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31 January, 2006

Sorry, I Don't Get It

The Smithsonian Institute has announced the building of another museum in Washington, D.C. This blot on the landscape will be built on the Mall near the Washington Monument and will be the National Museum of African American History and Culture. "Smithsonian officials say the five-acre site will likely include a 350-thousand square-foot building. That would be comparable in size to the institution's National Museum of the American Indian, also located on the mall." according to the AP.

'The black history museum “is in the mainstream of American history, and this site is in the mainstream of the other museums,” said Walter E. Massey, a Smithsonian board member.'

I'm guessing that this means any and all exhibits relating to Black History will be taken out of the museums currently dedicated to American history.

Does anyone else out there agree with me that it's nice to see the Smithsonian Institute doing its part to further segrate and divide our nation on racial grounds? They have already decided that museums of American history can't have anything to do with Indian history, so I guess this decision fits right in with that.

I would have thought that by now we could start judging people by "the content of their character" instead of the color of their skin, regardless that maintaining the opposite is what keeps Je$$e Jack$on, Al $harpton and others in a paycheck. I guess not.

Keep forcing this seperation. Keep drumming into the heads of kids that they're different; they're seperate and not a part of this country.

If this is truly in the "mainstream" (a term I truly despise) of this once great nation, I fear for any chance of us ever overcoming our differences.


30 January, 2006

S&G - Fun & Games

Bob Woodruff, the ABC co-anchor, was seriously wounded over the weekend in Iraq by an IED. That tears it, folks - it's time for an immediate withdrawal of all journalists from Iraq. They reckon that his body armor - you know, the stuff that's supposed to be worthless according to the media - saved his life. By the way, has it occured to anyone that Humvees and Deuce-and-a-halfs aren't supposed to be armored? Does anyone remember how much armor was on Jeeps?

Cindy Sheehan, of Berkeley, CA (who would've guessed that!) removed her head from Hugo Chavez's ass long enough to say she's thinking of running for the Senate against Diane Feinstein because Feinstein hasn't had a lobotomy. This sideshow just keeps getting better and better, doesn't it?

Nancy Pelosi (better Red than - well, anything) has already starting making accusations about the State of the Union speech. Last I saw that speech hasn't been given yet. She's saying that Bush's speech won't do anything to help the average American. Hello? It's a speech, Nancy - it's not legislation.

Bits of reality have started to slap the piss out of Hamas. They're trying to get the rest of the world to keep the cash flowing in but they've hit a snag. Something to do with being a bunch of murderous f'kin terrorists who want to destroy Israel, and trying to get all the bomb throwers into an army. If they really think about it though, they really don't need us or Europe - the Saudis and Iran should be able to foot the bill for them.

And some mobile dildo named Dale McFeatters had an OpEd piece in today's paper. Did you know that the FBI didn't subpoena the Google records? According to this f'kwit it was the Bush Administration that did it. I guess this dickwad reckons that anything done by any of the leftist bureaucrats in the Federal government isn't done by that Department - Bush did it!


28 January, 2006

He's Done A Lazarus!

The Big Squid, aka A Sailor in the Desert, has risen! His "new" site had given him nothing but headaches, so he has reverted to his blogspot site, http://sailorinthedesert.blogspot.com/.

Adjust your links accordingly. Welcome back, mate!


27 January, 2006

S&G - Viva Zapata!!

It's been a pretty bad week for Mexico, hasn't it?

First their soldiers are caught trying to smuggle drugs into the U.S. Vincente Fox said, "Who, us?" but armed Hunvees are kind of hard to come by south of the border.

Vinnie's next bright idea, following on from last year comic books showing how to cross the border and get Government bennies, was to print maps showing the best places to cross into the US. so they could avoid the Border Patrol. That idea got shelved - the Mexicans claim they're afraid of the Minuremen, but Homeland Insecurity had a whisper in their ear as well.

Now another drug smuggling tunnel has been found. This one runs for over half a mile, is concrete lined and is wired up with electric lighting. The start of the tunnel? Tijuana airport, which is controlled by the Mexican government. Go ahead - convince me that all that digging, concrete mixing and pouring and wiring went on and Vinnie's boys didn't know about it.

That's not a bad trifecta, is it? I have to wonder what the outcome would be of Fox spent as much time and money actually trying to help his people.

God bless John Kerry and Teddy Kennedy. They are trying desperately to get their fellow Dems to filibuster the Alito confirmation, and so far are being roundly ignored. It's pretty sad when these guiding lights of the Left can't raise a yawn from their own party.

Cindy Sheehan showed up at a Hugo Chavez rally. Does anyone care?

And the Paleostinians, who never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity, have now elected Hamas to guide them to the Promised Land. When your two-party system consists of Hamas or Fatah it doesn't make much difference, but I can't see the money flowing into their coffers at the old rate. Just because Hamas is a terrorist organization who vow the destruction of Israel, and have zero administrative experience is no reason they can't bring peace to the region, right?


23 January, 2006

S&G - And Indigo's Back

Firstly, Indigo put a post up overnight. If not for her, this blog would not exist. Period.

Now for the fun & games.

Apparently there's been a new study released showing that boys in school are failing at a higher rate than girls. Well, no duh! Do ya think it might have something to do with boys being so drugged up for the heinous offense of being boys that they now have the attention span of a cocker spaniel puppy?

Ford Motors is expected to make an announcement today about plant closing and layoffs. I guess the way to make money these days is to close the plants that make your product and fire the workers who make them. Any bets on how many of these plants to be closed will be in Canada or Mexico?

Over the weekend, that dignified statesman Harry Belafonte was flapping his gums again. Belafonte, a noted oxygen thief and fundraiser for Hillary, is now saying that the Department of Homeland Security is the same as the Gestapo. Earth to Harry - there's just a tad difference between Gitmo and Auschwitz or Bergen Belsen.

Gas prices have started going up again, and the reason is - nothing. Yes, the situation is Iran is fluid, but there has been absolutely no threat of them shutting off their oil. Especially with the complete lack of balls being shown by the Western powers, who could all use a massive injection of Viagra.

And PARADE Magazine has issued its annual list of the world's worst dictators. Has anyone else noticed that half of the top ten (and 10 of the top 20) are Muslims? When you consider that this list is compiled annually by such groups as Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch and Reporters Without Borders, I'm bewildered that President Bush didn't make the cut.

Aren't You?


20 January, 2006

She's Missing in Action Again

If, like me, you look forward to getting a dose of humor and well thought out articles from Indigo Insights, you'll have noticed she's been off the air for the last couple of weeks.

Ever since those SOB's took Bextra off the market, Indigo has been fighting pain. Lately it's been pretty much a losing battle as the replacement medications she's been given just flat ain't doing the job. Today they boosted one of her meds, so I live in hope that she'll feel like getting back to blogging soon - even if it's only what she refers to as "pasties".

As you already know, she's never had comments on her site, so if any of you want to let her know how much she's missed, feel free to leave a message in the comments here.


19 January, 2006

An S&G Pot Pourri

Two terrorists were charged in an Oregon court yesterday. These wern't the al Qaeda types, though. They were "ecoterrorists", with ELF and ALF, responsible for a string of arsons in that area including the fire bombing of a meat packing plant and offices of a lumber mill. Can we hope that these disgusting animals will get more than a slap on the wrist?

Speaking of more than a slap on the wrist, the couple who decided to give Wendy's the finger got sentenced yesterday - the wife who was the public face of the fraud got 9 years while her husband (who got the finger from a coworker) got 12. Just think - if they would have taken up raping seven year olds instead they might have gotten away with 60 days!

A couple of studies were realesed earlier this week which, once again, fall into the "no shit, Sherlock" category. The first is about how men seem to take more enjoyment in the misfortune of others than women do. They did this by wiring up their brains and looking for activity. That they even found brain activity in men comes as a complete surprise to many. I think it's pretty clear that they wern't dealing with any of the women I know! The second study says that about a third of all traffic-related deaths are caused by drivers between 15 to 17 years old. Really? Again, a complete surprise! If these people are getting grant money for these kind of studies I really have to come up with something suitably stupid to "study".

The world's largest nuclear-powered vibrator was shut down on Tuesday (all together now - Awww!). Arizone shut down the Palo Verde nuke plant when the cooling pipes started going whoopee after they upgraded the steam generator but not the pipes. Hey, ya can't think of everything, can ya?

And for those of my generation - just in case you didn't feel old already, Little Ricky (Desi Arnaz Jr) turns 53 today. And the lead singer of Kiss, Paul Stanley, turns 54 tomorrow.

Where has the time gone?


17 January, 2006

S&G - And The Winner Is ...

Let's see - movies about how glorious it is to blow yourself up, being a transvestite and gay sheep herders. TV shows about rampant adultry and selling dope at PTA meetings. The Golden Globes were a big hit in Hollyweird, but then they can't figure out why people are avoiding their work in droves. I think the loser was the American people.

Mayor Ray Nagin of New Orleans apparently stole Pat Robertson's phone and has been talking to God. God told him that He's really pissed off with America, which is why He sent all those storms. He's also pissed off about us being in Iraq. Finally, God told Nagin that New Orleans has to be a "chocolate city". I guess that means Whites, Hispanics, Asians and everyone else aren't to move there (or spend their money there). Nagin also claimed to have talked with Martin Luther King Jr about Black-on-Black crime, but I understand King Jr told Nagin to go away.

President I'madinnerplate of Iran is going to hold a conference to try and find out if there was such a thing as the Holocaust. I'm just guessing here, but the ones he'll name to his panel aren't going to be the epitome of higher education.

Finally, I read today's column by Leonard Pitts of the Miami Herald. He's visiting an area where Ohio meets West Virginia, and he was shocked - shocked, I say - that there are Whites who are living in poverty! How could this happen!? Everyone knows that all Whites pull down 6-figure salaries and live in Brady Bunch houses.



16 January, 2006

I Don't Write, I Don't Call ...

Ya know, I was saving up a shitload of stuff for a really good S&G. Then the playoffs were on, and a friend from Chicago came for a visit - Mere Kelly of Operation Stars and Stripes - and one thing has lead to another, and what can I say?

I'm a lazy bastard, OK?

I might be off showing Mere Mayberry (really Mt. Airy, NC) tomorrow, so posting might be a little slow for a day or so.

The computer's still working (which is more than can be said about me) so there's always a chance I'll extract the digit and do some writing later.


13 January, 2006

Back Again - I hope

As anyone who red the comment below would've found out, Mother Nature - the bitch - spiked me this morning and put my desktop machine out of commission. I know I could have gone to the laptop, but that seemed like giving up hope.

It turned out that the UPS - which never did give me the battery backup it claimed - sacrificed itself and saved everything else. I'm back on a "surge guard" power strip for now, but at least I haven't lost everything (yeah, I make backups. Once a month or whenever I think of it. I think I'll do one now!)

I have a stack of stuff for an S&G but it's too late today. Maybe tomorrow.


11 January, 2006

S&G - A Short, Sharp Shower of Sh...

There's been a new standard set for Dickwadism that may never be beaten. Of course, I'm referring to that "judge" in Vermont - the state that proudly claims Howie Dean as their favorite son - who has decided he doesn't believe in inflicting jail time on criminals. He now believes this so fervently that he gave a self-confessed multiple rapist of a seven year old girl 60 days in jail. The next time you go to work, try saying that you don't believe in the company's direction anymore, so you're not going to do any more work. We can only hope that said rapist will be in the general prison population.

Speaking of dickwads, if someone can pry Chuckie Schumer away from his cutsie 'gotcha' questions of Alito, can we give him a civics lesson? When some disgruntled ex-employee of the NSA releases highly classified information to the House or Senate intel committee, he's a whistle blower. When he releases it to a reporter of the Traitor Times, he is not just a 'leak' - he is something worse than a spy. I have absolutely no idea why Russel Tice, who has bragged that he's the source of the 'leak', is still free to go on talk shows.

And now, since reality slapped Tom DeLay around and he finally gave up hope of getting his old job back, we're down to two aspirants for House Majority Leader. Both Roy Blunt and John Boehner are trying to lock up votes, but we've missed out on the most qualified candidate. CA Rep Jerry Lewis, who stepped down from the race, would have been a natural. I'm specifically thinking of the Jerry Lewis of the movie "The Errand Boy".

There's been some double-clutching and back-filling this week over Harry Belafonte. Both UNICEF and AARP, who have lauded Belafonte in the past for saying pretty much the same thing he said last weekend, are trying to disassociate themselves from his Venezuela trip. Sorry, folks - you picked him, he's representing you all the time, not just when you pick and choose.


09 January, 2006

This Gives Me A Headache

I'm lucky enough - the VA supplies every one of my medications for free, so I don't have to worry about that new Medicare Part D crap. I can imagine what it's like for people trying to figure that shit out.

But there's one commercial about it that is driving me nuts. You know the one - Fred and Ethel Mertz from the old I Love Lucy. Watching their lips while listening to what's being said is like watching a f'kin Godzilla movie. They did a better job of dubbing the old Bruce Lee movies than they did for that ad. The hilarious part is that, while I know the ads, I have no f'kin idea what insurance company put them out!

After watching it, I need more drugs. At least I know where mine are coming from.


Propaganda for the Kiddies

Senator Edward Kennedy (Communist, MA) is going to write a children's book. I shit you not.

He's going to title it "My Senator and Me: A Dog's-Eye View of Washington, D.C.", and he claims it will tell the story of one day in the senate through the eyes of his dog. Now, you know that he's not going to be the one writing it - he'll just put his name on some other schmuck's ghost writing - but is this something you want your kids reading?

You'll end up spending days trying to explain to the impressionable little tykes that Teddy Kennedy is a lying sack of shit, and about the only part of the book they can actually believe is that the United States does, in fact, have a Senate. I guess he thinks that if it worked for Millie it can work for him.


S&G - Another Typical Week

The ever vigilant Continental Airlines saw Edward Allen coming through the security checkpoint and found his name on the "no fly" list. They pulled him out of the line and, when Mr Allen's relative's objected, threatened to take aggressive measures. Only problem - Mr Allen is four years old. Continental insisted they did they right thing. I think I'll drive, thanks.

After some of Iran's soldiers were kidnapped by Talibani, President Ramalamadingdong of Iran said it was all America's doing. Who knew we were working with the Taliban?. You'll remember that President Dingdong joined with Pat Robertson in wishing Ariel Sharon a speedy recovery.

John Murtha, who hasn't said anything remotely approaching truth yet, got the attention of General Peter Pace when he basically told American youth to run from military recruiting offices. The next time this dickwad gets near a microphone can someone please slip him some alum?

The scaremongers are hitting overdrive after some kids in Turkey, after using some dead birds as Barbie dolls, died of bird flu. I can't say this enough - don't fondle your chicken, ok?

Jack Abramoff has started singing, causing great joy among America's charities. Members of Congress are scattering donations like confetti, trying to divest themselves of Jack's 'donations'. Among the notable exceptions to this is Harry Reid, who has decided to keep his bribe of $60,000 or so because this is just a Republican scandal. This from the guy who gloated over having killed the Patriot Act. I have to wonder what an MRI of his head looks like - it can't be pretty.

Harry Belafonte, with his buddy Danny Glover, spent the weekend examining Hugo Chavez's large intestine. The money quote of his visit was, "No matter what the greatest tyrant in the world, the greatest terrorist in the world, George W. Bush says, we're here to tell you: Not hundreds, not thousands, but millions of the American people ... support your revolution". What was left unsaid was that those millions are the rat populations of New York and Chicago. Belafonte, a UN Goodwill Ambassador, must now be a lock for the next Nobel Peace Prize, right?


05 January, 2006

S&G - Hooray for Hollywood

Hopalong Cassidy, Roy Rogers and John Wayne are rotating in their graves at a great rate over Hollywood's attempt to show how mainstream they are - do they really think a movie about gay cowboys is gonna fly in Flyover Country?

They've also been busy with their tales about terrorists. First George Clooney shows what a caring individual and all-around good guy Saddam is, then Speilberg and others make movies about what loving family people terrorists are when they're not out slaughtering atheletes, women and children. Those horrible Israelis should be ashamed of themselves, hunting down those nice guys.

And a last note - after the tragic accident yesterday that left two Marines dead and two others injured while towing a vehicle on the freeway, I've heard a rumor that John Murtha has demanded that we get all our troops out of California.


04 January, 2006

"Run With It"

Say you are the editor or publisher of a newspaper. You get a story off the wires that sounds wonderful. Do you make any effort to check the accuracy of the story? Make a phone call or send an email? Or do you just regurgitate what was fed to you?

That's what I thought. The headlines on today's Winston Salem Urinal:

"'Miracle' Happens. Twelve miners survive after 41 hours trapped"

I'm sorry, folks, but to me this is flat shameful and disgusting.


02 January, 2006

A Day Of Vegetation

Both of my (slightly singed) brain cells are taking the day off to watch Bowl games, play with the Devil Dog and stay the hell out of She Who Must Be Obeyed's way (she's painting hallways and bathrooms).

In the meantime, if the world explodes leave a comment or drop me a line - I normally miss those things.