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27 February, 2006

Dems and National Security

Let's review:

The Democrats and their fellow travellers try to destroy our National Security by leaking our program for intercepting Al Qaeda calls to and from our country, then wrapping themselves in a cloak of "civil liberties" righteousness.

The Democrats and their fellow travellers try to destroy our National Security by trying to kill the Homeland Security act - with Sen. Harry Reid even bragging about it - in the name of "civil liberties" righteousness.

A highly qualified company from one of our most cooperative allies wins the bid to take over management of some of our ports, goes through the normal vetting process that all companies have to go through for such a transaction, and the Democrats and their fellow travellers latch on to the word "Arab" and sow anti-Arab hate and fear, trying to claim National Security high ground.

And to think that I almost bought into it. I'm damned near ashamed of myself.


26 February, 2006

The Violence Continues

There was more sectarian violence yesterday - in Ireland. A group of Protestants were to march through Dublin, until the resident Catholic population rioted, putting 14 people in hospitals. The march never took place.

In another fine example of Stupidity on Parade, a bunch of Neo-Nazi thugs decided to march in a Black neighborhood of Orlando, FL. No, Mickey didn't lead this one.

Meanwhile in Iraq, the Shia and Sunni are still trying to blow each other up. Wouldn't it be nice if the religious leaders there could get together, rub their ten total working brain cells against each other, and decide to join forces against the terrorist asswipes who started all this?

Ever since Bush allowed Chuckie Schumer and Madame "We Are The President" Clinton to lash out with fear and hate over the port deal with the UAE, more and more info has come out. It now looks like the biggest change in the operations of these ports will be the letterhead on the company stationery. Even the security scare has been bogus - the company will be privy to that part of the security details they need to adhere to. No new flow of Arabs into the country - the existing management teams will be staying in charge. In fact, it looks like nothing changes but the paint job on the equipment.

Those politically correct, open and caring Dems - gotta love 'em.

Oh, and by the way - is anyone else out there sick of hearing, "Oh, but two of the 9-11 terrorists came from there!"?? Did you know that the population of the UAE is over 2.5 million? Can you think of any group of people that size that doesn't have at least two homicidal murderers in it?


24 February, 2006

Just Once ... ...

Ya know, just one time before this President leaves office, I would love to see him take an issue with heavy political overtones and go before the American people with it instead of having it screamed about by the Congress or the media?

How about something like, "This is what's going to be done. This is why we're doing it and this is how we're going to do it. These are the people we've consulted about it, some of the objections they initially had and what we did to overcome them."

"Additionally, we are now going to consult with the relevant committes in the House and Senate. This wasn't done previously because those f'kwits couldn't keep their mouths shut if it meant their lives."

Dream a little dream with me ... ...


23 February, 2006

Cut Me Some Slack, Jack

The more I hear about this DPW taking over administration of those six ports, the more I'm inclined to go with it. I've listened to quite a few people whose opinion I normally respect and, while they may have problems with this as well, the rejection of the contract may be worse.

Keep in mind, the UAE is currently servicing our warships in that area - giving someone who is really dedicated the chance of doing us harm. It hasn't happened, has it? The UAE is about the only country in the Middle East that we have excellent relations with, and rejecting this contract out of hand will send the message throughout the area that we talk friendship, but when push comes to shove we don't trust any Arab state. Plus, does anyone know how many Arabs work for the existing British company?


I still worry about an Iran-style takeover of the government there. I presume that there would be something in the contract that would void it right there, but then who would pay the longshoremen and crane operators, etc? It would throw the ports into chaos.

Additionally, according Article 1, Section 8 of the Constitution, the regulation of commerce between us and foreign nations in the job of Congress, not a bunch of undersecretaries in various departments. By doing the contract the way it was done screwed the pooch big time. Congress wasn't even consulted on this.

Since not a single U.S. corporation showed any interest in running these ports, I'm open to suggestions as to what to do with them.


22 February, 2006

S&G - I Have Returned!

Late Sunday, my router decided to crawl up its own ass and die, which is as good a reason for my absence as any. Meanwhile:

I saw where a group of Iranian mullahs have declared a fatwa demanding that their government use their nuclear weapons against Iran's enemies. That kinda gives the game away, doesn't it?

Hamas made a statement after Israel cut off their funds that such an act will just cause increased Palestinian hatred. Did I miss something? I thought Hamas' level of hatred towards Israel was already fairly well documented. Anyway, Iran says they'll make up the money for them. Wasn't that a complete surprise?

While I can't understand why anyone would give the thoughts of Bryant Gumbel the light of day, I have to wonder what his reaction was to a Black American winning a gold medal at the Olympics. By what I understand, the split between the Black skater and the rest of the team is nothing to do with race and all about his being a complete arrogant asshole. Of course, I could be wrong.

The Winston Salem Urinal has finally weighed in with an editorial about the Cheney shooting incident. While I wasn't surprised by their stance, I am a bit outraged by their blantant far left language. Some quotes:
"Cheney apologists such as the Fox News Channel have been disparaging the coverage."
"He appeared for an interview only on an ideologically
sympathetic network
"Cheney, at least, looks incapable of dealing with the bedrock of liberty - a cantankerous, unbowed and agressive press."

More on the UAE ports buyout - as owners, they're going to be responsible for the maintenance of equipment such as cranes, the hiring and payrolls of the stevedores and possibly the dredging of the harbors. Not directly involved with port security, which was originally reported. Now, these ports wern't American-run to start with, and I think a lot of the outcry is more anti-Arab then anything else. But my concern goes a bit beyond that. Since this company is owned by the UAE government - even though they're sorta friendly at the moment - we've seen in the past just how quickly an friendly Arab nation can go to completely hostile. Anyone remember Iran in 1979?


18 February, 2006

Very Funny

I was just listening to some turd named Neal Gabler or Bette Gable or some shit, who pissed and moaned about how three year old pictures from Abu Ghraib are "news".

Did you notice that CNN, the New York Times and others of their ilk had no problems showing those pictures, but ducked for cover over the Mohammad cartoons? Ya know why?

The cartoons will bring the Arab hatred against them, while the photos only bring the hatred against the U.S. and possibly cause the deaths of some more of our military.

What balls they have!


Driving Lessons, Chicago Style

First you must learn to pronounce the city name. It is Chi-ca-go, or Cha-ca-ga depending on if you live North or South of Roosevelt Rd.

Next, if your road map is more than a few weeks old, throw it out and buy new one.

If in Naperville and your map is one day old, then it is already obsolete.

Forget the traffic rules you learned elsewhere. Chicago has its own version of traffic rules... "First bluff, then hold on and pray!"

There is no such thing as a dangerous high-speed chase in Chicago. We all drive like that.

All directions ! start with, "I-94" which has no beginning and no end.

The morning rush hour is from 5AM to noon. The evening rush hour is from 3PM to 10PM. Friday's rush hour starts Thursday morning.

If you actually stop at a yellow light, you will be rear ended, cussed out and possibly shot.

When you are the first one on the starting line, count to five when the light turns green before going to avoid crashing with all the drivers running the red light in cross-traffic.

Construction on the Northwest Tollway is a way of life and a permanent form of entertainment.

We had so much fun with that we have added the Elgin O'Hare Expressway (which oddly enough doesn't go to Elgin OR O'Hare) and I-355 to the mix.

If someone actually has their turn signal on, it is probably a factory defect.

Car horns are actually "Road Rage" indicators.

All old ladies with blue hair in Mercedes have the right of way. Period.

First Ave, LaGrange Rd, NW Highway, all mysteriously change names as you cross intersections (these are only a FEW examples).

A trip across town (east to west) will take a minimum of four hours, although many north/south freeways have unposted minimum speeds of 75.

The minimum acceptable speed on the Dan Ryan is 85. Anything less is considered downright sissy.

The wrought iron on windows near Englewood and Austin is not ornamental.

The Congress Expressway, commonly referred to as the Eisenhower Expressway is our daily version of NASCAR (though often at speeds that don't exceed 5 mph).

The Dan Ryan is called "The Death Trap" for two reasons: "death" and "trap."

If it's 100 degrees, it's Taste of Chicago.

If it's 10 degrees and sleeting/snowing, it's opening day at Wrigley Field.

If it's rained 6 inches in the last hour, the Western Open Golf Classic is in the second round.

If you go to Wrigley Field pay the $25.00 to par! k in the "Cubs Lot." Parking elsewhere could cost up to $2500 for dama ges, towing fees, parking tickets, etc. If some guy with a flag tries to get you to park in his yard, run over him.


A Saturday S&G

A Mosque in Pakistan has offered a $25,000 reward. A group of jewelers have offered $1,000,000. This is for the death of any of the Danish cartoonists - but apparently not the Muslim cartoonists who drew the really inflammatory pictures of the Prophet. Funny about that. Can you imagine what could be done for the people in Pakistan and other Muslim states with that money instead of giving it to murderers?

Once again I find myself on the side of the Democrats. This port security contract to a company from the United Arab Emirates is downright scary. Yes, that country is our friend - today. Does anyone out there remember how Iran was our friend, right up to November 1979?

I couldn't watch that video of a kid getting an ass whoopin' in Pensacola, FL. Every time I see or hear about videos of cops doing this it makes me cringe. As an ex-cop, I know that it only takes one cop out of 100,000 to smear every one of them.

For once fire fighters are entering the realm of scumbags. According to this story, a group of fire fighters showed up at some poor schmuck's house where his garage was on fire - and they stood and watched, not lifting a finger to help. Their excuse? He hadn't paid up his membership in the local fire district, and if they let him get away with that, everyone would stop paying. That's a protection racket that would make the Bonano and Gambino families blush.


16 February, 2006

Random Neuron Firings

I saw in the news that a Russian female biathelete (that should have been a give away, right) was disqualified after winning the Silver Medal at Turin. Apparently at one stage during the competition one of her testicles popped out. What a shame. Or was it a drug test - I get confused with those Eastern Europeans.

Speaking of drug tests, it looks like Sammy Sosa's baseball career is over, since the only offer he's gotten was for half a million for the season. After several years of hitting 50 - 60 homers he looked like a Hispanic Mark McGwyre. Once he appeared at those Senate steroid hearings, though, his numbers for the season were pretty dismal - a .221 batting average and only 14 home runs. I guess he just ran out of "juice", don't you?

And you just knew that Cheney's appearing on Fox yesterday was going to drive the rest of the media f'kin nuts, didn't you?


15 February, 2006

A "Kill All The Lawyers" S&G

Gene Robinson, the homosexual who put his ambition to be an Episcopalian bishop above all and caused the greatest schism in religion since Henry VIII told the Pope to piss off, has checked himself in to be treated for alcoholism. I'm just guessing here, but he might use this as proof that he should be the Archbishop of Canterbury.

The media has jumped all over their panty wad du jour, haven't they? This shooting of a lawyer by Cheney (no offense at the best of times) instantly became a media story about - the media. Why weren't those vultures notified immediately? After all, the press is the most important branch of the government, right?

Yesterday, Dick Whittington (and his cat) had a minor heart attack, and once again the media went into a feeding frenzy about why the Veep didn't immediately inform them. Just curious here - isn't there a law or something about releasing medical information about a third party without their permission?

Following on from this, Harry Reid jumped to the microphones accusing the Bush administration of being the most secretive in U.S. history. Let's see now, that makes this administration the most secretive, corrupt and inept - something doesn't look quite right there.

There are times when the Dems can't help themselves. A former Marine and combat vet, Paul Hackett was running for the Senate in Ohio on a platform of "I Hate Bush and I Hate the War" with the blessing and financial backing of Harry Reid and Chuckie Schumer. That is, right up to the point where it looked like he might win. That's when those two sugar daddies pulled the plug on him. Whether it was their ingrained hatred of all things military or just their overweening desire to commit political suicide, the Dems keep providing some of the best comedy in town.

And the Dems have also been having a field day in those hearings about the Katrina response, haven't they? Call me cynical and contrary, but where were they when the problems were taking place in New Orleans and elsewhere? Or, as Harry Reid said about his bankrolling by Jack Abramoff, was this just a Republican disaster?


13 February, 2006

I'm Back - Maybe

I see it's been a week since I last posted - where does the time go? Sorry for the delay, folks - pain will take your mind off of most other things. Today's not much better, to tell the truth, but I figure if I don't post something soon everyone will think I've quit.

Is this true? Did this really happen? Did Algore actually go to Saudi Arabia and incite the Arabs by saying how Bush abused and illegally arrested Saudis? Does anyone need more data to prove he's out of his f'kin mind?

The Rev. Fred Phelps and his merry band of unholy warriors were at it again. Another funeral of an American serviceman who gave his life in Iraq, another group of hate mongers with signs like "Thank God for IED's" and "God hates fags". I think it's time I advocate violence - I pray that the next time these assholes show up at a funeral, the mourners do what needs doing and prevent this from happening at any more services.

After Dick Cheney's misadventure with 'friendly fire' this weekend, I'd like to hear from you - who would you like to see go hunting with the Veep? Stay away from Algore and Howie Dean - they're too easy. Points will be awarded for neatness and originality of thought.

Finally, I'll be so glad when tomorrow comes and goes. Watching the ads for pyjamas and teddy bears, I never realized that central casting kept 'Sluts R Us' on their speed dial.


07 February, 2006

On Religion and Politics

Let me start by saying that those cartoons were stupid. The cartoons themselves were stupid and the reason behind printing them was stupid. Having said that, there’s a lot more to this issue that needs exploring.

The Ten Commandments say that there shall be no ‘graven images’. I’ve never figured out how the Christian religions got around that, but the Moslems take it seriously – kind of. The Ten Commandments don’t exist as such in the Koran, but there are some similarities. The problem is that I haven’t found the one referring to Allah and Mohammed. Assuming it’s in there, my question is that since Mohammed is not the prophet but the last prophet, what about images of Jesus or Abraham or any of the other prophets. Are they included in this? Or is it strictly “There is no God but Allah and Mohammed is his Prophet”? As an aside to this, there is a cartoon in today's Winston Salem Urinal showing Jesus playing a practical joke on someone who thinks they are getting into Heaven. I don't expect the angry mobs to burn down their office.

Be that as it may, why has it taken almost five months for the Moslem world to erupt over this? Missions of Denmark, Norway and the EU have been attacked, burned and fire bombed in Damascus, Beirut and Teheran. There have been calls for the heads and hands of the ‘infidels’ who made the cartoons – funny thing is, though, that some of the cartoons shown in the Moslem world were made by Moslems themselves in order to incite the mobs further. I haven’t heard any call for their heads or hands have you?

While making a pretense of condemning the violence, the U.S. and most of the European community are now spending a lot of time condemning the printing of the cartoons – not because they are in bad taste, but on religious grounds. Does anyone else out there find it ironic that our government is advocating censorship on religious grounds? This censorship has gotten to the point in Great Britain that they can’t show pictures of a cartoon pig for fear of offending. There are places where they’ve even banned the flying of the Union Jack, their national colors, because part of it contains the Cross of St George (a red cross on a white field) because Moslems might equate that with the Crusades. Ridiculous. This is a really good start towards taking their country into Sharia.

I keep going back to that almost five month gap. Surely it doesn’t take that long to locate Danish flags, does it? Now the Iranis are (naturally) blaming this all on Israel and they are going to do one of the most childish things I think I’ve ever heard of from a government – they’re going to hold a contest to see what cartoons can be drawn that will be the most demeaning to the Jews. How pathetic is that?

And as a totally unconnected side note to this – Iran’s president, Imahandjob, has been doing his damndest to take his country back to the 8th Century – but with one glaring exception. Has it registered with you that his ban on all things western somehow missed out on his love affair with Brooks Brothers sport coats, open neck shirts and sweaters?


05 February, 2006

True Confessions

Ya know, I was born a Chicago Bears fan, and I now live in Carolina Panther territory, but ever since the late 70's I've had a soft spot for the Pittsburgh Steelers. It wasn't the 'Steel Curtain" defense with Joe Green, L.C. Greenwood and Jack Lambert. It wasn't even Terry Bradshaw, Franco Harris, Swann and Stallworth. It was because they gave a guy a chance.

Rocky Bleier was the 'other' running back for the Steelers - the one most often forgotten. Most people never knew that Bleier was playing with half a foot blasted off by a mine in Vietnam, where he served in the Marine Corps. That Marine Corps training, desire and commitment to the mission was a lot of what got Rocky Bleier in physical and mental condition to play football at the highest level.

But it was the Rooney family and the management of the Pittsburgh Steelers who took a chance and gave him the opportunity to prove to everyone he had what was needed to play the game. And it was Bleier who recovered an on-sides kick to win one Super Bowl and who scored the winning touchdown in another.

For the class that franchise has shown over the years, and the way the team has performed in 2005, I gotta say ... ...

Go Steelers!


04 February, 2006

I'm in Trouble Now!

After putting that cartoon picturing Mohammad up in my last blog, I've gotten visits from Saudi Arabia and Iran. Just as well those folks don't know where in the Winston Salem area I live, or they'd do to me what the Syrians did to the Danish Embassy.

CitySlicker sent me a link about what FEMA is up to down in the Gulf. It stunned me and I think it's something everyone should be made aware of.
Go here and have a read of it. Those in FEMA running this dirty little secret should have their balls removed with a dull spoon.


03 February, 2006

S&G - An Attitude Problem

Well, the bomb throwing muthaf'kers have really got their nuts in a knot over cartoons originally published by a Danish newspaper. These cartoons have now been published in France and Germany. The publisher of the French paper, in a stunning display of freedom, has fired the editor. What balls he has! The bomb throwers are threatening to kidnap and murder Europeans in Paleostein who have abso-f'kin-loutely nothing to do with the cartoons simply because they're European. Just lovely.

In an interesting juxtaposition, Tom Toles drew a cartoon showing a serviceman with a head wound and all four limbs either amputated or blown off. "Dr Rumsfield" is telling him that his condition is "battle hardened". Toles then wants people to believe that he meant no disrespect to our military with that cartoon. Right. Let's get Toles out of his comfy little office and over to Iraq and see how our servicemen react to him. At least the only reaction to Tool's cartoon here was a letter from the JCS to the Washington Post. I have a clue for the Post - Freedom of the Press does not mean that you have to publish everything that comes your way. Got it?

The Winston Salem Urinal, in it's article about the Intel Committee, somehow missed the part about how the New York Times and others have caused irrepairable damage to our nation and its intel gathering abilities. It also missed the part about how we already know who leaked the intel to the Times, preferring instead to blame the leak on "someone in the Administration".

And in one of this Nation's greatest jerk offs, the groundhog supposedly saw it's shadow yesterday, causing six more weeks of Winter. The first day of Spring is around the 21st of March, right? Groundhog Day is February 2nd, right? Six more weeks of Winter? Can anyone out there count the weeks between these two dates? How f'kin stupid is this?

And people wonder why I have an attitude problem.


02 February, 2006


That rock star talking head reporter and his roadie cameraman are back in the U.S. getting care for the wounds they received in Iraq. And just where are they hospitalized? Why, at Bethesda Naval Hospital, of course. Can anyone explain to me why these two are being treated in a military establishment? I mean, we all know now how much more important reporters are than the troops, but why are they taking up beds meant for out injured military?

It was good to see the president push for the use of biofuels and ethanol in his speech, but I can forsee a problem with getting those fuels to market. Are the oil companies, who own most of the gas stations around the country, going to cut into their profits by putting pumps for this on their premises? Unless they're forced to do so, I can't see it happening in a hurry.

Wasn't it just precious to see the Dems giving a self-congratulating standing ovation over their use of lies and deceit to kill any chance of helping Social Security? They never even bothered to try to come up with a compromise.

And Howie Dean stopped off in Durham the other day to give a pep talk to the true believers. Now, despite going for Bush in the last election, North Carolina is really a Red State - our governor and state legislature are all Dems. Funny thing was, when Dean was giving his little scream here, the Dem office holders stayed away in droves. I think that says more about how the average party pols view Dean than any speech ever could.

And after years of groups like NOW blaming shooting sprees on testosterone, it was good to see some gender equity when that woman went "postal" this week. I wonder what excuse they'll come up with for this - or will they do their usual trick of just ignoring anything that doesn't conform to their world view.