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31 October, 2004

DWI - Driving While Illegal

A tip of the starched utility cover to Indigo Insights, who forwarded this to me.

As you can see by this article from the Charlotte "Creative Loafing", the practice of issuing drivers licenses to Illegal Aliens is still alive and well.

And while that story touches on one aspect of the State and the DMV handing these licenses out to all and sundry, the biggest problem that I see is that every one of them will be registered to vote!

As I have mentioned before, my spouse, the Little Red Roo, is a LEGAL Alien. In two different states when she has gone for a drivers license, she showed her "Green Card" as identification, and in both cases she was asked if she wanted to register to vote! Being the good little ethical person that she is, she tried to point out the flaw in their argument, only to be met with uncomprehending stares.

Of all the Illegals (and anyone who says "Undocumented" can go fuck themselves), just who do you think they're going to vote for?


Halloween Warnings!

This Halloween, be careful of those parties. If someone spikes the punch, you may end up like this:

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Also, not all of those little 'Trick-or-Treaters' are all that they seem!

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Be careful - It's A Jungle Out There!


Voting In More Than One State

OK - so it's legal to be registered to vote in multiple states. We already knew that Mikey MooreOn is registered in both New York and Michigan. According to this story, there are at least 27,000 voters registered in both Ohio and Florida - both looked at as critical swing states. I think that there are more Republicans listed because they are the ones who can afford to maintain two residences!

Now, as we saw in Ohio, the states won't even police their own rolls for vote fraud. You know that there will be no coordinated effort between states to find fraud at this level.

How many hundreds of thousands of votes will be fraudulently made this year? And who is going to benefit from this? Instead of the garbage called the McCain Feingold Act, it would have been nice if Congress would have addressed these kinds of problems!


An Open Letter To Mickey Mooreon

Kat over at The Middle Ground has published an open letter to that fat, festering pile of guano who counts terrorists as his (only) friends.

There is no attempt at subtlety in this. Read at your own risk!



If there's anyone out there who's been looking for a good, solid take on what the Marines are up to in the vicinity of that cesspit, The Belmont Club is a really good place to look. They also link to The Adventures of Chester, a site being run by a Marine who's been there and done that.

Very interesting reading. While anything on the web has to be taken with the proverbial grain of salt, there's a lot of homework behind these two sites.


There's No WMDs! - - Oh, Wait A Sec ...

For over a year and a half, the Dhimmocrats told us there were no WMD, Saddam wasn't a threat, and "BUSH LIED".

Suddenly, over the last six days, Saddam had tons and tons of stuff that could be used to detonate nukes! Saddam HAD WMDs and he WAS a threat - BUSH LIED!

And there are still relatively intelligent people who will vote for the Dhims - because no matter how much they've lied, no matter how much fraud they've committed, no matter that they know Kerry will encourage the Sandra Day O'Connor view of the Constitution, John Kerry is the better man because - -



30 October, 2004

Spare A Thought For This Kid

You're in a nationally televised game against your most hated rival.

You're a true Freshman field goal kicker.

With 14 seconds to go, your team is down by 3 points.

You've never made a kick over 40 yards before, and this one is going to be from 49 yards.

Those hated rivals used up their time outs to "ice" you. Twice.

You line it up and kick - it has the legs, going at least halfway up the uprights.

But is is about 2 feet to the right.

Your team, Oklahoma State loses to Oklahoma, 38 - 35, and you feel that everything is your fault. It was really great to see the Oklahoma State players and coaches going up to this kid, who's totally shattered, and give him the support and encouragement that they did. This kid will come back and make some game winners, because he's good. And because of his teammates.


Quote For Today

"Nothing can be said about our politics that hasn't already been said about hemorrhoids"



John Kerry - A Thumbnail Sketch

Captain Ed at Captain's Quarters has an excellent "Cliff Notes" version of John Kerry.

It doesn't take many words when you don't pull any punches.


He's Back - And He's PISSED

Be Warned! Strong Language Follows - Not For The Faint Of Heart!

If you are easily offended or of a delicate constitution, please click here.

I'll admit that I haven't been checking daily for his return from his all-expense paid vacation to the garden spots of the world, but Mike the Marine over at "From the Halls to the Shores" is Back.

And he's not happy.

It seems that the lad has a hard-on for UBL and his pathetic attempt to influence the American elections. As has been pointed out just about everywhere in the Blogosphere, if UBL could hit us and cause us damage he would. Since he can no longer do that, thanks to President Bush, he sends his little video which shows no more than that the little cock-sucking goat-and-camel fucker is still drawing breath. UBL is so unbelievably stupid that he draws attention to himself stealing oxygen!

The target has been acquired, boys and girls - it's huntin' season, and I don't mean f'kin geese, either!

Welcome Home, Marine!


29 October, 2004

More Endorsements

It was nice to see that some more candidate endorsements came through in the last couple of days. Had they waited a little longer, they might have missed out on the opportunity to throw their weight behind their favored candidate.

Yes, Azzam the American and Osama "Yo Mama" bin Laden have both joined with Yassir Arafat and the Communist Party of the United States of America. Both firmly believe that four more years of George W. Bush would be bad for their business ventures, so they have come out strongly in the Kerry camp. They can now be added to the United Nations, Spain, France, Canada, Mexico, George Soros, Jimmy Carter and Viet Nam as this planet's "Movers & Shakers" who feel that John F'kin Kerry will best represent their interests.

Who am I to gainsay this august body of, well, something?


Do The Math

I've been bouncing around most of the media today, both TV and online, and I have yet to hear of anyone who took the couple of minutes needed to figure out how long it would take to move that much explosives.

The Army came out today and announced that they moved 250 tons for demolition, but they aren't even certain what the explosives are that they took - RDX or TNT. They'll get back to us on that. If they didn't have that information, why did they hold a press conference?

Now CBS is trying to tie an investigation of Halliburton at the Pentagon to the White House. They are coming out with so many last minute crap that even Kerry should be embarrassed.

CBS may as well sell off their "news" division - with their credibility the way it is, that'll be their only option.


Job Interview Don'ts and Don'ts

Indigo Insights has a list of job interview fun and frolic. She lists a bunch of "don't" items, like don't scratch, don't fart, etc. I never really gave any of those much thought.

As for Item 1 on her list, I felt that I always had to go to an interview with that level of confidence, but ya don't say that!!


Vote Fraud? Try Outright Theft!

If it's election time, the Dems must be screaming vote fraud and disenfranchisement by the Republicans; yet so far all indications point to massive fraud by Dems by way of non-existent people registering to vote. Oh, and let's not forget the dead are walking in some states and some people have registered many, many times!

The only cases of disenfranchisement so far proven are those members of our military who are serving overseas. Thousands upon thousands of them have not even received their absentee ballots yet. Of those who did get their ballots most of them were too late to be counted by the laws of their state.

And that little item confused the living shit out of me. Last I looked this was a Federal election. How is it that each state is able to set up its own way of deciding whose vote counts and whose doesn't?


Things That Go Boom In The Night

My mind's been out wandering again, and you should see what it dragged home. Here's just some random thoughts about that "really explosive" issue:

Kerry can’t back off now. No matter what comes out in the next 4 days, he's too committed to this issue. He lives or dies with it.

3 tons? 400 tons? Somewhere in between? It's pretty obvious that no one, including the IAEA, knows hows much of the "sexy" stuff was at Al KaKa. And why does that matter, when there were millions of tons of explosives in Iraq of various kinds, with over 400,000 tons already destroyed?

How was this Bush’s fault? Not enough troops over there? For a start, even if we had the entire population of the US between 18 to 30 in the military, we still wouldn’t have enough to secure all the explosives in Iraq. Besides which, these attacks are not against Bush but against Gen. Tommy Franks and the troops - even though they did everything expected of them at the time.

IAEA and UN inspectors said that nothing of interest was there or anywhere else in the country. All of a sudden all this dual use stuff shows up? Someone's pounding sand up the American people's ass.

Besides which, the explosives at that site were not secured - the ventilation slats were big enough to cart off everything without touching the seals. And at that, who knows how many of these "seals" the IAEA conveniently left behind so the Iraqis cound get in and re-seal?.

Satellite photos of Russian transport planes in Baghdad and of trucks and flat beds at Al KaKa shown on TV this morning show that we were watching these sites as well as the airports.

Use these next 4 days to tell everyone you know that this is a non-issue created to try to discredit Bush by IAEA(UN), CBS, NY Times as the Dem’s typical “October surprise”. This pattern of last-minute "shock" releases have been a Democratic party tactic for at least the last dozen years.

Oh, and a last-minute thought - have you noticed that everyone but CBS has been relaying the new information about this story? Hmmm.

We now resume regular programming.


28 October, 2004

No, This Is NOT John Kerry!

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Thank you, Bill Mauldin, and I hope you're looking down on all this and laughing.


Think About It

Boy Wonder works at a computer shop at a mall, and I noticed he had some discount tickets for a pizza place there.

On these tickets it says, "Every Dish Made Fresh Every Day At Each Of Our Stores".

Now to me, this means that I would never eat there after, say, 1200 hrs. 'Cuz if it's "Made Fresh Every Day" at 0400 hrs and I show up to eat at 1900 hrs, I don't think "Fresh" quite covers it.

Do you?

And yeah - this is how I spend my poor, pathetic days. Poor Me! Alas!

Attitude check.


Quote for the Day

"If you tailor your news viewing, as some people are now doing, so that you only get one point of view, well of course you're going to think somebody else has got a different point of view, and it may be wrong"

Peter Jennings
ABC "News"
Monday, Oct 18th, 2004
Well if that's not just the "No Shit, Sherlock" statement of the day, I'd hate to see what else turns up! Someone else's different point of view may be wrong? How fuckin' perceptive of you, Peter!


Just F'kin Do It

Go read Ann Coulter's column for today.




A New York Times reporter has just discovered a string of Chinese firecrackers in an outhouse near Basra.

Dan Rather of CBS News has gone on the air demanding President Bush's impeachment.

Just kidding, folks.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us


Planet Earth Calling The Supreme Court

Supreme Court justice Sandra Day O'Connor is at it again.

Seems that her oath - something about upholding and protecting the Constitution of the United States of America - don't mean crap to her.

For at least the second time that I am aware of, she is out making speeches about how we should be taking into consideration "The growing role of international law in U.S. courts, saying judges would be negligent if they disregarded its importance in a post-Sept. 11 world of heightened tensions."

Well, excuse the fuck out of me! And here I was, fat and happy, thinking that the Supreme Court of the United States should be looking at the Constitutionality of our laws! Silly me!

Yet another reason for the appointment for life clause to be struck from the books.


Those Damn Pesky Militants Are At It Again!

It seems that a Polish woman has been kidnapped in Iraq - yeah, another one - and the same demand is being made - everyone out of Iraq. And the Australian news is reporting it as a "Militant" group.

Militant? How about fuckin' "Terrorist"? Is that too hard for ya?

I wanted to just give the link, but the Sydney Morning Herald is being snotty and wants a registration, so here's the whole article:

Militant group shows Polish woman hostage

October 28, 2004 - 8:51PM

Iraqi extremists in a videotape aired by Al-Jazeera television showed what they said was a Polish woman held hostage in Iraq and demanded that Poland remove all its troops from the country.

The group, which called itself the Abu Bakr al-Siddiq Fundamentalist Brigades, said the woman worked with US troops in Iraq. They also demanded the release of all Iraqi female prisoners.
A middle-aged woman with grey hair and dressed in a pink polka-dotted blouse sat in front of two masked gunmen. Her voice was not audible on the tape.

However, Al-Jazeera said the woman called on Polish troops to leave the country and for US and Iraqi authorities to release all female detainees from the Abu Ghraib prison.

Poland commands about 6000 troops from 15 nations - including about 2400 from Poland - in the Babil, Karbala and Wasit provinces.

In response, Poland's defence minister Jerzy Szmajdzinski said: "Poland is not in the business of meeting the demands of hostage takers."

He told the private television news channel TVN24 that he could not verify the report shown by Al-Jazeera, but added that no Polish military personnel were missing in Iraq.
The armed group had also claimed responsibility for the September kidnapping of 10 Turkish hostages, who were released this month.

Late Wednesday, Al-Jazeera aired a video showing British aid worker Margaret Hassan, who again pleaded with Britain to withdraw its forces from Iraq even as about 800 British troops began deploying towards the Baghdad area, where they were expected to relieve US troops who are being preparing for a major assault on insurgent areas west and north of the capital.
Mrs Hassan, 59, who runs CARE International's operations in Iraq, has been the most high-profile of foreign hostages abducted in Iraq. No group has claimed responsibility in her abduction.

She also asked for the release of female Iraqi detainees and the closure of CARE's operations in Iraq.

A day earlier, a militant website ran a claim by the al-Qaeda-linked group led by Jordanian terrorist Abu Musab al-Zarqawi vowing to kill a 24-year-old Japanese hostage within 48 hours unless Japan withdrew its 500 troops from the country.

Japan's Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi swiftly refused the demand, saying he wouldn't give in to terrorists.

AP, Reuters


What Explosives?

Man, I don't know - I go and sleep in for a change and the world goes to hell in a handcart - again.

Here's the latest I've found on the KaKa explosives:

CBS News says 'Militants' have them.
As of 0730 this morning, CNN don't say shit.
MSNBC goes with 'Armed Group' with Russian link.
Fox says Dual Use stuff wasn't there.

But the interesting story - from the French 'Agence France-Presse' no less - is in Australia, where the Washington Times story is picked up.

Now, it seems pretty f'kin obvious to me that President Bush is not responsible for every cherry bomb in Iraq. That whole cesspit excuse for a country was hip deep in this shit for years.

Now it comes out that these explosives are "Dual Use"? What were the UN inspectors doing there? Jerking off? No WMDs, huh?

JohnJohn can blow me.


27 October, 2004

Not the Movie!

If Wayne's World isn't already on your daily "ToDo" list, it's your loss.

Wayne has only been public for about a month, but this amount of time has no relation to the quality of his work. He is unabashedly Pro-Bush and Pro-America.

He has a son who is a Marine on Okinawa, who he's proud enough of that he could just about explode.

His writings are incisive and thought-provoking, and make me jealous as hell of his talent!


Third Grade Arithmetic

I've been having fun with numbers this morning. Shows what a sad, pathetic life I really lead!

Lots of numbers have been thrown around as to how many tons of WMD that they didn't have were at that arsenal. Just to take an average, let's say that the "looters" got 380 tons of explosives. Let’s see – that’s 760,000 pounds at short ton or 840,000 pounds if they are metric tons.

Now, if each "looter" was able to cart off, say, 50 pounds each, that would mean 16,800 looters (15,200 for std tons). If somehow these looters got hold of some government surplus deuce and a halfs, they would need 168 trucks (metric) or 152 for standard tons. Or some combination of trucks times trips.

Busy little fuckers, these "looters".

From March 19th to April 10th – that’s 23 days. But the April 10th date is only one day after Baghdad fell. On April 4th, troops from the 3rd Infantry Division went through that area and found some explosives, but it wasn’t said what kind or how much. There was still a whole bunch of explosives there – just not the sexy stuff.

Let’s say that Saddam’s troops were still at that site until the 3rd Infantry troops came through. That leaves 6 days for "looters" to cart all this off – at 126,667 pounds a day (140,000 pounds for metric). 2,533 trips a day (2,800 for metric) using Abdul’s back, or 25.3 truckloads a day (28 a day for metric).

“Busy little fuckers” doesn’t come close!

Of course, if you want to figure this out in camel loads … Your average camel can carry anywhere from 330 to 1,000 pounds. Let’s take 500 pounds as a decent average. Over the same 6 day period, that would take 1,680 camels (1,520 camels for standard tons).

That’ll do – you can work the rest out for yourselves. I’m tired.


26 October, 2004

A Couple of Thoughts Out Wandering

Boy, hasn't Sen. Kerry jumped all over the President this week! Two things in particular seem to have jerked his chain:

In two interviews, President Bush said that our long-term safety against terrorists is "up in the air", because while we have to be lucky every time, they only have to get lucky once. Well, hasn't Kerry spat the proverbial dummy on this! If he's made President, he can guarantee us that all will be well and the bad terrorists will go away and leave us alone. How does he know this? Is he paying them to keep up the pressure until he wins?

There's also the article in the NY Times/CBS on 380 tons of explosives going missing. I know that the Times doesn't really need the help, but does anyone else out there smell Dan Rather's aroma on this one? Kerry grabbed this and ran with it - even though NBC has stated that they had a reporter embedded with the 101st Airborne when that site was found, and there were NO explosives there? And one of the Iraqi UN inspectors said that as early as one month BEFORE the war started, the explosives had been moved from there?

Meanwhile, even after all of this has been made public, Kerry continues to make these tenets of his speeches out on the stump.

I guess it would be cynical of me to suggest that Kerry is knowingly using lies in his speeches to try to whip up the ignorant. I guess I'm just that kind of guy.

UPDATE: Apparently I'm not cynical enough! Have a gander (not another AFLAC joke) at what Rathergate has to say about the original release date for that "Missing Explosives" story.

Sad. Just so fuckin' sad.


Dear Anonymous

So - instead of using your own web site to hawk your tawdry and pathetic products, you want to use my comments?

Fuck Off! I can delete your "comments" as fast as you can put them in, OK?

Either get your own site, get a real job or get a life. I don't particularly give a rat's ass which.


Florida Follies - an Update

Damn, I've been in one position for too long again - that happens when I get to blogging. But I have to get this thought down before I go walkies:

We now have a new sign that the end of the world is nigh - Lobbyists, Pollsters, Lawyers and vote fraud “Observers” – the new 4 horsemen of the Apocalypse have turned up in Florida. Is it too late to give that state back to Spain? Along with the pensioners?

In Florida some are already saying they meant to vote for Kerry but “accidentally” voted for Bush – as She Who Must Be Obeyed succinctly pointed out, they can use an ATM and a slot machine but can’t use a touch screen? Please. Pull the other one - it plays "Jingle Bells".

It wouldn't be so bad if the Kerry Campers would show a touch of subtlety in their abduction and rape of the American vote, but apparently that's too much to ask. With Edwards on the ticket and someone like Alan Dershowitz "advising" them, I guess this had to be the logical extension of their policies for the American people.

I have to wonder, though - how do the people who don't live in West Palm Beach feel about their vote being taken to swim with the fishes? It can't be good, can it?


Shakespeare for the Uninformed

The Grouchy Old Cripple in Atlanta has done a beautiful interpretation of Shakespeare's "Henry V". St Crispin's Day at Agincourt was never like this - but it damn well should have been!

I laughed 'til I cried.


Going From Strength To Strength

It seems that Peanut Farmer and Ex-Prez Jimmah "Habitat for Killer Wabbits" Carter is making life more enjoyable for the Great Unwashed. Judge for yourself by reading this and this. Oh, and before I forget, this from Johnny Knuckles.

Be warned, though - that coffee stings like a sunuvabitch when it shoots out the nose!


Do It "For The Children"

Once again this evening, the TV-MA version of baseball will be displayed on televisions around the United States. At least during the regular season children could occasionally watch how the professionals do it and get inspired to play the game on dirt instead of on Game Boy.

If you're lucky enough to live in one of the western states, it may still be possible for a child to see what is touted as the two best teams playing for all the marbles. If those children happen to live on the east coast, and have a parent, that is not an option.

Even the games played on Saturday and Sunday started around 7:30 or 8:00pm - around the time said kids should be going to bed - and continuing late into the night.

I can understand the paranoia Bud Selig must feel, having to compete against College and Pro Football, but surely the product he's putting out would still draw the fans in the day time? Even the Sunday Night Football on ESPN was cancelled to remove competition for the viewers.

I have a seven year old granddaughter who loves playing baseball. I would love for her to be able to watch the World Series, but that is just not possible. And I can't tape the games because of that pesky disclaimer.

Should Major League Baseball ever find a cure for its Recto-Cranial Inversion* perhaps these games will, once again, be played under sunshine.

For the Children.

* - Head up ass, for the uninitiated.


Wisconsin Gets Invaded - From Illinois

This is one of my leftover thoughts from yesterday, but since there is a news piece about the candidates going to Wisconsin today, this seems as good a time as any for it.

I have several nieces living in Illinois, and I'm in fairly regular contact with one of them. Let me tell you, she's pissed! And she's not the only one.

Anyone from that State, or has looked at it's voting patterns recently, will readily see that, while the City of Chicago is solidly bought and paid for by the Daley family business, the suburbs and the rest of the State are pretty solidly Republican.

Yet neither candidate, not any of their surrogates, deign to stump there. Many Illinois residents have been invading their Northern Neighbor in the hope of hearing and seeing the two candidates for themselves.

I know that there is limited time in a campaign to get to all the places they mark as "possible", but if Illinois is any indication, they're really pissing some folks off. When Hizzoner, Richard J Daley rigged the election for JFK, the vote was still tight enough to make a frog's ass pucker. This year could be just as tight, yet both sides have written it off as "Democrat".

With a minimum of effort, Kerry could get a nasty surprise there.


The "Guardian" Isn't Alone

A good opinion piece from FoxNews' Scott Norvell. Why is it that the government supported media - whether the BBC there or PBS and NPR here - are virulent in their attacks of anything politically to the right of Lenin?

Of course, the English rag "The Guardian" has gotten a lot of press here after their attempts to "educate" Ohio voters and the infamous column calling for the assassination of our sitting President, but they're hardly alone. And for anyone familiar with the culture, this comes as no surprise. They still seem to have their knickers in a wad almost 200 years after we confirmed our independence in the War of 1812.

Mr. Norvell gives a good view of the English way of things.


I Can Quit Anytime I Want To

I've pretty much stayed away from posting any Cox & Forkum stuff, since they have their own site - but sometimes it's just too hard to ignore.

Or in this case to stop laughing at.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

I'm not hooked on their stuff - I can quit anytime I want to - honest!!


25 October, 2004

They're At It Again!

Two quick questions. If anyone can answer them for me, I'll fold up my tent and steal silently away into the night. I'll steal something, anyway.

First, how can you take a minimum of 6 months talking to Congress, the United Nations and anyone else that will listen, and still be accused of "rushing to war"?

Second, has there ever been anyone in the history of the world who went into a war with a detailed plan for "winning the peace"?

I mean, c'mon, folks - even I'm not that dumb! (She Who Must Be Obeyed - quiet, please?)


Typical. Just Bloody Typical

Just as I start to feel a bit better, it's too late to do anything with all that data I found this morning. Oh, well - at least it'll give me some filler!

Speaking of filler, you have GOT to go see Right Wing Duck. This cat (duck? whatever) is just out-f'kin-standing. A very, very funny duck.

I heard that Kerry's gunning for him. Maybe we should buy him a Poly-AFLAC-tic to protect himself?

I'm sorry. I'll go flagellate myself now. And no, you can't help.


The Martinsville Plane Crash

When you live here in Winston Salem, you find out very quickly that just about every NASCAR car and engine is manufactured within about a 50 mile radius of here. For the folks throughout the Carolinas, NASCAR is something more than an excuse to go slummin' and eat quiche in California.

That's why yesterday's crash of a Rick Hendricks plane, which took the lives of ten people, hits this area hard. Among the dead are Hendricks son, brother and two nieces.

I know that, regardless of team allegiance, everyone here is holding Hendricks Racing in their hearts and prayers today.


A Real Plethora of Information for Today

Depending on how much time I can spend on the computer today, I've found piles of stuff for today.

If the body and mind can get their shit together, I'll get it out in a while.

I promise!



24 October, 2004

You Really Need To See This.

I have just finished watching FAHRENHYPE 9/11.

I got my copy for about ten bucks at Best Buy, but (no surprise) it was the only copy they had. I understand Overstock.com carries it and I would imagine you could rent it - but if you have to buy it , rent it, borrow it or steal it see this DVD.

Sen. Zell Miller, Dick Morris, Ed Koch, Actor Ron Silver, and many, many regular Americans including members of our military and the families of some who gave their lives - all speak to Mickey Moore's propaganda film.

One man who lost his arms in Iraq appears in Moore's flick but explains that he never met Moore and never gave permission to be in his film. Same with one family whose funeral for their hero who died in Iraq.

One person in the DVD compares Mickey Moore to Leni Riefenstahl who made "documentaries" for Hitler, but she did much better work. Moore is also compared to Tokyo Rose, but by what he understands Tokyo Rose was much prettier.

I cannot imagine a nation in the history of the planet that has our power and allows a movie like Moore's to be shown. Has there ever been a free society that would permit the antics of Rep. McDermott or the outright asinine babbling of Babs Streisand? Only a place like Hitler's Germany or Stalin's Soviet Union would allow such things - but only if they expressed the views of the dictator.

It is not necessary to see Fahrenheit 911 before viewing this. I can't think of any circumstances where it would be necessary to watch that piece of filth. After the big deal made over the Sinclair Group, this must be shown on TV! - but I know it won't be.


My Morning (data) Dump

I've had the TV on as video wallpaper this morning, and I heard that the animals in Iraq have struck again, beheading another human.

Sad to say, it's gotten to the point that the identity, nationality or reason for being in Iraq of these mutilated people no longer registers with me. Maybe that's the animal's point, but I doubt it.

These beheadings and car bombs are supposed to be showing the level of hatred that the World Islamic Community has for The Great Satan. If that is indeed the case, why haven't we heard of this happening in Oman? Saudi Arabia? Egypt?

Let's face it - in every country where we maintain an Embassy, we maintain a military presence, if only the Military Attache's office and the Marine Security Guards. Sure - in Saudi Arabia there was the Khobar Towers bombing and some random "drive-bys" - but what about Oman, where we maintain a strong military force?

Hell, even Afghanistan doesn't have these shit stains kidnapping people and mutilating them for the benefit of Al Jazeera. Just Iraq. How come?

Who told these bits of porcine fecal matter that they've hit upon a real winner there? What made them think (if that's possible) that showing their true colors being lower than whale shit would make us pack it up and go home with our tail between our legs?

Oh, right - it was President Clinton, wasn't it? After the incident "glorified" by Blackhawk Down where the body of an American serviceman was dragged through the streets of Ethiopia being mutilated by the cheering throng, if I remember right. That was also the moment of epiphany for Bin Laden - when he realized that he could piss and shit all over the U.S. without worrying about retribution.

Throughout the 90s, Clinton proved him right at every turn. Is Kerry going to get his chance to reinforce that message?


When Assault Is Just Harmless Fun

Mama Montezz seems a bit confused about our legal system. Go over there and help her "figger" this one out.

And Indigo - you're a pedantic little %$^&(&*) aren't you??


I'm A Vile Excuse For A Human Being

Good - now that I've gotten that out of the way - yes, there are some people on this planet that I wish death upon.

This Man of Peace is one of them.


What Lies Behind Europe And Canada?

If you don't read another thing about this election. read this:


This puts our position in international affairs in stark relief. Can we get Europe to support us? Can we get cheap drugs from Canada?

Read this. Is it carved-in-stone, down-from-the-mountain truth? Of course not, but it's more pertinent and more "on the money" than anything the pie throwers in Arizona can come up with. Research what's behind the claims in this article. Look at the immigration and birth rates in Europe. Don't take anyone's word for what the Canadian health system can or can't do - really look at it.

I hope that, like me, you'll find enough to scare the living shit out of you - and make this election a no-brainer.


23 October, 2004

Before Anyone Points This Out

Yes, I know, I'm back to blogging after saying I was going to get some bed rest.

As many of you who have had back problems already know, there's only so long that you can stay there. Since I have the option of using two PCs I can prevent any further atrophy of my remaining brain cells by finding different positions to blog from. If the Kama Sutra comes to mind for you, all I can say is that you're a filthy-minded beast that I'd really like to get to know!

I'll be of and off (as well as in and out of my mind) for most of the day as usual - depending on how much the college football sucks.


The Meaning Of Ramadan Is Negotiable? Who Knew?

Ramadan is the ninth month of the Muslim calendar. Here's a pretty good run-down of what the Holy Month used to be all about.

It's a shame that many Muslim clerics have decided that Ramadan no longer stands for Mohammad receiving the first verses of the Quran anymore. Now it appears that the month of Ramadan stands for this. The Month of Jihad, right?

Now, please correct me if I'm wrong, but since the days of Constantine there have been very few changes to the overall meanings of Christian religions, and I can't think of any changes to the Jewish religion.

I guess Kerry will try to get these clerics on the Supreme Court, since they obviously view their most holy book as a "Living Document".

And yes, I know - my house is gonna get bombed for pointing this out. If they can find me.


More Chortles From The Peanut Gallery

I just had to put these links in. Then I will relapse into my comatose state. With any luck.

1. Vote Fraud Follies

2. Kerry would have killed Bin Laden

Gen Tommy Franks on Tora Bora

All of these elicited a rare giggle from this GOC. But I'm a sick and twisted old fart.


A Little R&R

But before I take that R&R today, I have a duty to perform. You see, eldest granddaughter and Sidekick is on a baseball team here. So far they are undefeated with only 3 games to go. My Sidekick - who has never played baseball or T-Ball prior to this - is carrying a batting average of about .500!!

Damn straight I'm proud of her, and that's why I have got to drag this tired carcass to her game this morning. I haven't been to one yet and I owe this to her.

Since this last week has been one big pity party of pain (and this ain't gonna help it) I figure that I won't be doing much - if any - more posting today. Of course there's always the chance that I'll run across something too good to let slide, but don't count on it. Bed rest, heat and drugs are going to be the order of the day.

In the mean time, feel free to graze through my blogroll. There's some excellent stuff to be found out there!

That update I was asked for: their record is still intact, as they won 15 - 12. My Sidekick went 3 for 5 with an RBI.

I am so proud of that girl!


Real Life No Shit Role Models

Ya know, overall I really don't give a tinker's dam what y'all think of Iraq - what's right, what's wrong. But I do know that we have troops over there who are laughin', jokin', cryin' and dyin'.

I think that if your children need a role model and it's not you, well, basically, you're fucked. But they could do a lot worse than emulating someone like this.

Thank you, Blogmother.


How To Really Screw With The Election

Boy Wonder came up to me last night with something that could really mess up the election outcome.

I don't know where he got it from - I'm presuming it wasn't an original thought - but:

When you go to vote, pretend to slip and fall at the entrance to the polling station. With the number of lawyers that will be at these places, you should be inundated with business cards and offers of support.

That should distract the vultures long enough for everyone else to register an honest vote in peace.

What do you think? Anyone have any refinements to this basic plan?


And That's A Wrap, Folks

I've been bouncing around the print news sites this morning (and off the walls, but that's another story) looking for their takes on last night's program. A couple of them still headlined the story with "Kerry Smear" but most were carrying the AP story with the headline. "Sinclair airs anti-Kerry material". Since I've never gotten around to registering with either the NY or the LA Slimes, I guess I have to miss out on any "independent" view they may have.

Even though the AP story starts out saying that the show was more even-handed than they expected, it looked like that first paragraph was grafted on to an existing story, because most of the rest of their article went on about how nasty is was (my words) that Kerry should be slammed like that.

One bit of humor - while checking the Miami Herald, I came across the headline, "Politics in the pulpit blurs lines between church, state" which piqued my curiosity. I thought they might mention the numerous times Kerry went to Black churches in Florida and used the pulpit for political speeches. Not Likely! Their view of "Blurring the lines" was almost solely about the Catholic Church and abortion.

Well, I found it funny.


22 October, 2004

And The Verdict Is ...

OK - I just watched an hour of the local affiliate of the Sinclair Group here in Winston Salem. I think that most of the people who saw this are going to say "they caved to the pressure" - either with a sour expression or with dances of glee.

I had to tape the show - firstly because I promised my Fairy Blogmother I would, since she doesn't get any of those stations, and because She Who Must Be Obeyed had to go out for groceries and wanted to see it - and I'm not going to back over it with a stop watch, but I think that both sides got about an equal showing.

In a way that upsets me, because I think that Kerry, his words and actions, have gotten a free pass from the American media. I had to chuckle though, since the Dimmocrats had filed suit after suit, complained in Congress and before the FCC and FEC, and in one case even made a bald threat on Fox News - and the program gave their point of view at least an equal showing.

But an equal showing with one noticeable difference. It has shown, at least to me, the outright hypocrisy of their attempts to prevent the showing of this program without having the slightest idea what the format or content of the program was going to be. They were leaked one thing - that "Stolen Valor" was part of it - and they went absofuckinglutely apeshit. They attempted to censor this program and prevent any of its content being aired before the content of the program had even been finalized.

I know that Senator Kerry will find all sorts of ways to justify the actions of his party, but his own refusal to discuss the content may be harder to wash.

President Bush has consistently praised Senator Kerry's service; the Senator has on more than one occasion cast aspersions on the President's. The man who accepted his party's nomination by saying, "reporting for duty" could have validated that acceptance by appearing.

Considering the content of this, I guess the only reason President Bush wasn't given time to rebut was that he had enough class to let the program go ahead without pitching a shit fit.


John Kerry - The NRA Conservative

The nice new cammies. The 12 gauge double barrel shotgun, carried broken down. The personal bearer carrying the AFLAC Mascot that he supposedly murdered.

How tastefully done. If you didn't know any better, he could even pass as a conservative Democrat, couldn't he?

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

And yes, I liberated this photo from here.

UPDATE: Looking back at this I have to wonder. Does Kerry think this will gain him more Republican votes? Will these be enough to replace the ones from PETA and others that he just drove to Nader?


The "World" Series

World Series?
Only the United States and Canada may apply.
Doesn't anyone else play baseball?
So - Boston or St. Louis?
I'm from Chicago.
I hate both of them.
Who Cares?


De Draft, Boss, De Draft!

Better late than never, I guess, but Oliver North has finally weighed in on the conscription red herring.

I've said all I have to say about this, but the good Col. (Ret) is always worth reading.


WARNING - This Could Make You Throw Up

The following photograph is not something that most veterans - or anyone who loves this country - really wants to see.

She Who Must Be Obeyed found this on Kerry's Official web site, in his book about his Great Plans. I wonder how much he plans on selling that one for?

I'll bet it's more than America can afford.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Yeah. That's Kerry. At The Wall. I wonder if he's laying his medals there?

You can't say I didn't warn you.


Nuanced Alerts

Since Kerry has come out against the current alert system, which is aimed at law enforcement, not the general public, I thought of something done in pastels, but I didn't have the time or the talent. So I came up with this:

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Works for me.


21 October, 2004

Are We Losing Again, Daddy?

I don't know where the writers substituting for Emperor Misha get this stuff - obviously they have a stronger stomach than I do. There's no way I could wade through that stuff without the rising gorge disabling me (even more than normal).

I just find it incredible that there are people out there who are still trying to peddle this shit as "news".


Heil Me!

I know - it's a cheap shot. So sue me.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

I like it. If you don't, just walk away. Or fuck off. Either is fine with me.


EXTRA! EXTRA! Read All About It!

Sorry - I don't have the energy or inclination to hunt up a link for this - but you're all big kids - I figure you can Google all by yourselves!

Since the JohnJohns and their respective spouses have refused to get a flu shot, thereby putting his ability to govern in doubt, they have gotten downright snooty.

It appears that the sitting Vice President has (GASP!) gotten a Flu Shot! And here he is, born on January 30, 1941! Why, he's only 63 years old - and with a heart problem! How dare he deprive one person the chance to have their shot!

I mean, it's not like he has an important job or anything, is it?


Supply Your Own Answers

The Grouchy Old Cripple in Atlanta seems to have way too much time on his hands these days, if this is anything to go by.

When it comes to Grouchy Old Cripples, Denny is The Best!


Official! Whales Can Get Pinged!

A heart-wrenching tale from one of the Emperor's guest-bloggers (isn't that an oxymoron - like a guest-host?).

Anyway, this looks to be a real setback for PETA and other groups that may find the design of most witness boxes to be "speciest". And a good chuckle for the rest of us.


Oh, Those Crazy Kerrys!

The Kerry Family Diaries:
This is from CNSNews:

Mrs. Kerry Apologizes for Saying Mrs. Bush Never Had a 'Real Job'(CNSNews.com) -

Teresa Heinz Kerry said Wednesday she misspoke by saying she didn't know if First Lady Laura Bush ever had a "real job." Heinz Kerry's comments were made in an interview with the USA Today on Wednesday when she was asked if she would be different from Mrs. Bush. "Well, you know, I don't know Laura Bush. But she seems to be calm, and she has a sparkle in her eye, which is good," Heinz Kerry said in the interview. "But I don't know that she's ever had a real job - I mean, since she's been grown up. So her experience and her validation comes from important things, but different things," she added. But in a later statement released Wednesday, Heinz Kerry said she "forgot" that Mrs. Bush had been a librarian and school teacher. "I had forgotten that Mrs. Bush had worked as a school teacher and librarian, and there couldn't be a more important job than teaching our children," Heinz Kerry said. "As someone who has been both a full time mom and full time in workforce, I know we all have valuable experiences that shape who we are. I appreciate and honor Mrs. Bush's service to the country as First Lady, and am sincerely sorry I had not remembered her important work in the past."

By what I understand, Ms. Heinz (Kerry for political purposes only) was employed by the United Nations. When was she ever "full time in the workforce"? The Kerry Campaign must be getting very tired of trying to pry that boot out of her mouth!

And in this from Fox News, her gigilo - er - hubby is out in the wilds of a private game preserve in Ohio attempting to murder the AFLAC mascot. He also plans to show the people what a regular guy he is "by hunting, watching baseball and talking about his faith." A regular guy? Talking about his faith? North of the Mason Dixon Line? I'm not sure if I should be impressed or insulted. Oh, wait - I do know!


For All You Yankee Fans ...

This from AllahPundit wraps up the whole Boston series in one apt gesture:

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Says it all, doesn't it?


Equal Time For Asswipes

I was reading the “Letters” column on the site of one of my favorite authors when I came across this quote:

Your site would be less boring if you allowed at a least a few dissenting voices to be heard but that is not your style. You are just another Rush Limbaugh. It is said that intelligence begins with the ability to hold two opposing points of view in your head at the same time

Personally, I thought that it was insanity, not intelligence, that starts with that ability.

This is not the first time I’ve seen this red herring dragged across the trail in order to distract people from a legitimate argument. The stench of it is so obvious that I think it quite rightly gets ignored by anyone with a modicum of intelligence – but it seems to keep tripping up the youth to whom a Leftist point of view is almost a birthright. Since only an exposure to the Real World will eventually temper their views, I feel the need to address this.

When was the last time you ever thought that Dowd, Ivins or Kaul or anyone else from the “normal” point of view would be more believable if they were to give some of their column inches to an opposing viewpoint? Come to that, when have you ever thought that the Conservative point of view should be aired – EVER?

I compare this to the current eruption over the broadcast of a movie made up of John Kerry’s testimony and the reactions of a small section of the population to those words. To use even an eviscerated version of this testimony – while offering the Democratic candidate at least equal time to rebut his words – is being promoted by the MSM as “An Anti-Kerry” political ad.

But the Sundance Channel, which has a much wider audience than the Sinclair Broadcasting Group, has already given several hours to broadcasting “Anti-Bush” programs – including, but not limited to, the current Bruce Springsteen tour. It has also been rumored that the Sundance Channel is planning to air 24 hours solid of anti-Bush propaganda on November 1st, but this (to the best of my knowledge) has not been confirmed. Is this being viewed as “valid political statements” and “news” instead of as unpaid ads for Kerry?

At least senior members of the Kerry campaign have confirmed that the Sinclair Group has offered time to the candidate but they have refused to acknowledge it. At least the “Talking Heads” on television have presented these people as “senior members” – personally I wouldn’t know any of them if I tripped over them.

What all this blathering is getting to is that anyone who uses the public mediums to put forth their opinion feel (as I do) that, if someone wants to express a dissenting view can damn well get their own column – or show – or blog.

And, if it comes right down to it, even I allow dissenting views – that’s part of what the “comments” is for. Unless you decide to get nasty, at which point I will very happily shit all over you.


20 October, 2004

While I'm On The Subject ...

If one Jimmy Carter story is too many, then two must be downright disgusting.

Norman Liebmann at Firehat has knocked out a little ditty entitled "Jimmy Carter - A Brain In Neutral" that's a real knee-slapper. Mr. Liebmann is a very sharp, very dry wit that I think will go over quite well with the reader of this blog.

And I couldn't resist just one more - this time from John Gibson's "My Word".


The Twilight Zone

Two days ago, Chris Matthews had former peanut farmer and Nobel Peace Prize whiner Jimmy "If I Had A Hammer" Carter on his program on MSNBC.

There is just such a wealth of misinformation in this that I leave it to you to read and come up with your own punch lines.

One thing that struck me, though, is that Jimmy seems enamored with the title "Prime Minister". I guess like the rest of us, Jimmy didn't feel the title of "President" really suited him.


343rd Quartermasters

UPDATE: This article from Fox News states that the Officer in Charge of this unit has been relieved of his command.

This is my opinion, and only my opinion.

I've been reading quite a bit on the internet about this situation from Blogs as well as "news" sites.

Many of the "news" sites have been reporting on what Mommy and Daddy say happened to little Johnny Jerkoff and little Janey Rottencrotch. Like that has any relationship to the problem.

I've seen several Blogs that seem to think that this is a problem with the Company Grade officers. Had they shown more leadership this would not have happened. Personally, I'm not buying it.

Let me preface this by saying that the vast majority of Reserve and Guard units - both Stateside and overseas - have served and are serving with honor, diligence and distinction. And it is not in any way their fault that the government has seen fit to transfer many former active duty functions to their baliwick.

But by their very nature, a Guard or Reserve unit will not have the training that active duty troops have. It simply can't be done - not on a daily and continuing basis. When the troops are called up, they spend time in Kuwait or other locations trying to get up to speed. Apparently there are times that, by the nature of their speciality and the nature of the mission, the amount of training they receive isn't enough for a combat environment.

Guard and Reserve units often have to suck hind tit when it comes to equipment. The best gear will almost always go to the active forces, since they are the ones most often at the sharp end of the stick. Is it fair? Where the hell did this concept of "fair" come from, anyway? Fair to who?

You are almost always going to have individuals in any Guard or Reserve unit who maintain their "part-timers" view of their service - the "I'm only here for the college" view. Even when called up to active duty, they cling to their civilian mindset and think the rules don't apply to them.

Having said all that, before pointing fingers at the officer corps, how about we look at the NCO's. It appears this was a platoon-level problem, based on the number of troops involved. Even though there were a few junior NCOs involved in this decision to refuse orders, the senior NCOs should have squelched this before it went any further.

The thinking out there in the Blogosphere seems to be that the troops should just get Article 15 punishment, if any at all, while the officers should be relieved of command. Huh? I must have missed something there.

I have seen similar situations arise in other settings - when a police officer in Australia I saw an "attempted mutinity" take place over the living standards during a tough duty. It only takes a couple of "sea lawyers" to get something started, and if a few more buy into the justification for not doing their job, it can get out of hand unless the senior NCOs stomp on it quickly.

Even if every rationalization presented by these troops for not obeying orders is correct, that still does not excuse their actions. Others from their same unit had to undertake that "suicide mission" with the same trucks of "magically" uncontaminated fuel to the same place - without incident.

Bottom line - they screwed the pooch. They talked themselves into something that they now have to pay for.

Now, I was in a unit once that was the only truck company in the Division, and on a surprise IG inspectection it failed every echelon of maintenance. The Company Commander was properly relieved of command. Should something similar be the case here, the same result should take place.

Their vehicles were shipped without armor. So were everyone else's - including the active duty troops. They improvised their own armor; they didn't bitch and refuse orders because the mythical "someone else" should have done it for them.

At a minimum, the NCOs in the unit who took part in refusing to obey orders should receive Courts Martial - but not General Courts. possibly the junior Privates and PFC's should rightfully receive Office Hours, but again, that depends on the circumstances of the situation.

Keep in mind, the only ones going public with their side of the story are the troops involved - not exactly an unbiased point of view. We still do not know what the actual circumstances are as to the order itself and their refusal.

Of course, USA Today, The New York Times, CNN, CBS, NBC, etc., etc., will be happy to tell us what they want us to believe.

As I said - this is only my opinion, based on what little we know so far. Should other facts - cand I cannot stress that word highly enough - come out, this opinion may change.


"Nightline" Spin? Try Pinwheel

Thomas Sowell has a neat little column which asks a few pointed questions about Teddy Koppel's jaunt to Viet Nam in order to "find the truth" about Kerry's claims.

I know that this is gonna just shock and stun you, but I have a couple of questions of my own about this whole thing.

Doesn't it strike you as a touch odd that the government of Viet Nam could locate people who were on the ground at a village that was deserted?

And how would these eye witnesses know the difference between one white Navy asshole from another without a score card? Oh, yeah - his photo is in the Communist Hall of Fame, isn't it?

Lt Kerry was In Country from November 1968 to March 1969. Yet the Viet Cong, while they still existed to some degree, were pretty much a spent force after the "Tet Offensive" of 1968. Are these Vietnamese who were paraded out for Koppel supposed to be civilians, Viet Cong or North Viet Namese Regulars? I didn't see the show so I don't know.

Enough of my blithering - go read Mr. Sowell's article. You'll be a better person for it.


The International Criminal Court

Just where does Sen. Kerry stand on this august body? We already know where the President stands - he "unsigned" the treaty that Pres. Clinton signed.

But what is Sen. Kerry's position on this court? Go read Terence Jeffrey's column and see if you can gain some enlightenment - I sure as hell couldn't!

By the way - if you still aren't making TownHall a regular place to visit, you really should. And this is not in any way a paid advertisement - I just think it has some sound commentary.


A Parting Shot

Mostly Cajun has posted what has got to be the best 'parting shot' I have ever seen. This is Required Reading!


I Am Surprised!

I've been seeing from several places that the Muslims in the United States - including CAIR - are joining with their brethern overseas in backing John Kerry for President.

The PLO, Iran, Syria and Malaysia are all Muslim "countries" (Yassir Arafat could have had a country) that have come out in favor of the candidate who will stop the war in Iraq.

I don't know about you, but that just comforts the living shit outta me!


UN Acts Against Al Zarqawi!!


According to Fox News, the United Nations Security Committee has added Al Zarqawi and his groups to their "Sanctions" list!

Yeah - that'll learn 'em!


Drug Problems

I got this from my good friend at CitySlicker, and since he isn't posting it, I will!

My generation just might have been lucky. I had a drug problem when I was young, but I turned out all right.

I was drug to church.

I was drug to family reunions.

I was drug to the bus stop to go to school.

I was drug by my ears when I was disrespectful.

I was also drug to the woodshed when I disobeyed my parents.

Those drugs are still in my veins; and they affect my behavior in everything I do, say, and think.

They are stronger than cocaine, crack, or heroin, and if today's children had this kind of drug problem, America might be a better place.

I thought this was worth sharing.