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12 February, 2005

Charles & Camilla - What's Changed?

Does anyone remember that Charles, Elizabeth and the rest were actually named Saxe-Coburg-Gotha until the outbreak of war in 1914? It was then that they changed the name to Windsor.

Anyone out there remember their history about King Edward VIII? He was the one who abdicated the throne and married an American divorcee named Wallis Simpson. That story goes a bit deeper, since Simpson was also having an affair with von Ribbentrop at the time, and Edward was sympathetic to the Nazi cause.

But the current situation is still much the same, in that not only is Charles divorced, but Camilla was still married when Charles was playing out his desire to spend the rest of his life as a Tampon. The big difference now is that the Prime Minister and the Archbishop of Canterbury are now saying that this marriage is a good thing.

I wonder why? What is so different now than when the Duke & Duchess of Windson wed and were banished from Great Britain?

Or is it that no one really gives a shit anymore? Don't forget - as King, Charles will be the Head of the Church of England, on a par with the Pope as far as Anglicans are concerned.


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