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30 June, 2005

More Coincidences

Hugo Chavez, the latest in a long line of dictators to take a nice, productive country (Venezuela) and turn it Communist, has recently become good buds with Iran - you know, the country that just "elected" the badass from 1979 as it's president. Said Badass new president of Iran doesn't like the United States one little bit.

I heard this morning that people in D. C. were just f'kin amazed that Arabs were crossing illegally into the United States via the Mexican border. Some of these crossing are Iranians who aren't coming for the quality of the TV reception.

Now, I realize that I'm paranoid, but what do you think the chances are that Hugo is involved with getting these Iranians into the western hemisphere and pointing them north?

Nah - that couldn't happen, could it?


29 June, 2005

The Left Whines Again

What a new and unusual thing, to hear Nancy Pelosi and her comrades moaning about the President's speech. Why, how dare he mention 9-11 in a speech about Iraq! He's trying to say that Saddam was involved in 9-11!!

No, Wicked Bitch of the West, he's not. Never has, still hasn't.

What he has said is that Iraq under Saddam was one big training camp for terrorists - just about all the Muslim terror groups had camps there. Remember how Saddam was paying the families of paleostinians $25,000 for every self-exploding waste of DNA they produced.

Those training camps, once located in Libya, are now in Iran, Syria and Saudi Arabia. The terrorists they're producing are just about all going into Iraq, where they are getting their balls blown off by both our troops and the Iraqis.

While they're in Iraq getting their 72 virgin ticket punched, they're not here. I realize that this is a pretty tough concept for the Communist wing of the Dimmyrat Party to wrap their tiny minds around. Maybe these Dimmy's should stick with doing something they're good at - like calling our troops the equivalent of the SS.


I'm Done

Indigo, I'm always glad to be of service!

The chores are done for the day, and I can barely type this. Note that I didn't say the chores are done - just done for today. I'm going to get horizontal and watch the inside of my eyelids for a while. Should I get a spark of energy later (not bloody likely) I may be back.

Watch this space.


More Chores

Yeah, I'm still pullin' weeds and crap. In the meantime:

On page B2 of today's Winston Salem Urinal, in the Fire/Police Briefs, is this headline: "Police find man suspected of theft with broken ankle." And an editor got paid for that.

Also, I see where the government, in their 14 Billion dollar extortion of the tobacco companies, have included in their suit that the tobacco companies must reduce youth smoking by 42% by the year 2013 or face stiff fines.

Now, just how the hell are they supposed to do that? Follow each kid around to make sure they don't smoke? And who came up with the number of 42%?? I don't know about you, but if I had to do that, I'd want to know what the current number of youth smokers is - the EXACT number, not an estimate.

Meanwhile, more weeding. I'll be back later.


28 June, 2005

This is Ridiculous

I posted that letter by Col Dale on Sunday, and today I've gotten 100 hits as a direct result - I've never come close to 100 hits in a day before!

One thing that's surfaced as a result of Durbin's vitriol and the good Colonel's letter is the number of emails I've received relating Gitmo to Boot Camp.

I was in Platoon 1011, Jan - Mar '69 at San Diego. If there's any other Marines out there who remember such tender mercies by the DI's as "Pray to the Sun God" or the "Dying Cockroach", let me know. "Squat thrust 'til the ambulance comes" strikes a chord as well.


The John Kerry Comedy Club

Little Johnny Heinz-Kerry came out to play at the NY Times, and was so kind and thoughtful as to give President Bush his plan for Iraq - you remember - the one he didn't have at the last election? So far I've refrained from Fisking here, but this one I can't resist.

"the Bush administration's choices have made Iraq into what it wasn't before the war - a breeding ground for jihadists."

Jihadists my ass - before the war Iraq was a training ground for terrorists - now they have to train in Saudi Arabia.

"Our mission in Iraq is harder because the administration ignored the advice of others, went in largely alone, underestimated the likelihood and power of the insurgency, sent in too few troops to secure the country, destroyed the Iraqi army through de-Baathification, failed to secure ammunition dumps, refused to recognize the urgency of training Iraqi security forces and did no postwar planning. A little humility would go a long way - coupled with a strategy to succeed."

Well, that pretty much covers every aspect of the war, don't it, chief? It's a real shame you didn't get elected, so you could have put your "PLAN" into effect - released Saddam, dusted him off, kissed his ass and sold out the people of Iraq the way you sold out every one of the American servicemen that served in Viet Nam.

"The president must also announce immediately that the United States will not have a permanent military presence in Iraq. Erasing suspicions that the occupation is indefinite is critical to eroding support for the insurgency."

Announce that we won't have a "permanent military presence"? So, we won't have an Embassy there? (Marine Security Guards, Defence Attache). We won't ever want to have an air base there? Stop it, Kerry - you're killin' me!

"He also needs to put the training of Iraqi troops on a true six-month wartime footing and ensure that the Iraqi government has the budget needed to deploy them."

Just where is that budget supposed to come from, Johnnie boy? Is Teresa gonna pop for it? Last I looked, the UN had Iraq's money and they were spending it faster than a Democrat in a whorehouse - on anything and everything BUT Iraq.

He goes on and on (and on and on and ...) but I couldn't take any more without getting diced carrots and tomato skins in my keyboard. If you really need to read John F'kin Kerry's lack of a Master Plan, go search the New York Grimes.


Running Late

It absolutely pissed down rain here in Winston Salem last night, so She Who Must Be Obeyed and I are doing some weed pullin' before this wonderful rock-hard red dirt tightens up again.

I'll be back later, once the chores are done.


27 June, 2005

A Marine Corps Icon Passes

General Louis H. Wilson Jr has passed away.

Please go to LeatherneckM31 for the full story. One Hell of a man, one Hell of a Marine. Another Medal of Honor winner gone.


Another Pet Peeve

Runaway Bride
The Gloved One
The Peterson Trial

What's the common denominator in all this? Every one of them is (or was) a human interest story dressed up to look like news. I don't care how much perfume and lipstick you put on a pig - it's still a pig.

Some say that it's because the 24/7 news channels need to fill the air time so they pick up on these
. Sorry - I ain't buying it. All they're doing is turning pap into a reality show that they repeat incessantly day in and day out. Not one of them - CNN, FoxNews or MSNBC report actual news unless they're forced to.

You want news? Try putting reporters on the ground in Darfur or Somalia or Zimbabwe. Try attaching reporters to more Iraqi police and military units. How about some with the U.S. troops who are doing good things? Fer crying out loud, put reporters in France, Germany or Chechnya. How about one or two with the Kurds?

There wouldn't be enough hours in the day to report all the news - and they wouldn't be repeating themselves every half hour with a 30-second "news break."

I now return you to the regularly scheduled bullshit.


On Flag Burning

Mark Steyn, Cox & Forkum and I all seem to agree on one thing - that a Constitutional Amendment banning flag desecration is a bad idea. As Mr Steyn states, a flag has to be of value to be worth burning.

For my own part though, I would like to see something happen that doesn't require any legislation. Just add flag burning to the plethora of other "free speech" words and symbols that are considered to be hate crimes. I believe that, all you need for something to be considered a hate crime is for at least one person to be highly offended or upset by the "speech."

If there are more stringent requirements, then by all means, enlighten me.


The 100 Acre Wood's in Mourning.

Yes, Tigger died. Paul Winchell was 82. He was the voice of Tigger for over 30 years and he also voiced characters in many other cartoons.

People my age also remember Mr Winchell as a ventriloquist who supplied the voices of Jerry Mahoney and Knucklehead Smiff.

He made hundreds of millions smile the world over. At peace.


Tom Teepen Strikes Again

This columnist, of the Cox News Service, is just f'kin outraged. The reason? Why, what Dick Durbin said was just "political high spirits." According to Tommie boy, "Durbin would have done better to choose less extreme examples, but he was, finally, just deploying a standard rhetorical flourish .."

Yep - he really wrote that. It's on page A7 of today's Winston Salem Urinal. He also repeats the story of a detainee who was chained hand to foot in a fetal position and forced to listed to loud rap. This made the murderer so distraught that he pulled his hair out. Now, I grant you that it could be done, but pulling his own hair out isn't torture regardless how "distraught" you get. I'm distraught that I wasn't born into money - is that torture as well?

And the liberals are still talking of charging these pieces of filth with crimes! If, as the liberals have claimed, they are prisoners of war under the Geneva Convention, they don't get charged with anything - they get held until the end of the war when they are repatriated. If they aren't covered, then holding them is a kindness, since they should have been killed, not captured.

It's days like this that I wished I had more readers than the usual suspects - those damn soap boxes are getting harder to find.


26 June, 2005

A Letter to Sen Durbin

Here is a letter I received in email from my Blogmama-san. I presume it's real and not just an urban legend, but the author of it, Col Curtis D. Dale, USAF(Retd) says he wants to distribute this letter as widely as possible. I hope he has no problem with me posting it.

Saturday, 25 June 2005

Senator Durbin,

I spent 27 years in the United States Air Force and flew three tours in Vietnam. I consider it an honor and a privilege to have known and served with so many great military men from the lowest ranks to the highest in those years and since. The young men and women of today are no less marvelous.

I detested what Jane Fonda and John Kerry did to our service men in that era, and I consider them both traitors of ALMOST the worst design. However, your largely fabricated presentation on the Senate Floor of two days ago will ultimately have worse effect upon this nation than what they did. You, therefore, have assumed the unheralded position of one of the worst traitors I could ever imagine. Even Benedict Arnold had more righteous reasons for treason than you have.

You gave aid and comfort to the enemy; you have abetted the terrorists by giving them marvelous verbiage to scatter throughout the Muslim world.

But, worst of all, you have added to and altered a report which should never have seen the light of day in a way that discredits the honor of our fighting men today.

You, sir, are now a man whom I shall loathe far more that Fonda and Kerry. They made life miserable for our POWs and got chicken blood spattered on our sacred uniforms as we returned from the War. You, sir, have done your damndest to spatter the reputations and honor of these great warriors. Oh, don't try to explain how esoteric your charges were and to now heap praise upon our people.

Your words are spread across the world now on Al Jazerra and the liberal media that wants to tear down America. You attempted to disgrace every man and woman in the United States Armed Services with your despicable, politically motivated weeping session over the terrorist slime and scum that US Forces are holding in Gitmo Bay.

I will circulate what I have just written here as widely as possible. I hope the pressure is so great upon you that you will have to resign in disgrace. You used our soldiers and Marines for your own personal political vendetta.

Shameless and without honor, sir!

Colonel Curtis D. Dale, Ph.D.
USAF (Ret)
153 Combat Missions in Vietnam


The Road to Hell

Has my name on every mile marker. I really did have intentions of blogging yesterday but time seemed to get away from me.

There was one very short article in the paper yesterday that really brought a giggle to me. It seems that the African Union, an organization that had no problems at all weighing in on the problems that South Africa had, is now backing away entirely from the mess in Zimbabwe by saying that it wouldn't be proper to get involved in a country's internal problems.

I have to wonder - just how many hundreds of thousand (or million) people have to be slaughtered before the African Union feels it can issue a chastisement? Or is that reserved only for countries outside Africa that they don't like?


24 June, 2005

A Rove-ing Report

Nancy Pelosi and Hillary Clinton have their tits in a tangle. Chuckie Schumer, Chris Dodd and that Mafioso Senator from Jersey are in a huff. All because Karl Rove said that Liberals ain't worth pissing on.

Since all of the above will go to any length to deny the label "Liberal", what are they so excited about? It's not like Rove said that our military is the equal of the SS or the KGB like Durbin did (by the way, he still hasn't apologized. Read what he said for yourself).

Since I really don't care what either party does (other than tear our nation down), I find it great theater.


Checks Aren't the Only Thing to Bounce

Since I'm still working myself into an early grave here (acording to She Who Must Be Obeyed), I forgot to mention that yesterday my Blogmama put up a very helpful tip that will save you a bunch of money on a new dryer.

I checked it out for myself, and it's real!


America Goes Down the Shitter

"Land of the Free" - Yeah, right. Effective as of yesterday no one in this country have any property rights. The supreme cork made that clear when it found that New London, Conn, can bulldoze people's homes for no other reason than it can then give the property to someone they can tax at a higher rate. Selling this box I have now and getting a Winnebago is sounding better all the time.

Robert Mugabe is back in the news - he's back tearing down the homes and businesses of those he thinks might not love him. Now that his people are starving due to his destruction of the farming communities, he's having his storm troopers rip up any vegetable patches that the poor around Harare have planted. Why? Because these plots "threaten the environment."

Before his last election Mugabe gave a shitload of folks houses - now that there's no elections coming he's had the army round these people and throw them out of those houses.

When you read these two disparate articles together like this, I can't help but think we're closer to Zimbabwe than we are to a free and democratic nation.


23 June, 2005

The Return of S&G

It's been a while - let's see if I can remember how to do this -

Yesterday in Manhattan, a 17.5 ton Snapple-sicle had an unscheduled meltdown, coating streets and sidewalks in a sticky goo. Most New Yorkers there said the only difference they noticed was the place smelled better than normal.

A 63-year old in Calif. made a court appearance but made no plea. He's thought to be the most prolific child molester of all times; police found notebooks listing over 36,000 entries. If he gets off, the IRS wants him since his record-keeping beats the shit outta anything they have now.

In Egypt, something incredible happened - a peaceful demonstration was held and the participants didn't get the shit beat out of them by the Army!! Mubarak must really be losing his grip.

The House of Reps passed the American Flag Protection Amendment. I don't think we need that, really. What we need is a wider interpretation of free speech which would cover such things as beating the shit out of one of the flag burners being adjudged as an intellicual argument. We could also allow burning crosses again, since free speech trumps hate speech.

Finally (about f'kin time I hear you say), the Wachovia Bank is going to be shipping its information tech jobs to India in the near future. I guess that if the personal identification of their customers gets released in India they'll be able to bury the evidence. My only question is: When are all these American corporations going to realize that countries like India and Bangladesh now have them by the balls? Now that they (and Indonesia and China and others) have the power to access (and maybe modify) the corp's crown jewels - or at least just shut their systems down completely, it puts this nation in a decidedly precarious position, don't it?


22 June, 2005

The Deeds are Done

And so am I. At the moment as I lay trying to come to terms with reality, the DevilDog is attempting to rape me for a bowl of grapes. He just oozes sublety.

I see where we are sending 50,000 metric tons of food to North Korea. That should make Kim Jong Il and his army happy. Shame about the rest of the population. They can always go back to eating grass and recently deceased friends and neighbors.

I also see where Prince Harry of England did a march out at Sandhurst (the British equivalent of West Point). The wags writing the story were just orgasmic over the fact that the Prince could march in step. Those folks should seriously consider decaf.


Another Slow Day?

Another work day around here - mow the lawn, tote the barge, lift the bale, etc. Assuming I live through it all I may be back later.

Two things I did notice this morning - that kid out West was found alive in the mountains. He's in really good shape and has already been released from the hospital. The bad news is that the Boy Scouts should drum him out of the Corps - "Be Prepared" my ass!

The other thing was poor Dickie Durbin saying he was sorry if his words offended anyone. "If?!" That ranks right up there with Billary's definition of "is." His tears were a nice touch as well - McCain lined Dickie's jocks with Mentholatum Rub before the speech. I knew McCain would have a use one day.


21 June, 2005

Another One of Those Days

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us


20 June, 2005

A Cure for Gitmo

I've been speaking with folks both around the U.S. and in Australia, and a general consensus has been reached concerning Camp Delta at Gitmo.

According to that paragon of Left/Soc/Commie righteousness, the Geneva Convention, there should be no one incarcerated there. That's because - once again referring to the Geneva Convention - they should all be dead, shot on sight due to their use of civilians as shields; their using of civilian clothes instead of uniforms; their lack of allegiance to any state; and on and on.

The Prick Durbins and Jimmy Carters of the world had best pull their heads outta their ass and check reality every now and then. If they really want us to treat these human feces according to the Geneva Convention, one bullet each should solve everything!


Donald Kaul - What a Guy!

For those not familiar with this columnist, Mr Kaul thinks Mo Dowd and Molly Ivins are part of the VRWC.

In today's offerings, Mr Kaul seems to be writing tongue-in-cheek, but it's hard to tell. He starts off talking about why the French rejected the EU Constitution, about how they're French for one thing. For another, they were suspicious that they may have to work 40 hour weeks, etc, just like the U.S.

The kicker for me was when he said that each of those European nations want to be French or Italian or English. His reason for this? Not that people could possibility love their country and it's history and culture - noooo! He says it's because, "Their histories are stories of warring tribes; they don't want to give up their animosities."

After going over EU's disunity, he then turns to the United States. The kicker quote here is:
"I have long advocated allowing or even encouraging the states of the former Confederacy to secede from the Union, thereby rectifying Lincoln's error."

"Lincoln's Error"?? The only thing I can think he's referring to is the freeing of the slaves. From a dedicated Soc/Commie.

Isn't that sweet?


Time to Pull Out?

Let's see - suicide bombers, car bombs - I guess that those on the Left are right. It's time to pull out.

Not us - I was talking about the Palestinians and the Israelis. The Left has supported the murderers there for years over those who just want to live in peace, so it's no wonder they are hammering at the United States to get out of Iraq and Afghanistan.

If we leave before the job is done, the Left gets a big win, because what's left of the Taliban and the Baathists will get together and come up with a regime more repressive than ever.

Knowing what treatment such groups as women and gays get under Muslim law, you start to understand what it is that the Left really wants - iron-fisted control over every aspect of your life similar to that of the Soviets from around 1920 to 1995.

Seems that this country is ready for that, since no one looks likely to grow the balls needeed to stand up to them. Pity.


18 June, 2005

Ah, Saturday

What a bizarre day!

To start, I didn't arise until She Who Must Be Obeyed woke me - at TEN O'CLOCK! I didn't even look up my two "must do" sites - Cox & Forkum and Day by Day by Chris Muir - until five minutes ago.

The mind is semi-willing, but the body has said "fuck it - you ain't doing shit today except eat drugs, lie down, and maybe - just maybe - I'll let you do the Church Bulletins later."

This time I believe it. Just for something completely out of the usual, I think I'll do what I'm told.

If I get a real rush of blood to the head later I might check the state of the world. In the meantime, go see BlogMama - she's got some really good stuff on cats, for them what have a use for such things.


17 June, 2005

Summer in the South

You know it's just about Summer when you go out and you can see the girl's showing off their belly buttons, right?

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us


True Women's Rights

Go to DefenseLINK News and read about Sergeant Leigh Ann Hester, of the 617th Military Police Company, Richmond, Ky.

You want a real hero? Screw sports and Hollywood - she's the Real Deal, and has earned the respect of everyone who has served this Nation. She should have everyone else's as well!

While on the subject of Women Heroes, check out U.S. Air Force Capt. Nicole Malachowski. Why? What's she done?

She's only the first woman ever selected to be a member of the U.S. Air Force's Thunderbirds, that's all. That's in their 52 year history. I've got to do a bit more digging, but I think she's the first in one of these teams EVER, since I'm pretty sure that the Navy's Blue Angels have never had a female pilot.

Both of these women have shown they have what it takes - and it don't need balls to do it!


He Tries Harder?

So - some maggot-gagger named "Ayman al-Zawahiri" who claims to be Al Qaeda's number two boy put out a new tape on his weekly Al Jism variety show.

That confuses me somewhat. I thought the #2 boy was Dick(head) Durbin (rhymes with turban).

Speaking of dog shit, I see that none of the Dimocraps in the House or the Senate - or anywhere in the party heirarchy for that matter (Howie, the Meany Deany, for one) - has come out in public and disagreed with Prick Durbin's statements about our nation and our military.

Come to think of that, since the Great Man made his pronouncements on Tuesday in the Senate, the Winston Salem Urinal has made no mention of this. None. Not one word.

Can't understand why - after all, it would play marvelously with their target demographics!

Stop the Freakin' Presses!! According to what I just heard, Pricky Durbin is making noises that sound suspiciously like an "Oops - I done fucked up!" Well, I'll just be go to Hell!


Meager Postings

I know that I've been pretty sparse with my postings lately - mostly just one per day. Reason is, I've been just too damn busy!

With She Who Must Be Obeyed healing slowly, I've been doing what I can to take up the slack. Laundry, lawn mowing, vacuuming, etc, etc. Yeah, I know that I shouldn't be doing any of that shit, but what are the options? There's no f'kin way in Hell I want her trying to do any of this shit! I hear you thinking, "but - what about Boy Wonder or Attitude With Legs?"

That's a very good question. As soon as I figure that out I'll get back to ya, OK?


16 June, 2005

Shit Streaks of the World Unite!

What do all of these have in common:
* Amnesty International
* Jimmy Carter
* Senator Dick Durbin
* Human Rights Watch
* Senator Teddy Kennedy
* Senator Patrick Leahy
* Representative Ellen Tauscher
* Senator John McCain

Well, the nicest thing that can be said about them is that they're totally f'kin ignorant. The bottom four only think that Camp Delta at Guantanamo is just a National Embarrassment and a recruiting tool for the terrorists; while the top four think Camp Delta is at least as bad as anything created by Hitler, Stalin or Pol Pot.

Excuse the fuck outta me? Ignorant don't even come close - insane starts to hit the mark. Every one in that list wants us to close Camp Delta (some have said to close Gitmo - a Naval base!) without mentioning what should be done with the murderous filth incarcerated there. Do we just let them wander around the base?

These poor people are being tortured by having their air conditioning turned off! A drop of urine may have touched their version of a holy book. Why do they have either of things to start with? Are the troops stationed there issued with a holy book? Fuck No! Both of these "tortures" rank right up there with Hitler, Stalin or Pol Pot, don't they?

Oh, but they're Prisoners of War and must be treated differently, right? BULLSHIT! Not one of these scumbags is a "POW." Who says they're not? The Geneva Fucking Convention says they're not! If you wany to make them POW's, change the Convention! Oh - and make those changes retroactive!

These pieces of shit can get international sympathy because urine might have touched a Koran, yet these same asswipes can hurl their own urine and feces at the Americans there - and that's OK?

Each individual in Camp Delta had their own 8x10 cell, protected from the elements. That right there is better treatment than the majority of US Servicemen. They also receive designer meals that are better than any enlisted serviceman receives anywhere in the world!

Yeah - once again - I'm pissed. And I think I have every right to be.


15 June, 2005

Boys & Girls Forever

I was just reading Kathleen Parker's column about the latest trend in Europe - how men want to be little boys (or girls - could be optional). We've known for years that some women yearn to be men - not just strong women. Hillary immediately comes to mind.

The column asks what ever happened to real men. At first, I thought that question would be really easy to answer. The more I think about it though, the answer is getting a little tougher.

Just working with the population of the United States, let's see if I can come up with something. First off, we can subtract the 2 - 3% who are gay. We could most likely throw in enough who are bi or just plain confused about what they are to round it up to 10%.

Next, we can take out those in prison. We can add to that the number who should be in prison because they think beating up women or children is their right as a macho man.

Then there's the "Hit & Run" artists. You know the ones - those who think that once they get someone pregnant their responsibility ends, so they're off running so that they don't have to take part in supporting or raising the kids. Some races and cultures are worse than others, but it's a game that everyone can play.

I guess once you take away those who are truly in the "Peter Pan" syndrome (those who refuse to accept any responsibility for anything), the number of men who can be counted as mature, "real" men is diminishing at a pretty rapid rate.

It's a shame that I'm already spoken for, isn't it girls?


14 June, 2005

Stop the Presses!!

Sometimes a Shits & Giggles item just won't wait for the morning review. This is one of them.

A 17 year old high school student in Olathe, Kansas has been expelled from school and charged with misdemeanor battery for an "attack" on his Spanish teacher.

And just what did this attack consist of? Why, the lad vomited on said teacher! "Outrageous" claims the teacher! "Intentional" shreiks the persecutor! Of course, the student's claim that it was brought on by the stress of finals was pooh-poohed by all.

Since it was a Spanish teacher who caught the steaming lapful, I would have declared it to be no offence. Honest, folks - I couldn't make this shit up if I tried!


Separation of Mosque & State

My tax dollars are being used to support a religion!

This is being done openly and blatantly by the United States Government, and I demand that it stop immediately!

ACLU - Human Rights Watch - Why aren't you stepping in on this issue? The connection of Church & State in this couldn't be more obvious - our government is even giving out holy books, prayer beads, prayer rugs. Why - this government is even calling these people to prayer!

Or does it really matter which religion we're talking about. If so, then from this point forward, you can take your "separation of church and state" - which does not exist in any legal document - and shove it up your ass.


13 June, 2005

Home Again

After a great six days at Indigo Insights place, it's wonderful to be back home. Don't misunderstand - both She Who Must Be Obeyed and I had a ball doing absolutely nothing for that time - just lazing by the ocean, getting a tan and relaxing - something She Who Must Be Obeyed needed desperately!!

The opportunity was there for me to do some guest blogging, but I found that I needed the time away to clear the shit out of my mind as well. I saw the news down there, so I figure I'm up to date on Natalee Holloway - another semi-cute white girl that consumes the news people. I also saw that some Japanese kid tossed a home-made grenade into his classroom, injuring over 50 'cause they pissed him off.

Oh, and the Army, in their attempt to boost their recruiting numbers, are going to be sending "Hip Hop HumVees" to urban areas. Gee - I wonder what these "urban areas" are that they're talking about? Could this be construed at discrimination by the Army recruiters?

Anyway - it's going to take me a while to recover physically from this trip, then get caught up with everything (I don't even want to think about what my email queue is going to look like) and everyone.

But we are indeed back, and semi-regular blogging will be back. Watch this space.


07 June, 2005

Out of Area

Starting tomorrow, She Who Must Be Obeyed and I will be lazing at the Emerald Coast of North Carolina until at least Sunday or Monday.

This will require Obnoxious Droppings to lie fallow. I have been offered the opportunity to do a little guest blogging at Indigo Insights, with the rider that I clean up my act somewhat. I don't know about that - I have certain standards to live down to.

Anyway, check there every once in a while - I might surprise you!!

Oh - before I forget - - that Snoopy Happy Dance went over very well! Thanks, Anonymous!


Temptation's A Terrible Thing

I just read an article over at Indigo's place that holds much truth in a short, funny piece entitled "A BRIEF HISTORY OF THE POLITICAL WORLD."

I was sorely tempted to steal it and throw it up here, but you really have to go to Indigo Insights to read it. A quick teaser:
Liberals invented baseball's designated hitter rule because it just wasn't
"fair" to make the pitcher also bat.


06 June, 2005

Sheep Jokes??

I was just looking at the referrals to this site, and I see someone got a hit on me while doing a "Google" on "sheep jokes". Amazing!

I haven't had anything to say about New Zealand for months!

But, since I'm here, ya'll know that the number one gift for New Zealand ranchers is Velcro Gloves, don't ya? And there's a few folks over there who refer to their mama as "Baa - Bra".

But they's good people - even if most of them are on the Dole on Australia these days!

(Man, am I gonna get in the shit over this one!)


Right, Fred

Fred Reed of Fred on Everything has a couple of words about the state of education in this wonderful country.

One question I have always had is: Just what the hell is "Fuctionally Illiterate"?? Seems to be a contradiction in there somewhere.


Fred Again

Speaking of Fred Reed, here's another of his columns that have a lot to say in a little space. Of course, if you happen to be a Redneck, you'll already know all about this stuff.

The rest of you - the ones that think everyone who's your social inferior must be a Redneck, well, you might just get a little outta this.


Stolen From Rodger Schultz

Thanks to Curmudgeonly & Skeptical:

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She Who Must Be Obeyed is home!

She's still pretty weak, and for the forseeable future she won't be eating anything she'd need teeth for, but at least she's home.

Once we sort out what appointments we have coming up, we have a standing invitation to relax at ocean-front property - and you better believe we're going to take advantage of that!

To everyone out there who offered help and prayers, thanks. We couldn't have gotten through it without you!


05 June, 2005

The SWMBO Update

Things are looking up - She Who Must Be Obeyed is now out of ICU and into a regular room, so she's that much closer to home.

When I saw her a bit ago, she was looking much better. Not nearly as pale as she has been.

Once again, thanks everyone.


04 June, 2005

She Who Must Be Obeyed - Update

She's still in ICU while they wait to see if the blood clot on the ulcer will stay put. They also have her on the top-end ulcer antibiotic so all we can do is wait. She's still very pale and very tired, but right now she's not hurtin'.

Thanks for your thoughts and prayers. Another update tomorrow.


03 June, 2005

Teachers Application

Another one from my Blogmother:

After being interviewed by the school administration, the eager teaching prospect said:

Let me see if I've got this right .You want me to go into that room with all those kids, and fill their every waking moment with a love for learning.

And I'm supposed to instill a sense of pride in their ethnicity, modify their disruptive behavior, observe them for signs of abuse and even censor their T-shirt messages and dress habits.

You want me to wage a war on drugs and sexually transmitted diseases, check their backpacks for weapons of mass destruction, and raise their self esteem.

You want me to teach them patriotism, good citizenship, sportsmanship, fair play, how to register to vote, how to balance a checkbook, and how to apply for a job.

I am to check their heads for lice, maintain a safe environment, recognize signs of anti-social behavior, make sure all students pass the mandatory state exams, even those who don't come to school regularly or complete any of their assignments.

Plus, I am to make sure that all of the students with handicaps get an equal education regardless of the extent of their mental or physical handicap.

And I am to communicate regularly with the parents by letter, telephone, newsletter and report card.

All of this I am to do with just a piece of chalk, a computer, a few books, a bulletin board, a big smile AND on a starting salary that qualifies my family for food stamps!You want me to do all of this and yet you expect me NOT TO PRAY???


Some Bad News

Blogging will be slowed down some here, as She Who Must Be Obeyed was "911'd" to the hospital on Thursday night with a bleeding ulcer the size of my fist. She's stabilized at the moment and they've fed her several units of blood, so she'll be in Intensive Care for some time.

Here I saw a bunch of things in today's fish wrapper that would have made a great Shits & Giggles, but until I get some sleep and do what needs doing, etc, it ain't happenin'. So sorry - better luck next time.

As I learn more I'll keep all of you Great Unwashed in the loop.


02 June, 2005

A Little Attitude

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Go Ahead - Ask Me If I Give A Shit!


Another New Link

Thanks to a comment - by way of the Squid's site apparently - I've found Prying1. A strange enough name to pique my curiosity and have a look.

The gentleman is nowhere near the attitude (and language) of this site, but as I read through his entries I found I like what he has to say.

Welcome to my little f'kin corner of the f'kin world, Paul, and if the tone of your site dips somewhat, well, I'd blame the Sailor!!


S&G - An Abbreviated Version

I see where, once again, some shit-fer-brains politition is reviving the old canard, "If they're old enough to die for their country they should be allowed to drink."

Look, dickhead - there is absolutely nothing in the standard military enlistment contract that specifies maturity - just age. Our nation's institutes of higher learning have really shown just how sophisticated and mature these 18 - 22 year olds are when given access to alcohol, haven't they?

The one solution to this (and I believe it's the only solution for now) is to allow them to drink on base at the EM or NCO clubs, where the bar staff and their peers can keep them in check.

If they're on base there's no question of getting back - they could get quietly blitzed and have their mates take them back to the barracks and tuck them in. Most would just have two or three and call it a night (once the novelty wore off). In the meantime, they can get fake ID's like everyone else.

In other news, I see where Wachovia Corp. has apologized because there are two banks in their history that had ties to slave owning. Of course, these two banks have been bought, merged, sold, re-merged and bought again by the time Wachovia got hold of them, but they had to go through the effort to locate this (and I would presume the name and sex of each employee of those banks and of each slave associated with them) because Chicago and Philly require "full disclosure" on this in order to do business with them.

Excuse the fuck outta me? What is the point of this exercise? There's only two things I can think of - denying companies business on this basis or straight-out extortion. Can there possibly be a legitimate reason for this?


01 June, 2005

Damn Amateurs!

Ya know, if things keep going the way they are - from the Syrian/Jordan border to Pakistan (minus Iran so far) - we're going to be able to bring the troops home sooner than expected.

As long as the Muslim dildoes keep blowing the shit outta each other - mosques, weddings, funerals, malls, etc. - well, there ain't gonna be enough left for us to worry about.

And just out of curiousity - since mishandling a Koran is so friggin' bad, how come blowing the fuck outta them in said mosques, funerals, etc. is being seen as a "good thing"?? Or is it just if us Infidels do it?


A Quote Out of Time

"That ungovernable, that intolerable and destroying spirit which threatens to overwhelm all civilized society, and carries ruin and desolation wherever it goes"

Sounds like something that could be said today, doesn't it?

It was British Prime Minister William Pitt in 1793, talking about the French and how their "revolution" had degenerated into a bloody dictatorship.


embryonic stem-cell research?

Why is President Bush so dead-set against this? Because he views it as life? Or as potential life?

If we're talking about "potential life", then there's been a whole bunch of that flushed away by every teenaged boy and girl, huh? See Monty Python, "Every Sperm Is Sacred", a lovely song.

This is one of those things on which I not only don't have an opinion, but I really don't care. The only thing about it which I would like to see in the MSM is this:

The President is not going to prevent embryonic stem-cell research. He never said that he was. His position is that, if this research is so shit-hot, how come the government has to put up the money for what is private (and probably lucrative) R&D?

If it's so damn good - and so far it's only been adult stem-cells that have shown promise - where are the investors? I'm quite sure there are enough medical and chemical corporations that could make use of something like this, not to mention the Buffett's, Gate's and Soros of the world.

I don't get it - is it that damn hard for the media to give the whole truth, instead of their massaged version?


Deep Throat?

So it turns out that the former FBI dude, Mark Felt was Deep Throat.

And here, for all these years I'd always thought it was Linda Lovelace. Who knew??


Can Little Bobby Come Play?

Little Bobby Herbert is at it again. "In most of the world, the image of the U.S. under Bush ... (is) a heavily armed thug in camoflage fatigues." and "America is increasingly being seen as a dangerously arrogant military power that is due for a comeuppance."

Of course, I guess you'd have to narrow down the definition of "most of the world" to be the Kennedy/Kerry end of the Democrats, the MSM, what's left of the Giuliana Sgrena's of the world and al Qaeda. They would also be the same gullible asswipes that are so fast to believe anything coming out of the mouth of a terrorist.

An example? Remember the turd arrested for planning to assassinate Bush? The one that said the U.S. had shipped him to the Saudis for torture and how his back was a mass of scars because of it? Doctors checked that little item out and - guess what? Not a mark on him. Got that from the MSM, didn't you?

Ya know, it's really going to be a shame when the "Sgrena Factor" finally sinks in to the Herberts of this world - that the terrorists really don't give a shit. Left or Right politics don't mean nuthin' to them - only Allah (their own brand, naturally) and everyone else.

And everyone else had better practice their ducking.

(I've spent the last 15 min. trying to run a trackback to the Sailor's site - he has something that pertains to this as well. Screw it - just go there and read it yourself)