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26 August, 2008

America the Insipid

It's been interesting watching how strongly my generation - and those about 10 years younger than us - have dedicated themselves to destroying the children of today. No playing tag or dodgeball, or anything else that involves physical contact. Many kid's sports teams aren't allowed to keep scores so no one loses (or wins).

And now this.

Jerico Scott, a nine year old from New Haven, Conn, isn't allowed to pitch for his team in the Youth Baseball League. Is it because he can't get the ball to the plate, or is wild? No - it's because he's too good! They are going so far as to disband his team and scatter the players among other teams.

The kid has been saddled with a guilt trip - he feels that it's his fault that the other kids can't play if he pitches - the one thing in his life that he loves.

Oh - and at the start of the season he turned down an invitation to play for the team sponsored by an employer who just happens to be one of the league's administrators. Must be just a coincidence, huh?

Just Livin' the American Dream, right?


20 August, 2008

I Couldn't resist

With the conventions coming up and the picks for veep hanging, this is just too good to pass up:

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In bad taste? Damn, I hope so!


19 August, 2008

Cold War Mark II?

With hard-liner Putin in power in Russia, why are we jerking their chain by putting 10 ABM’s in Poland with high powered targeting radar in the Czech Republic?

We are also either in the process of – or already have – signing a mutual defense treaty with Poland. If I remember right, the start of World War II was due to both Britain and France had similar pacts with Poland (although theirs were unenforceable).

Russia’s military second in command, General Staff Col.-Gen. Anatoly Nogovitsyn, has already stated that by deploying these missiles, Poland is opening itself up to a nuclear attack. Russia’s attack on Georgia shows that the Bear really hasn’t changed much, but we may have to wait until Putin finally loses his grasp on power to see if this is truly a Russian policy of the bad old days or if it’s Putin personally.

Regardless of the U.S. claim that these are being placed to intercept Iranian missiles, I doubt there are many sane people who are buying that. I remember Cuba in 1962, and have no desire to ever see anything like that again. This time it looks to me that we are the ones forcing Russia’s hand, and I think it’s idiotic.


15 August, 2008

Commiting Suicide?

So Obama is letting the delegates vote for either him or Hillary at the convention - similar to conventions of old.

This incredible arrogance on the part of Obama may turn around and bite him in the ass. By allowing what is basically an open convention, it is quite possible that Hillary could pull the needed votes - making Barack a head-shaking footnote in history.

Obama is so full of himself that he booked the 75,000 seat stadium, instead of giving an acceptance speech at the convention like everyone else has. He even has the balls to require everyone to perform public service on his behalf in order to get a ticket.

It would be hilarious if he ended up having to pay for an empty stadium should Hillary be able to garner the needed votes. This looks a lot like the Democratic party self-destructing because of Obama's over-confidence and arrogance.


12 August, 2008

Michelle Obama

Remember back when Michelle Obama said that for the first time she was proud to be an American? Remember when everyone came to her aid, saying it was a slip of the tongue?

Well, go to Politico.com here and see what her Senior Thesis was at Princeton. And after you read what Politico has to say, you can read the entire thesis for yourself.

Do we really want this person in the White House - even as the First Lady? And remember - we paid for her to attend that school!

Thanks to Cityslicker for pointing this out to me.


06 August, 2008


In my post "Silly Question" below, by what I've heard there's quite a few people who open several savings and checking accounts in the same bank. They think that by doing this they can beat the $100,000 FDIC deposit insurance.


When the FDIC goes thru a financial institution's accounts, they do it be Social Security Number, not account numbers. If everything you have totals more than the limit, you lose.

Be safe - use several different banks, credit unions, etc, so you don't end up "in the position".

Of course, since my daily hits have dropped to the point that I'm basically writing to myself, I don't expect this info to go very far.


03 August, 2008

OK - So I'm Slack

I've been trying to post - I haad one all set for Obamessiah and his non-visit to the troops in Germany, but my daughter and granddaughter are still with us and, while that's no hassle at all, I get anal trying to care for them.

At least this weekend my Sidekick, her best friend, Boy Wonder and She Who Must Be Obeyed are in Pigeon Forge, TN - home of Dollywood and more mini golf, etc, than Kissimmee or Orlando outside Disney. They're having a ball and my sidekick deserves every minute of it.

Here, I've been overdoing things (as per normal) so I'm a physical mess and haven't even been writing to folks to let them know what's going on. Many don't read the blog, so they must figure I'm taking a dirt nap.

Should I ever get my mental and physical shit together, you'll be the third to know!