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26 March, 2008

But Did She Spend Christmas in Cambodia?

I don't think it comes as a great surprise that a Clinton would be a lying sack of shit, but this one was magic! I was going to post this yesterday but I couldn't stop laughing long enough.

So Hillary remembers - in vivid detail - her trip to Bosnia where they had to scatter under sniper fire. Oops - maybe she didn't remember that after all.

You'd think that someone would know better than to come up with something like this when the plane is filled with media-types who actually know how to write notes. And have a camera. Hell, even the comedian Sinbad, who was on the flight (I have no idea why he'd be there), said that the most dangerous part of the trip was the possibility of running out of food.

Now she says that she "misspoke" - a lovely euphemism for lying her ass off. I'm guessing she's working on having John Kerry as her running mate.

FLASH - I just found out that Hillary is coming to Winston Salem tomorrow. And we don't even have a school book depository!

And on a completely different subject - anyone out there who, like me, grew up watching "The Rifleman" on TV as a kid? I had a toy rifle like Lucas McCain's, with the big round cocking handle and I loved it. Anyway, just in case you're not feeling old enough this morning, Johnny Crawford who played Chuck Connors' little boy on the show turns 62 today.

Happy Birthday, Johnny, and I think I'll go through the obits again just in case.


21 March, 2008

Throw Grannie From The Train

Ise mus be one o' dem "typical white folks", cuz Ise aluss afeared o' dem black peepuls on da street!

Give me a f'kin break, Obama Your Mama. What if he would have said "typical Arab folks" or "typical Jewish folks"? Am I insulted by this blatant racism, stereotyping and profiling? You bet your ass I am!

Obama seems quite happy to blame anyone but his preacher for the vile crap the preacher spewed. You're running for President, Barack - how about showing just a teensy bit of personal responsibility?

Clinton, Obama or McCain. Can't we get Ted Nugent to run? Please?


17 March, 2008

Calling Discworld Fans

For those who aren't aware, the movie "Hogfather" was released on DVD earlier this month. I got mine from Amazon for about $10.00.

It's very true to the book - which might explain why it runs for over three hours. The disc also contains an interview with Terry Pratchett. I can highly recommend it to anyone who has gotten into the sick and twisted sense of humor in these books.

For those who haven't discovered the Discworld series yet, picture a flat world, going thru space on the back of a giant tortoise. Now add incompetent wizards, witches, trolls, dwarves, and Corporal Nobbs of the City Watch who has to carry a note to prove he's human. Now picture this being written after the smoking of lots of illegal substance. She Who Must Be Obeyed always knows when Boy Wonder or I are reading one of these books, because they're laugh out loud funny.

Pick up the first book, "The Color of Magic", and you'll be hooked!


15 March, 2008

Hi Honey, I'm Home

Hello, boys and girls. It's been an interesting couple of weeks - first the pain levels, then the pain doc boosted my meds. My mind then spent a few days off playing with the little animals, but everything is coming back together - I still feel the pain but I don't give a shit.

Let's see what I missed:

I've been wondering what ever happened to that guy with the Ricin, and this morning I heard he's come out of the coma. I've been a bit nonplussed that the government wasn't able to talk to him, to find out where he got that much ricin - or any for that matter - but of course it had nothing to do with terrorism. Excuse me? I must have missed something there.

The governor of New York resigned after the FBI found him in wiring money, which led to his using prostitutes. Hey, at least he didn't have them as interns or just picking someone from a party to drop his pants.

I saw where scientists have found all kinds of drugs in our drinking water. Well no shit - how long have people been flushing unused drugs down the toilet? And it took them this long to find out?

In an interesting juxtaposition, both the History Channel and Nat Geo have run shows with an identical premise - what would happen if the entire human race disapeared in an instant. History did a straight view of what would happen over the following years, but Nat Geo focused on how many years it would take to clean up our mess. I'm presuming that one was written by Greenpeace.

Oh - and we had Billary offering Obama the Vice Presidency. What balls she has.

And one thing that's always bugged me. Have you seen all those ads for weight loss pills where the people lose 30 - 40 pounds, but are still wearing the identical clothes? And how about the guy with the gut who's suddenly got ripped abs, etc.

No - it doesn't look like I missed that much after all.


05 March, 2008

And So It Goes

Those who know me realize that when I go this long without posting, it's usually a bad sign. The last couple of weeks haven't been a lot of fun, and this morning I had to get the Devil Dog to the vet - oh, how we laughed. Damn dog's up to 85lbs!

He wasn't happy about having his temp taken, so at least I don't have to worry about him joining Code Pink. I tried to tell him at least he didn't need his prostate checked.

I'll spend some more time horizontal, hoping for better living through chemistry, and hopefully I'll be back soon.

Hey - Farve might have retired, but I don't plan to!