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29 November, 2005

S&G For A Tuesday

Since I have to go get a camcorder shoved up my ass later this morning, I thought I'd get on this before I go.

We now have more proof that our government is racist and uncaring to the plight of the poor illegal criminals in our country. Our Border Patrol is wearing uniforms with a little tag in the back saying "Made in Mexico" instead of wearing ones made in sweatshops by the illegals here making $2.00 an hour. If you were a member of the Border Patrol, how would you feel about wearing these uniforms?

Another Sunni politician was murdered in Iraq. Do you get the feeling that the terrorists there are doing their best to screw the Sunnis there?

Yesterday the Supreme Court committed an assault with intent to inflict grievious bodily harm when a large chunk of the building leaped from the eaves. There is some rumor that it was actually pushed.

Maryland's Lieutenant Governor, Michael Steele, is an African-American and the state's first Republican in that position. When he was running for the job, the Baltimore Sun dismissed him as running on little more than "the color of his skin". The president of the state senate labelled him an "Uncle Tom" The students and others at a Morgan State College debate pelted him with Oreo cookies. Now New York Senator Chuck Schumer has obtained a copy of Steele's credit history. Those caring leftists are all for diversity and such - but it better not be anyone that disagrees with them!!

And in Great White North, Paul Martin's government in Canada collapsed yesterday following a vote of "no confidence". Big deal. Did anyone even know that they had a government? I thought the place was being run by the northern chapters of the ACLU, PETA and the Sierra Club.


28 November, 2005

My All-Time Favorite

As a member of the Marine Corps Heritage Foundation, I get a wall calendar from them each year.

This year, the months are marked with recruiting posters from the Vietnam Era. Now, I was already in when this poster was released, but it remains my All Time Favorite!

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Scanned images look a little crappy sometimes, but no branch of service has ever come up with anything to beat this!



If a loan company tells you it doesn't need to know where you work, how much you make or how much you have in the bank, would that raise a red flag with most people? Now if we can just stop the three year olds from singing their damn jingle.

Remember that idiot who said he's being ripped off because his AmEx was charged with around $250,000 for one night at a strip club? He's really hot because he said he couldn't have spent more than $18,000 to $19,000!

I've seen and heard a bit about how bigoted and hateful the Vatican is because they don't want open (or closet) homosexuals in the priesthood. These are the same people who went f'kin ballistic over these same clergy screwing every altar boy in sight.

Fidel's hand puppet, Hugo Chavez, has started selling cheap oil to some poor in New England through his company CITGO. If he was serious about this being anything other than an attempt to sway U.S. public opinion he'd be giving it away to the poor all over the country, wouldn't he?

The California Ecoweenies are at it again. Now they're after the wine industry because the fermentation process releases CO2 and they want that stopped. These asswipes release CO2 as well every time they breathe - how about we demand that they stop?

I was recently asked in a survey about if I plan to turn the heat down this winter. If you think about it, those Ecoweenies nationwide should be living with no heat (or air conditioning) whatsoever, since there's no acceptable way to produce energy. Wood burning releases bad chemicals, Gas and oil are horrible for any number of reasons, and don't even get them started on coal or nuclear! I hope those idiots from Montana to Maine dress in lots of layers.

The news over the weekend seemed to be dominated by the efforts to get that all-round saint of a human being, Tookie Wilson, off death row. Hell, they might as well, since he's been there so damn long it's a joke anyway. One of the people defending him said he should still stay in jail even tho he didn't commit those murders, because he's since said he did other crimes. Here's a news flash, sweetheart - he wasn't convicted of those "other crimes" so if he was innocent he'd be on the street, murdering more. The fact that his conviction and death sentence have been upheld by every f'kin court in the nation should tell the non brain dead something.

So, former Iraqi acting PM Allawi is saying that torture is worse now than when Saddam was in power. If that were true he would have been arrested immediately for saying that and been dismembered very slowly.

All-around traitor and general piece of shit Ramsey Clark is off to Iraq again trying to force his way on to the Saddam defence team - again. He was fired from it not that long ago. He says he want to ensure that Saddam's civil rights aren't trampled. Here's another one who needs a clue - it's an Iraqi trial, under Iraqi law, tried by Iraqis. Not Americans. Iraqis. Got it? Saddam's "civil rights" are exactly what their law say they are.


24 November, 2005

On This Thanksgiving

Among all the other blessings in my life, I'm grateful for all the people I've met and the friends I've made as a result of this blog.

I wish all of you a happy and peaceful Thanksgiving (except for the obligatory family feuds that traditionally start today), and ask that everyone spare a thought today for the families of our Armed Forces - whether their loved ones be in harm's way, elsewhere overseas or stationed here in the States.

They also serve who only sit and wait.


23 November, 2005

I'm Startin' to get Hostile

Any time one of the generals is interviewed and says something positive about Iraq, the MoveOn'ers immediately come back with "That's what they said about Vietnam". Like that's a bad thing.

The whacked left, both in and out of congress and the media, have been doing everything they can to poison the rest of the nation. They would like nothing more than to see us defeated in Iraq and our troops brought home in shame. They would be elated to see another attack against our people - the more murdered the better. And throughout it all they'd be happiest because it happened on Bush's watch.

I can't think of many elected officials in this country that I'd piss on if they were on fire. That includes our precious president and his posse. But the Reid, Pelosi, Dean, Streisand, Moore and Penn group have shown and are proving every day that they have no love for this country and have nothing but distain for our system of government.

I have a little history lesson for those under 40. In the Vietnam war, we won Tet. Walter Cronkite and his buddies lied about every aspect of that. We won every battle in every location over Tet. We also won every single battle we took part in in Vietnam. The battle we lost was the one with the media and the communists (yes, Virginia, they really were communists) in our colleges and other places. I understand that you were never taught about Vietnam in high school, so do some research.

The left in congress spouts the vilest slurs and slanders imaginable, then when the administration answers them, they yell "Stop the partisan rhetoric!".

I'm getting really close to driving to D.C. and slapping those asses down.

Oh, and by the way, Murtha was not compared to Michael Moore (tho you'd think all Dems would aspire to that) but his call for an immediate withdrawal of all our troops was compared to the policies that Moore espouses.

One late addition to this - apparently Condi Rice is making noises about how some of our troops may come home early next year. Of course, the Dems are all over this saying that it's because of them. BULLSHIT! If the troops can start coming home early next year it's because of what the troops have done - their fighting, training and construction. Politicians can kiss my ass.


The Late S&G

Just a brief one today - Grouch Castle in in an uproar due to Boy Wonder packing and moving out today to his own place, and in an unrelated item, the pain is kicking my ass today.

I read the blurbs that came out of the Cairo meeting of the various Iraqi factions, and I really hope that there was a glitch in translation somewhere. What kind of government makes its own military and police valid taragets for Zarqawi and his merry band?

Sub Sahara Africa is now up to over 203 million starving. Robert Mugabe, you're doing a fine job!

I'm having problems understanding why the ACLU hasn't jumped in on this plethroa of female teachers screwing their students. It's obviously just sex education classes with bonus show and tell. Besides, it beats trying to teach how to use a condom by pulling it over a cucumber, doesn't it?

And Achmed Ali, convicted yesterday of various and sundry terror-related charges, is going to appeal according to his lawyer. They plan on taking advantage of every avenue available to them before they destroy them.


21 November, 2005

Run in Circles ...

I just went to the Warren Community College home page, and lookee here what I found:

For immediate release:
November 19, 2005
Warren County Community College to Hold an Emergency Meeting

The Board of Trustees of Warren County Community College will convene an emergency meeting of the Board, Tuesday, November 22, 2005 at 6:30 PM. This meeting was called by Board Chair Edward Smith.

The Board of Trustees intends to consider the welfare and rights of its students, the college community, and the public in lieu of recent events. The Board will also consider personnel issues.

The college President, Dr. William Austin reiterates his statement that comments made by Mr. Daly are his own. The opinions Mr. Daly has expressed do not represent the views of the community college, administration, faculty, staff or students, nor do his views align with the college’s mission and core values.

College President Dr. Austin said, “The Board of Trustees’ meeting is scheduled for the first legally available date.”

"When in danger or in doubt, run in circles, scream and shout"


S&G For A Soggy Monday

Seeing as it's going to piss down rain all day, I might as well ruminate.

Here in Winston Salem we have our very own Michael Nedow clone. This clown wrote to the Urinal about how he, too, feels a second class citizen because the word "God" appears in public. Now, I can't speak for anyone else, but the only time I was ever asked about my religion was when my dog tags were being made. If you feel the need to announce your religion (or lack thereof) to the world, don't be shocked at the giggles it evokes.

I loved to hear about that firefight at Mosul. At least three of the scumbags self destructed in order to evade capture. That is definitely not martyrdom but suicide - no Allah, no virgins for them. Straight to Hell to burn for eternity. We can only hope Zarqawi was one of them. Right now they're culling the vermin from there to Jordan trying to get something to match the DNA against.

Zarqawi can only hope he bought it, since his entire tribe has now turned against him. Not only are they turning their backs to him, but will actively search him out. Assuming he's still sucking oxygen, anyone have one of those Dale Carnegie books you can send him?

I've been thinking back over the past couple of weeks, and for the life of me I can't recall anyone being called unpatriotic or a traitor. If anybody out there has a better memory then I have (a cocker spaniel puppy has a better memory than I have) let me know, OK?

Speaking of which, if there is anyone who believes that the Legislature, Executive or Judicial branches of government have actually been working for the people of the United States over the last six months or so, let me know. Give examples. Entries will be graded on neatness.

A report was released over the weekend about which area of the United States were more willing to donate and help those less fortunate. It turns out that the most generous are the Red States. The stingiest are in New England. I'm shocked, aren't you?

A professor at Hofstra writes an email to a Freshman at the school, threatening her directly and accusing her of subversion. He also says that we will have no freedom until the troops start shooting their officers. According to the school, threatening a student is a First amendment right. And this is the school that produced Bill Cosby.

I was trying to think of something funny to end this with, but the only joke I can think of is that Cindy Sheehan has written a book. MoveOn better open it's pockets if she's going to sell more than five copies.


19 November, 2005

Random Thoughts on Iraq

Around 50 Muslims are murdered in Jordan and the Arab world goes into an uproar. In two days over 100 Muslims are murdered with hundreds more injured, Mosques are bombed, hundreds of copies of the Holy Koran are desecrated - all by the same Muslims who bombed Jordan - and there's not a murmur. Strange, isn't it?

Within the last couple of days, the Democrats in Congress tried to force our government to commit to a timetable of when we will pull out of Iraq. At the same time, the Sunni Baathists in Iraq tried to get their government to commit to a timetable for the withdrawal of foreign troops from Iraq.

One of Rep John Murtha's reasons for pulling our troops out of Iraq is that our troops have become the main target there. In the last week at least 125 Iraqi civilians have died, and hundreds more injured, as a result of being targeted by the murderous thugs.

Because Rep. Murtha is a Former Marine Vietnam vet, no one is allowed to say anything against him. Well, guess what? I'm a Former Marine Vietnam vet, and there are thousands of others like me. I'm not impressed. When a member of our government makes a speech stating that we should pull our troops out, leave no one in country but station some in the general vicinity, he knows before he stood up that his words will be on Al Jeezera before he sits down again.

For at least the last six weeks, the Democrats have been using both houses of congress to call the president, vice president and anyone else that got in their way the vilest of names. Over the last couple of days the Republicans have joined them. Seven score and two years ago today, a gentleman made a speech at the dedication of the Gettysburg National Cemetery. I believe that every single word of that speech is applicable to the situation we find ourselves in today. I would suggest that ALL of our elected representatives read that speech and stop acting like spoiled, selfish children.


18 November, 2005

He's Back!

The Big Squid, aka Sailor in the Desert, has returned!

He's got a new site, so update your links. And judging by the first comment he received on his first post, the fire and brimstone is going to fly!

We've really missed you mate - let's hope the gremlins of the ether will leave you alone for a while.


(Giggle) Oops! (Giggle)

It appears that Zarqawi has had to get on the internet and say that the homicide bomber who walked into the middle of a wedding before he became geography wasn't really targeting the wedding.


Now that he's started to kill Sunni's he's feeling some pressure. Of course, blowing up mosques during prayers, blowing up gatherings of children playing - these are all alright, because those infidels were Shia.

And the greater Muslim community sanctions this by their support for him.

And they can't figure out why so many people look at their religion as barbaric.


S&G - Whine Like it's 2004!

"How dare you question my/his/her patriotism!" Has a familiar ring, doesn't it? Whenever anyone questions one of the incredibly stupid statements made by the Dems, that's the kneejerk response - again! Pull out all the troops today, put them all in Kuwait and watch the fireworks. Did that silly Mutha think that Kuwait might get a touch irritated about that? That asking them first might have been a good idea?

Speaking of rectal ejecta, I have not, in my 54 years, heard anyone let alone the leader of the opposition in the senate refer to the President and Vice President as "spineless". Can we please, please bring back dueling for these type of outrageous and unwarranted insults? Do you think that Kennedy, Kerry, Dean, Reid and the rest might be a tad more circumspect if they thought their "witticsm" might be their last?

Did anyone else notice how the "debate" has gone the last day or so? Reid, Pelosi and the rest of the far left keep denigrating our executive. When Bush & Cheney finally respond to the slander the Dems cry that they are playing politics and should be concentrating on fighting the war instead. Isn't that precious?

I see that the French have declared victory over the French. The reason for this is that only 100 cars are being torched each night. The French consider this to be normal. I don't know what I could possibly add to that.

Seattle says that they have arrested 19 members of the Crips gang - a "chapter" of the L.A. gang - on drug charges. I'm presuming that the drug was nicotine.

She Who Must Be Obeyed just about blew a gasket this morning. If the Left Wing mouths refer to our fighting men and women as kids one more time I'm going to lose a picture tube. By referring to them as children makes it easier to push their alliance with Al Qaeda, doesn't it?

When those apologists blather about how the Mexicans (and others) are going to sneak across the border whether we help them or not so we might as well help them, or how they take the jobs Americans won't do (because they work for $2 an hour), can we please place them in stocks in a public square somewhere? About 30 days (first offense) should do. Then the unemployed and those who have had family members murdered, raped or otherwise assaulted by these poor unfortunates can be encouraged to throw rotten garbage and other selected missiles at them?


17 November, 2005

Foresight of Consequences

Foresight of consequences is a legal term which applies to cases where someone should have known what might have happened, e.g., you set a can on top of a fence and throw rocks at it. If the other side of the fence is a sidewalk or road and you hit someone, you're up for an assault charge.

Rep. John Murtha, a respected member of Congress has now added his voice to the demands that we pull out of Iraq now. Works for me. Not only will that make Hollywood wet themselves and Cindy Sheehan a non-event (like she ever was?) but the repercussions of this will be fun to watch.

Since the Dems would like us to follow in the mold of Big Willie with Somalia, let's speculate for a bit.

The day after out troops leave (if they wait that long) Saddam and the rest will be dead and dragged through the streets. What is being touted as a "civil war" will be nothing of the sort, as the Sunnis will be slaughtered almost immediately.

Iraq as a nation will disappear, since the Shia will be taken over by Iran and the Kurds will attempt to set up their own nation. That will get Turkey into the act and another war will begin.

Zaqawi and bin Laden will be able to operate out in the open, since they will have the protection of Iran and they will know we will do nothing about it. This will give them free rein to get the Muslims in the Netherlands, France, Germany and the rest of Europe operating to install a Wahabi version of the Taliban across the Continent.

We, of course, wouldn't have to worry, would we? Even though our borders are open and unchecked, sex of every description is not only tolerated but encouraged, women are (despite what NOW thinks) treated as equals and allowed all rights and we tolerate the practice of all religions, surely they'd leave us alone?

After all, Sean Penn and his fellow travelers wouldn't lie to us.


A Lobotomized S&G

Does anyone out there remember the old Bill Cosby routine about how all children suffer from brain damage? We've got a bunch who never grew out of it, haven't we?

Most of the Dems out there have given themselves severe whiplash in their turnaround of "There were weapons, he's a threat" to "Weapons? What weapons? Bush Lied!!" They've done this in less than seven years, but Sammy "The Shyster" Alito is going to be fried over something he wrote 20 years ago to pad his resume. Of course, Harry Reid says he's keeping an "open mind". Him keeping an open mind? You couldn't open his mind with five pounds of Semtex.

That Bird Flu pandemic is flying around the world. Why, there's already been 67 deaths from it in almost three years! Break out the kimchee!

I saw that Fidel's hand puppet, Hugo Chavez, called the Mexican government the lickspittle running dog lackeys of the U.S. - or something like that. Ambassadors have been recalled. Yeah - that'll show him! Speaking of Chavez, I saw a really small news clip several weeks ago about how he's now also pissed off with us because the former government got all these F-15's but we've stopped supplying spare parts. Chavez said he'll most likely send some of these to Cuba and China. By the time Fidel ever pulls his arm outta Chavez's ass he's going to have to have it amputated and burned.

Bob Woodward, the "reporter" who has made a career of trying to sabotage every presidency to the right of Jimmy Carter, has finally come out and said, "Wilson's wife? CIA? Sounds familar." He was quite happy to watch Scooter hang - I have to wonder who leaked Woodward's name? Call for a Grand Jury!!

The city of Seattle has taken the lead in the race between it and San Francisco to see who can secede from the U.S. first. As of Dec 8th, it will be against the law to smoke just about anywhere but in your own home. This includes all bars (including specialty cigar bars), restaurants, hotels, outdoors - but of course they'll stop taking in the tax dollars, right?

Cindy Sheehan is back in the news. Why?

Professional sexual predator and former part-time president Willie Cliton was in an Arab nation yesterday telling them that - - Bush Lied! People Died!!

A late addition - After reading Ann Coulter, it brought something to mind - how many Dems and their fellow travellers still believe that Senator McCarthy ran the House Unamerican Activities Committee? And that he created and enforced the Hollywood Blacklist?

One last thing and I'll put this post out of its misery. The Senators of the minority party have gotten stuck. Now their mantra is "Oil Execs Lied! People Died!!" Will someone please put a quarter in their collective ears to see if their Chatty Cathy voicebox can move to another phrase?

Now where the hell did I put that Valium?


16 November, 2005

The If I Only Had A Brain S&G

Fear & Loathing on the Left Coast (again): Seattle and San Francisco have banned military recruiters from their high schools, ala 1960's - 1970's. In their total ignorance of just what our military is and does, one area has even suggested that if the military come, Al Qaeda should be there too (or some other anti-america group). If either of these school systems get as much as one more cent of state or federal money and their isn't a nationwide outpouring of rage, then this country won't be worth fighting for anymore.

Somewhere in California, an activist has decided to file a class action suit against another school system because blacks get more suspensions and expulsions then other groups, and their education is woefully inadequate. This is a place where the black, white, hispanic, asian, etc, are all in the same classes, with the same teachers, teaching the same material to all. Somehow in that environment the same words going to the rest are deliberately withheld from the blacks. Go figure.

The latest word out of Iran is that Zaqawi is a Jew!! Who knew? According to the Iranis, it was the Jews who blew up the hotels in Amman and it's the Jews who are burning down France. Obviously reality isn't a required course in Irani schools. In the meantime, folks keep talking aout Muslims killing Muslims. Incorrect - To a Shia, the rest are infidels. Same with the Sunni, the Sufi and the Wahabi. Infidels exist only to be converted or destroyed.

Let's see - in 1956, Charlie Starkweather was 19, his squeeze Caril Fugate was 13. He killed her parents, then blamed her when they were caught. Any bets on how this case in PA is going to go?

Michael Nedow is back. This time he's attacking the one thing that I've been waiting for someone to attack - our currency. Since the mere touching of United States money demeans him and makes him a second class citizen in his own eyes, he can use a pair of tweezers, put all of it that he has in a box and send it to me. I don't mind being a second class citizen if the pay is good.

Baseball looks to have come up with a steroid policy - but there's no mention if those suspensions are with or without pay. All suspensions during the season - for fighting, etc, are with pay - so this 50 game, 100 game and life (really 2 years) could be the best paid vacation ever seen.

Speaking of baseball, all the post season awards have now been given out - and not one player on the Houston Astros or the Chicago White Sox won an award. How a team like the Sox can go through a season winning 66 games by two runs or less (and 35 of those were by one run) and has no gold gloves, Cy Youngs or MVP is beyond me. (Those of you in Houston can make your own arrangements - this is MY blog).

One quick question - is my mind really that far gone, or has the pre-Sam Walton and post-Sam Walton Wal Mart become two totally opposite corporations?

Finally, in an effort to raise the tone of this place (Lord knows it needs it), I have a pop physics quiz for you.

1) If, as Edwin Hubble found, all the other stars and galaxies are moving away from us, does that mean we're the exact center of the universe?

And 2) Since everything in the universe today, plus all the matter/anti-matter wipeouts that took place right after the big bang, was compressed into that point, just how big was that singularity they talk about?

Extra credit: Since the heat and pressure inside a star is what creates all the other elements, why is it that when the Big Bang went off, all that came out was hydrogen?

I gotta change the drugs.


13 November, 2005

An S&G Going Everywhere

I've been watching some of the demonstrations taking place in Jordan against Al Zaqari and his murderous thugs, and something struck me. As much as I'd like to believe this is a genuine outpouring of emotion by the people, the whole Middle East has a history of government organized "spontaneous" demonstrations. I just hope thay can wring every bit of intel possible from Mrs Murderer.

It seems that just about all of the scientific community is now starting to agree that global warming is happening, although there is no consensus as to the cause. A mate of mine in Australia even told me that it's now possible to sail the Northwest Passage above North America in the summer. If all that is true - ice caps melting, glaciers disappearing - where has the water gone? Sea levels should have risen significantly as a result of this. Maybe we're drinking more and pissing less - a Baby Boomer Prostate thing?

Quite a few folks have been reporting on the movie "Jarhead", saying what a load of crap it is. Haven't seen it. Won't see it. I was silly enough to buy the book. Within the first three pages he's bragging about how he'd steal cases of MRE's and any web gear that wasn't nailed down and sold it to a military surplus store. The puke factor took over and I never made Page 4.

Speaking of Jarheads, did anyone see Gen Peter Pace in his Blues with full-sized medals? Either he has a bum boy or two for support, or he's got a strong list to port with all that hardware!

Meanwhile in Gaulistan (Sorry, Mr Goldberg - I had to steal this one!), the French government keeps referring to the rioters as "people" - a fairly safe description. They've even stopped calling them "youths" for the most part. Heaven forbid they should be called Muslims or Islamofascists. Meanwhile media all over is trying to find any excuse for this that doesn't involve an Intifada trying to take over the country. As long as they stay out of the center of Paris, Chirac is cool with it.

There was another "art" exhibit at an Illinois university pulled after one day. The university at first didn't see any problem with portraying Muslim women as sluts I guess. Of course the ACLU is getting into this, but can I clue them in on this? Yes, throughout history the rulers of nations have supported the arts - look at Leonardo, Mozart and all the rest. But they were also very, very selective as to what art they supported. And as to out First Amendment, you can take all the pictures, paint all the paintings, urinate on all the crosses your want. There is nothing there that says anyone has to give you a forum to show this.

After Bush's speech on Veterans Day, Kennedy, Kerry and the rest in the House and the Senate (what's to the left of Communism?) jumped up and once again compared Iraq to Viet Nam. In a couple of ways they're right. By doing all that they can to shit on this country, they are doing the same thing to the American service men and women that they did when I was in Southeast Asia. Instead of letting the troops do their job, Bush's boys are micromanaging the war from D.C. The media - especially the print media - is as shrill and venomous as they ever were in the late 60's and early 70's. And no one seems to be able to figure out why so many Americans have had a gutful of Iraq.

And with Iraq - the Dems keep screaming that the intel they were shown by every European agency was made up by Bush and Cheney. A couple of things come to mind about all this - wasn't there over six months before the war started when Saddam shipped his stuff th Syria and Russia? And wasn't there something about the United Nations and some resolutions?

My mind is going, Dave - I can feel it.


11 November, 2005

I LOVE Living in the South!

On all holidays (and many other days) I fly the American flag, the Marine Corps flag and the POW/MIA flag.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

A few minutes ago I was out straightening them out when a car pulled in my driveway and an extremely large Black man got out - someone I've never seen before.

I took for granted he was soliciting for something - and now I'm ashamed for that presumption. He introduced himself and said that he just couldn't drive past without thanking me for flying the colors and thanking me for my service. It turned out that he was a Former Marine as well, having served in the 80's and 90's.

Most of the time that I've spent in the States has been in the North - mainly around the Chicago area. Can anyone out there tell me that they'd honestly see something like this happen up there? On a fairly regular basis?

I just f'kin LOVE it here!


Just a Little S&G

People ask me why I'm an independent. Just look at what the Republicans and Democrats did to our oil and gas supplies at ANWR and off shore - that should answer the question for you. I had to laugh about it because the Senate was still trying to find out why gas costs so much.

As far as those gas prices, did you know that the petroleum companies and the tobacco companies have one very big thing in common? The governments, state and federal, make more profit in taxation off these products than the companies make. Whoever thinks this is a capitalist country is fooling themselves.

I guess by now most have heard about how Sony, in it's attempt to quell piracy of its CD's, has added software to their discs that does a stealth install on your computer should you load the CD to your hard drive. Personally, I have over 1,200 CDs and all of them are on my computer. I don't do any online swapping or anything else - I just use my machine to listen to them and occasionally make my own compilations. Now, I view any software that is put on my machine without my permission as a virus and will quite happily sue whoever puts it there. Sony has a problem with piracy? Then they'd better find a way of controlling it, hadn't they?

In another show of priorities, the lead story above the fold in today's Winston Salem Urinal is about the Iraqi suicide bombers killing 42. If you search back to page 10, you'll find a short little blurb about the Jordanians and Palestinians in Amman calling for Abu Al Zaqari's head.

Abu -- I've heard that name before -- Oh, yeah - that's the monkey in Aladdin, ain't it?


10 November, 2005

Today's S&G

There's now been two lawyers killed and one wounded from the Saddam and Friends case. Has anyone else noticed that these were the lawyers for his lackeys and not his? Gee - do you think they're being sacrificed in an effort to get the trial out of Iraq? Or is that just me being cynical again.

The number of cars being torched in France is starting to drop. The French claim it's because of their caring handling of the matter. I think it's because they're running out of cars.

While the Dems are beating on the intel before the war being misused, etc, has everyone else forgotten the six month period before the war when Saddam shipped all that crap to Syria? Guess so.

Pity poor Judy Miller. Here she goes and sits in jail for 85 days for no particular reason and now the NY Times turns against her. I heard (or started) a rumor that she's going to CBS News, and her slot at the Times is being taken by Mary Mapes.

I see where that Florida school that cancelled all religion-related holidays because the Muslim community asked for one day to be added. One f'kin day. They've now back tracked, but still won't add the day for Eid. Aren't these people watching France?

After the murderous thugs blew up in Amman yesterday, Zarqawi said it was to get the Crusaders. Pity all he blew up was those who had supported him up til then. I have a message for the boy - if he gets any Crusaders, it'll be because they're damn near 1,000 years old and aren't moving very fast. They also came mainly from France and what's now Germany, with a dabbling of Brits thrown in.

I've noticed that there has been no mention of Wahabism in the news for almost a year. Wonder why?

Go over to Indigo and read her guest blogger's entry for yesterday about the Medal of Freedom awards made this week. The highest award this nation can give to a civilian has turned into an ESPY.

And, of course, we have San Francisco. They have banned the manufacture, sale or possession of hand guns or ammo by any person or business. Fits right in with their ban of cemetaries within the cities.

I've been going to comment on Terrell Owens, the poor baby football player, but the puke factor got to me.


HQMC Press Release?

Subject: President Bush May Send Up To 5 Marines For French Assistance

President Bush has authorized the Joint Chiefs to begin drawing up a battle plan to pull France's ass out of the fire again.

Facing an apparent overwhelming force of up to 400 pissed off teenagers Mr. Bush doubts France's ability to hold off the little pissants. "Hell, if the last two world wars are any indication, I would expect France to surrender any day now", said Bush.

Joint Chiefs head, Marine Gen. Peter Pace, warned the President that it might be necessary to send up to 5 marines to get things under control. The general admitted that the 5 marines may be overkill but he wanted to get this thing under control within 24 hours of arriving on scene.

He stated he was having a hard time finding even one marine to help those ungrateful bastards out for a third time but thought that he could persuade a few women in the 3d Underwater Mess Kit Repair Battalion to do the job before they went on pregnancy leave.

President Bush asked Gen. Pace to get them out of there as soon as possible after order was restored.

He also reminded Gen. Pace to make sure the marines did not take soap, razors, or deodorant with them because the least they stand out the better.

(a tip of the starched utility cover to Wayne Szczek for this)

Happy Birthday, Marines! 230 years old, and the older we get the better we were!


09 November, 2005

Just Another S&G

"Parents ... have no constitutional right, however, to prevent a public school from providing its students with whatever information it wishes to provide, sexual or otherwise, when and as the school determines that it is appropriate to do so." So says the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, located in Vladovostock. That when and as part seems to be the key - If the California schools decide to have the first graders do a 'get naked with the teacher and have a group grope", it must be ok.

California has also affirmed that a ten year old girl can get pregnant and have an abortion without Mom or Dad being any the wiser. I thought any pre-op process required the signing of a consent form that allows the doctor to perform the op in the first place. Is that gone? Does that mean the all the docs that haven't gotten that form signed opened to law suit?

I saw Harry Reid go ballistic yesterday. He's really got to stop drinking the water from Howie Dean's place.

New interrogation guidelines were released yesterday for our troops. It's now a court martial offense (apparently) to use dogs to: "harass, intimidate threaten or coerce a detainee for interrogations purposes." Lord help us if we should ever try to get information from these scum suckers by harassing, intimidating or coercing them.

Today is the anniversary of both Kristallnacht and the death of DeGaulle. In honor of this the French govenment is going to roll over and die. Who sets a curfew for Midnight? Oh, yeah - can't eat into the nightlife at Moulin Rouge and the restaurants, can we? Personally, I think they should be using the Napoleonic option - line up the cannon on the streets, load them with double cannister, then offer to negotiate.

Sunni terrorists have killed and wounded more Sunni lawyers who are trying to stop other Sunni scrotums from getting the noose. I guess the terrorists really want Saddam and his buys to hang.

My sidekick, aka eldest granddaughter, had a mood ring that she really loved but it got lost. I found a place online that sold them, placed the order for a couple and got them in the mail two days later. One of them was broken, and when I contacted the company about it they said don't send it back - we'll get another out to you. Nine o'clock the following morning I got a tracking number from USPS. The company is Dapples, and their customer service it the best I've seen from any outfit in years.

Finally (Thank the Lord, I hear you say), will the person who first came up with the idea that every person on TV who is asked a question respond with "that's a good question" please report to the firing squad? "That's a good question." No shit, Sherlock - that's why I asked it.

Oops - almost forgot. That school shooting yesterday? The one by a 15 year old? Based on identification by some students, the Urinal has already printed not only this little gunman's name, but his picture as well. I thought that was a no no - at least until the ID was official.


08 November, 2005

Let's Get Shallow!

Just to show how much spare time I have, I've been thinking about some of the ads on TV and came up with the following:

Don't you think it's time for GEICO to retire the perpetually offended ad and bring the lizard back? Preferably as a Komodo Dragon?

Capital One really should stick with the Viking ads. The "NO" and the new "black out" ads really suck.

And how about the Roving Gnome? If its mythbusting is always wrong on the second myth, what does that say for the first one?

On the basis of their "I'm just so elite" ads, Progressive will never get a cent of my business!

CDW's ads with the hardware guy holding seances, etc, can get folded into all sharp corners and shoved where the sun never shines.

Drug ads really need their own post - how about the ones that say their product shouldn't be taken by women who are pregnant or may become pregnant. That really means don't take it until after menopause or radical hysterectomy, don't it? And I love the "Tell your Dr what medications your taking". If that isn't a plea to shop around for a pill pusher - I need the doc to tell me what meds I'm taking.

Of course, there is one new ad I like - the new shredder ad. Maybe it's the Bulldog!

Feel free to add your personal hit list to this. Let me know what I've missed.


Where's the Outrage?

While reading through the local rag this morning, I discovered something that really surprised me - although I guess I should know better.

Did you know that, if you live in North Carolina, anyone who asks a county's board of electors can get a list of registered voters in that area? This list gives:
* Name
* Residential Address
* Mailing Address
* Sex
* Race
* Age or Date of Birth
* Party Affiliation
* What Elections They Voted In

In fact, it give just about everything but phone number and social security number.

Why would mass mailers ever buy a list when they can get this for free?

I suggest you check with your state and find out what personal information they are giving out. I think this is worth contacting your local governor and state reps about, don't you?


07 November, 2005

HR 3132

This refers to the Children's Safety Act of 2005. When I first heard of this Act, I thought it was going to be a federal version of Jessica's law, mandating 25 years minimum for attacks on children 11 and under.

That was before I read it. It turns out that this Act is all about creating and maintaining registrys of those predators with no mention of actually making the predation itself a federal offense.

This passed the House with bipartisan support but has been ignored so far by the Senate. I guess they have more important things to do - you know, Bush Lied!!

I plan on writing my Senators, Richard Burr and Elizabeth Dole, to not only push this legislation, but amend the one from the House to include the Jessica's Law provisions. If there is anyone out there who doesn't know where to find their senator's address, go here.

I also plan on making those letters snail mailed - email is too easy to ignore.


Is Paris Burning?

France. Germany. Belgium. The murders in the Netherlands about a year ago.

What's the common thread running through this? Old Europe - the same old Europe that tried to insult the U.S. by saying that they were so much older and wiser when it came to assimilating their varied populations.

It finally came out that the French government has been keeping their Muslims in ghettoes that might have done Warsaw proud. Pack 'em into substandard high rises and leave them there. Hell, the police don't even patrol those areas. By doing this, they've given the perfect excuse for these riots. The French made no real attempt to accept the first generation Muslims into their mainstream culture. They're reaping the whirlwind now - second and third generation of Muslim kids who hate France and are identifying themselves as sort of an Al Qaeda Lite.

Their intafada has started and is spreading. Let's just hope the illegal Mexicans here aren't taking notes.

BTW - with the thousands of cards burned out, do you think Renault could be encouraging some of this??


06 November, 2005

S&G for a Sunday

While watching some college ball yesterday, I got another lesson in Athletic Anatomy 101 - besides having two groins (someone pulled their right groin), they also have two jaws! One of them injured his left jaw! Who knew?

With sports in general, I can kinda understand why players have their name on the jerseys, since it's an ego trip. But why would any of them - football, baseball - any of them - need to have initials on them? Hell, one Denver player has his whole name on it. Can't they remember their number? The classic for me is the Atlanta Braves, where Chipper Jones and Andruw Jones have their initials on their backs. Haven't they noticed that they aren't even the same race?

The next time those pirates off the coast of Somalia attack a ship, I have a suggestion. Heave to, let them pull alongside, then start dropping DuPont Lures into their little boats. Should slow down the number of repeat offenders.

I heard that someone has discovered that kimchee - a fermented concotion of cabbage, chilis and God knows what - is having an effect against bird flu. I've had kimchee. Give me the flu, thanks.

Willy Clinton says Hil would be a better president than he was because she's more mature. I have four year olds running around who are more mature that him. Besides, he says she'll have fewer distractions. That's because she'll be getting fewer blow jobs in the Oval Office.

Have you see those ads for the History Channel's show on the Crusades? "What would you do for a belief? Give up your home? Your family? Your life?" Don't look now, but that describes every one of our service men and women.

It looks like the Israelis are falling all over themselves apologizing for the death of a 12 year old who was shot by the Army. Just because he was in the middle of a running battle with the Paleostunteds and this imbecile pulled out a toy M-16 and drew a bead on one of the soldiers. Nope, I just can't understand why the poor little choirboy got shot.

It's good to see how instant replay is taking off in college football. So what if it takes the human factor out of the game? It's much more important to get the call right - especially at places like SBC Field and Papa John Stadium - and at Vegas.

Finally, yesterday I saw the incontrovertible proof that the end is nigh. Forget hurricanes. Tidal waves? Pah! Tornados? Fergeddabout it! Kansas beat Nebraska, North Carolina beat Boston College and NC State beat Florida State - on the same weekend!


Hate Crime Update

It's been three days since those cowards attacked that American kid who happens to have a different religious belief.

The Winston Salem Urinal remains silent about this. I have to start wondering if this is just incompetence or if there is an agenda here - if we keep quiet the rest of the nation won't know what happened.

Either answer is despicable.


04 November, 2005

The Animals are Loose

(The more I thought about this, I decided to keep it at the top for a few days. But don't forget to see what's below - you might miss out on another Spits & Giggles)

This little item makes me want to go out and do a little kneecapping.

One of the guys that works for Boy Wonder is a 19 year old second generation American and a really nice kid who is an American first and foremost.

He also happens to be a Muslim.

When Ramadan ended Thursday, he stopped at a gas station in High Point, North Carolina, to pick up a pack of cigarettes. It was his day off and because of the holiday he was wearing his national dress.

When he was walking back to his car, two of the local rednecks - the ones that you wouldn't walk across the street to piss on if they were on fire - beat the crap out of him, sending him to the emergency room with some scaring that is going to mark him for life. It's unknown at this time if these scum suckers have been apprehended.

For reasons best known to themselves, the Winston Salem Urinal chose not to report this.

I moved down here to the Piedmont Triad area (Greensboro, High Point and Winston Salem) in 1999 and have loved just about every aspect of life down here.

This makes me ashamed.


NARAL - What a Maroon

Over the last few days I've seen quite a bit of NARAL's shrill shills in the news giving their Hansel & Gretel views of Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of interesting contraception methods.

One part of their argument is starting to sound very persuasive to me, though. Under the Right of Privacy spelled out in the 14th Amendment, I have the Right to Choose what I do with my body. I believe that gives me the right to grow and smoke dope if I so desire.

After all, it's my body and I get the choice - and my right of privacy says the government can't interfere with it.



Today's S&G

The Mayor of Las Vegas wants to institute Sharia law in his fair city. Tag some graffiti? Lose your thumbs. I thought that whole opposable thumb thing was part of our defining factor. Colobus humans - an interesting concept.

Nextel has come up with a new idea that will be an instant hit - literally. They plan on broadcasting TV on their cell phones. You'll be begging for the days when the driver in front of you was only taking care of personal hygiene!

The TSA apparently wants to allow pocket knives and scissors on planes again. Does a box cutter count as a pocket knife? And will they let me take my lighter now. I think that "no zippos" thing was a conspiracy by BIC - you get off to change flights, buy a BIC to light up, then throw it away - over and over.

On a related note, TSA is also saying that the security lines at the airports are nowhere near the hour or more they used to be. No shit! Maybe that's why all the major airlines are either in or contemplating bankruptcy?

And after the South Carolina escape, Texas goes them one better. A death row inmate is allowed to enter a visit box with a change of civilian clothes and a fake ID - and they can't figure how he got out. A real mystery, isn't it?

ADDENDUM - I forgot to mention the "French" today. How Gauche of me. A true Faux Pas. Apparently these riots are France's fault, since they haven't changed the rest of the country to assimilate with the Muslims. At least these rioters have paid attention to history. The Los Angeles riots, the Detroit riots, the Chicago riots. These have been their template for burning down and destroying their own neighborhoods!



03 November, 2005

She Shoots - She Scores!

Right now, go to Indigo Insights. If you do not have an unfortunate nasal liquid event com back here and I'll refund your admission.

Are you still here? GO NOW!!


Beat Up on the Minority

It's now estimated that around 22% of the nation are smokers. This makes them the last minority in the country that it's not only OK but actively encouraged to discriminate against.

Now it's gotten to the point that you can't smoke in your car if you're near a hospital and you can't smoke on a California beach. The latest assualt is municipalities saying that you can't smoke within 25 feet of a business entrance. This will have the effect of having workers taking their 5-minute smoke break by getting in their car and driving to the nearest farmland.

Since these city governments are so keen on this, I have a suggestion. Since my having a smoke is a weapon of mass destruction, how about they (and ASH and the rest of the zealots) forgo their tobacco taxes. After all, since they won't let you smoke in their jurisdiction, it only makes sense that they wouldn't want to be seen profiting from it, would'nt it?

Yeah - that'll happen.



I see where the new President if Iran is pulling somewhere between 40 to 48 ambassadors from around the world. The reason given for this, as far as I can tell, is because they haven't blown themselves up. Pity.

It took seven days of saying the Paris rioters were from "tough" neighborhoods or "poor" neighborhoods before someone slipped up. I'm pretty sure that when a reporter actually said the riots were in Muslim neighborhoods he jepoadarized his career. He's profiling! He's racist!

I heard something yesterday that got me thinking (yeah, you can smell the burnt rubber from there, can't you?). If, by accident, there's any "moderates" or "progressives" out there who hit this site by accident, I have a question for you. Can you give me even one instance where Howie Dean, Harry Reid or Nancy Pelosi has given a positive press conference? On any subject? Inquiring minds want to know.

Now that all semblance of trust is gone from the Senate (comity today, a comedy tonight), I got a question about this pre-war intel thing - any of those mentioned in the last article might want to help me with this - wasn't it Hillary who said that Saddam had ties to AlQaeda? And wasn't it everyone and their f'kin dog that said he had WMD's? Including Jimmah Carter? And Teddy Kennedy?

And now for total confusion - those "Just for Men" commercials using the two washed-up jocks - are they really saying that if you don't use their product you're gonna be one lonely sumbitch, but use it just once and you're gonna get laid every night?

And just a general query - can anyone tell me why Fox seems to have a 5-second delay on just about all of their on-the-scene reporters? Don't they trust them not to swear?


02 November, 2005

S&G - Because I Can

Yesterday the Senate suspended all business pertaining to the American people and was forced into a closed "intelligence" session by Hairy Reid. The burning need for this? Bush Lied! People Died! Apparently the fact that this report has been worked on for some time - and reportedly been stonewalled by the Dems since May of this year - didn't enter into the calculations. How come what happened in 2002 is such a burning issue now?

Speaking of Bush Lied!!, don't you just love the current "Insert name here should/must quit or be fired or be impeached because they wern't indicted". Working on that theory, Teddy Kennedy and that wiseguy from New Jersey should be fired/impeached, shouldn't they?

Ebay is still auctioning off those MRE's from MS, LA and AL because they might have been legally purchased from Army/Navy stores. I can see that - people would gladly spend $9 or $10 a pop for MREs and then auction them off for $4 each. Nothing suspicious there.

I also see where a state in New England is going to start levying a property tax based on the view people have from their home. One of those threatened with this is blind. Good planning there. Does this mean if your view is of a strip mall the state will pay you?

Just a random thought here - has it ever occurred to you that some atheletes have names that are a perfect fit for some teams? Like Tedy Bruschi should by rights be with either Green Bay or Chicago, while NBA forward Carlos Boozer really should change sports and play for the Minnesota Vikings?

Sammy "The Mouthpiece" Alito looks to be in for a fight. The local yellow journalism calls him an extreme right wing idealogue. I wonder what they'll come up with when they actually get around to finding out who he is?

Once again, the French have found someone they can beat up on - each other. A couple of Darwin finalist teens who were running from the cops decided to hide in an electrical substation and promptly electrocuted themselves, giving students there an excuse for what is now six days of rioting. Now how f'kin stupid is that?

the Marines have now been forced to supply a unit to the SpecOps. The Marines tried setting up elite units during WWII - Merritt and Edson led those units - before enough other Marines pointed out that all Marines are an elite unit. Just throw darts at the TOE for the Crotch and send whoever shows up.

There's more - DeLay gets a win, Hummer has Goldilocks moving up from simple B&E to Grand Theft Auto, The Duchess and the Dirtwater Fox have arrived for a state dinner - but once again the Bird Flu wins out after the President throwing billions into the trash can over it. Let me reiterate - don't kiss your chicken, don't goose your goose, and for God's sake, don't f'k your duck!!


01 November, 2005

Hypocrisy Thy Name Is UCSD

I just got a great belly laugh from a new story.

The University of California San Diego has it's own television station, like most other schools. And like most other schools, they develop and produce their own programs. So they decided that broadcasting live sexual intercourse would be a wonderful use of their First Amentment "right".

The only problem was that it evoked a hue and cry among the student body. The reaction of the TV station management? If a minority of the students are offended, well, that's just the University experience, isn't it?

Now make that "minority" a MINORITY and see what would happen - Black, gay, Hispanic, Indian, disabled - anyone but those with some kind of personal ethical standards.

Ya just gotta love it, don't you?