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26 October, 2008

S&G - All Over the Place

I was doing a little calculating - I have nothing else to do with my spare time - and worked out the "accuracy" of the so-called JDAM Smart Bombs.

The bomb itself is claimed to hit within 10 meters of the aiming point. If you can do it without getting run over, take a piece of chalk and a long piece of string. Mark a center point, then measure out 39 feet of string and, using the center point, draw an arc.

Now JDAMs come in two flavors - small and large. The small one has a blast radius of 26 feet, so mark the arc you have and draw another arc 26 feet from that initial arc. The large JDAM has a blast radius of 82 feet, so from the original arc mark that out. That comes to 121 feet from ground zero. That's a smart bomb?

I've also been doing some actual research on facts regarding Global Warming, and have some up with some interesting items. First, some months ago an experiment was held in a jungle (they're not rain forests, dammit!) where they pumped extra CO2 into an area for a week. When they came back, the leaves in that area had turned yellow - they couldn't cope with the added CO2. How many trees in summer have you seen with sickly yellow leaves? Secondly, one decent size volcano eruption puts more poisons and "greenhouse gasses" into the atmosphere than all of America's factories and cars can in a year. And while everyone blames the U.S. for the so-called warming, has anyone noticed that China, for the last century, has been using soft brown coal to generate their electricity and other fires needed in their factories. And we're the bad guys?

And is anyone else tired of the bouncing numbers of those without health insurance? 40 million, 47, 46 - make up my mind. Now, let's have a look at who these people are. At least the 12 million illegals A YEAR aren't covered, and millions of employees who have company health plans that require their participation opt out, so they and their families aren't covered.

If you want health insurance, go buy it. Medicare and Medicaid cover many who are genuinely in need, but also cover way to many who are scamming the system.

Yeah - I'm pissed off - again - still - yet.


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