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12 February, 2005

Oh! The Humanity!

I haven’t been watching much TV lately, so I was trying to get caught up a bit when I read John Gibson’s "My Word" column on Fox News tonight.

When I got into the article, the name "Khadr" leapt off the page at me. Anyone who has read Mark Steyn (sorry - it's pretty much a dead link these days) over the last few years would know that name instantly - that is the nest of vipers that have been using Canada as a shield to protect them from the world as they financed and took part in Al Qaeda plots for years.

It appears that Daddy viper, Ahmed Said Khadr was killed in a battle against US troops in Afghanistan, while son Karim was badly injured and another son, Abdullah, went missing.

A third son, Omar, was captured after he threw a grenade at a medic tending to a wounded soldier. The grenade succeeded in killing Sgt Christopher Speer. Omar was 15 at the time he was taken into custody and sent off to Gitmo.

Now the ‘Toronto Star’ has published an editorial telling us that we should let the poor, misguided widdle boy go home to his mama in Canada. Those nasty Americans have been abusing and torturing the lad - why, he even was made to do wee-wee down his leg once! Imagine! And I’ll bet those same nasty Americans have been laughing at him! Oh, the humiliation!

The Star’s editorial asks for anything but a US Military Tribunal be convened to try this misguided little fellow. If this isn’t done he should be released immediately.

The coffee is still dripping off the laptop's screen after that one.


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