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14 February, 2005

It's Miller Time, Bud.

I just read the story about the guy who lost his job at Miller Brewing because his picture showed up in the local paper holding a Bud Light.

Silly Ass!!

Living here in Winston Salem, it doesn't take a genius to figure out who I used to work for. You could smoke anywhere in the building - desk, conference rooms, even the elevators - but it had better be an RJR product!

There have been consultants there sacked and even multi-million dollar contracts lost because the rep pulled out a red & white pack of smokes.

Yeah, the guy was within his rights to drink whatever he wanted, but if he was stupid enough to get his picture taken for the paper holding the competition's product, he gets what he asks for.

When you live in a company town and the company is paying your checks, you have to use some common sense. Drink what you want at home or in a bar - not in a public place when your paycheck is on the line.

Feel free to tell me how his "civil rights" have been violated. Bullshit.


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