The UN is even going to send French soldiers there to hand out flowers and hugs.

Just out of curiousity, since the UN sent troops to Korea, can anyone tell me of any UN resolution that has had any effect whatsoever? Just one will do.


10 August, 2006

Ya Gotta Love It

Let's see - the British airline threat happens, so Lieberman's loss disappears. His loss caused McKinney to be ignored and Israel / Hezbolla to disappear. Their fight made Iraq and Afghanistan disappear. For no particular reason, the border illegals had already disappeared.

At least all this has kept Cindy Sheehan off the news. 24 hour news channels - what a joke.


05 August, 2006

If I Were A Rich Man ...

You can't help but have noticed the number of ads on TV for "Get Rich At Home" over the last year or so, but have you really looked at them?

There are others that use multiple sites, but the most obvious of these is the one with the extra-large tart with the red blouse. If you've paid attention, you'd have noticed that they've run the same ad for around 6 or 7 different web sites. When the exact same ad is using these tactics, my little internal Fraud Alarm starts ringing off the hook.

I suppose they're pulling in the suckers - like the Sokolove ads, if they didn't they'd have been off the air by now.

Now, I haven't noticed this with all of these ads, but the only one that I've seen that actually looks and sounds genuine is the one Tom Bosley shills for. My daughter, Attitude With Legs, has loked into that one and everything about it seems to be up front - costs involved, web access, inventory and all the rest.

Of course, if you really want to make money working from home, learn programming and find a company that allows you to telecommute!


She's Home

For those of you who've been trying to keep track, Indigo is back home and now has full computer and phone access.

Since she's been away from there for several weeks, her email backlog is a joke and will take her quite a while to sort out, so while she'd like to hear from all of you who have been worrying about her, try to keep personal emails short and sweet, and don't send any jokes, etc, for a while until I (or you) hear differently.

She's still not 100% but she's doing much, much better which is truly a blessing. She's still not out of the woods, so keep this lovely lady in your prayers and we can all hope for a full recovery.


01 August, 2006

Lots of S, Little G

Yeah, I know - I just haven't been able to work up the interest in putting out a blog lately. I figured if I didn't put one out soon my regulars - both of you - would write me off.

After the last couple of weeks of fighting along the Israeli / Lebanon border, people are looking for a way for a cease fire. That should be fairly easy - if Hamas and Hezbollah were to return the remains of the three soldiers they kidnapped and stopped firing missiles at Israeli civilians, a temp cease fire should be possible. For a long-term cease fire, it would take the eradication of Hamas, Hezbollah, Syria and Iran - at least for a start. As long as they exist under their present policies there will never be peace in the region.

I know I'm really late on this one, but to the best of my knowledge Casey Sheehan still does not have a head stone, even though the government would provide one for free. Instead, Cindy Sheehan took $50,000 of the insurance payout from Casey's death to buy five acres of land near Bush's ranch near Crawford, Texas so she can have a base for heckling him during the last three August vacations of his Presidency. Unless, of course, she plans on staying there after Bush's presidency ends to try and protest all year round. If Casey stopped spinning in his grave long enough to come back - even for one day - I'd be willing to bet the first thing he'd do would be to slap the shit out of mama.

Finally there's another commercial on TV that I just f'kin love. After years of the garden gnome having two myths and showing the second to be true, why would anyone believe the first one? Now we have some credit card company using a "guardian angel" who absolutely f'ks up every single thing except the use of the credit card, who would believe he got that one right?

When it comes to advertising stupidity, these two are pretty damn hard to beat, aren't they?