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11 February, 2005

So, Kim Jong Il Has A Nuke

Again, who knew? I think it's pretty obvious our government knew - hell, Clinton & Carter did all they could to help him along in that, didn't they?

The problem now is how to react to the public statement. I doubt that any further sanctions against him will do any good since he doesn't give a damn if his entire nation starves as long as he and his inner circle are taken care of.

The people of North Korea have been eating grass, trees and the recently dead for some time now, so there's not much more that he can do to them. China, Japan, Australia and other Southeastern Asian nations are the ones with the most to lose right now, so they must be involved in any talks.

Kim is another Mugabe or Saddam - a one man band who holds total control and is about as stable as I am. That's not a very good thing at all.


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