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30 April, 2005

Is it Just Me?

Or does all not look quite right in those photos of Jennifer Welbutrin, or whatever the hell her name is?

She's a marathon-class runner. The gaunt face. Those "deer in the headlight" eyes.

She looks like the poster girl for Speed Freaks!



I've run across a couple of stories today that leave me shaking my head. And the runaway bride isn't one of them. While talking heads eat air time over a "who gives a shit" story, this has been happening:

A woman in suburban Chicago has apparently confessed to killing her nine year old son and three year old daughter by stabbing them more than 200 times each. Her husband came home and found one child, then found his wife, still holding a knife, sitting next to the body of the other one. It also appears that more than one knife was used - in the middle of slaughtering her children she actually changed weapons.

Meanwhile, there have been arrests in Michigan, Maryland and Florida in unrelated cases of selling valid drivers licenses to illegals. A real eyebrow-raiser in this is that the Michigan clerk had accomplices from Guinea and Iraq. As far as Florida is concerned, well, 12 of the 19 murderers on 11Sep2001 had valid Florida identification documents.

And on a totally unexpected turn of events, something like two dozen "Black Leaders" have met with the St. Petersburg, FL police chief to demand the firing of the officers involved in the case of the spoiled f'kin brat who went stupid in school there, and whose mother couldn't be f'kin bothered to give a shit about. I'm just shocked at this turn of events.

In other shit, PFC Lynndie England is being allowed to cop a plea over smoking in a government building while having panties on a prisoner's head. We're apparently still awaiting for Mickey Moron to file charges against Rummy. And NASA ha again put off the launch of the Shuttle. Why not scrap it completely? After all, it's not like we've gotten anything out of the Space Program, right?



29 April, 2005

More Flying Coffee

From Jeff Stark at StarkTruth:

A stock broker, on his way home from work in New York City, came to a dead halt in traffic and thought to himself, "Wow, this seems much worse than usual."

He notices a police officer walking between the lines of stopped cars, so he rolls down his window and asks, "Officer, what's the hold up?"

The officer replies, "Hillary Clinton is depressed, so she stopped her motorcade and is threatening to douse herself in gasoline and set herself on fire. She says her husband has spent all her money and the Democrats told her to forget about running for President in 2008.

So we're taking up a collection for her.The stock broker asks, "How much have you got so far?"

The officer replies "About 40 gallons, but a lot of folks are still siphoning."

Without a doubt - the best laugh I've had all week!


About Anna

I meant to add this to the original article. Anyone wishing to send a message to Indigo about her beautiful friend's passing, please feel free to use my comments - either here or where the pictures are.

Indigo's site has comments disabled - for a very good reason. Trolls.

On her behalf, thanks to everyone for your thoughts and prayers. Go read what Indigo has written about Anna. True love.



It'll never happen, but Saint Ann of Coulter has a couple of suggestions for the current crop of lawmakers in Washington D(on't) C(are).

Instead of spending all this time discussing the pros and cons of the fillibuster, why not just ask the DemonRats to spell out just exactly it is about each of the President's selections for Federal judges that makes them so extreme? You know, enumerate chapter and verse of each case that shows their wanton disregard for the law?

That should make for some very interesting sessions, huh?


Another Marine On Deck

I learned last night of another Marine running a 'shoot-n-loot, hop-n-pop' site. I checked him out this morning and I just gotta add this lad to the Blogroll!

Welcome, LeatherneckM31! But don't be too surprised if the tone of your site drops thru it's ass! It can be a rough crowd here - but I've been short of trolls, so it could get pretty dull.

Semper Fi, Mac!


A Hate Crime?

An interracial couple and their three children move into a quiet cul-de-sac in Charlotte, NC in February. Since then they say they have had their tires slashed twice, and on Tuesday morning what appears to be a small cross was burned into the grass in their back yard.

Hate crime, right? Well ... ...

It seems that the burning just happened to coincide with a visit to Charlotte by Extortioner Extraordinaire Jesse Jackson, who greeted this news with great wailing and gnashing of other people's teeth.

It also seems that there are quite a few interracial (is that a word?) couples in that neighborhood and, "if this were a Hate Crime, it would have started long ago, and you could pick a house" according to one resident. He also said that, in his opinion, their being targeted for their race is "totally bogus. It's no hate crime."

A couple of things about this aren't passing the Smell Test with me. The biggest is, why was the "cross" burned in the back yard and not the front? And why a "small cross?" Would that be because it's easier and cheaper to re-sod a smaller area? How old are these kids of theirs and who could they be pissing off?

Can you say Tawana Brawley? Say it - I can't even f'kin spell it!


28 April, 2005

Much More Than a Friend

How do you sum up an 18 year friendship?

This is Anna:

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

For eighteen years, Anna has been a friend, companion, confidant and sometimes source of frustration for my Blogmother, Indigo. Having someone like Anna in your life for so long can sometimes make you forget what the inevitible end will be.

For some time now, Anna has been fighting malignant tumors. She's been operated on more than once. Now her mind and body have finally gotten too weak to continue the fight. Today was Anna's last day. I hope the weather there is as glorious as it is here. She deserves nothing less.

I had been honored by her presence twice. I will cherish those memories.

Anna may have fought this disease with the strength of ten cats, but she was always a lady.

My most sincere sympathies to Indigo Insights.

I'll miss her.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us


In The World Around Us ...

A couple of articles in the Winston Salem Urinal got my attention today. First there's the decision by the Supremes that, even if a herbicide or pesticide is approved by the FDA, and it is used correctly, the makers of said -cides can be sued if their products cause harm to people, animals or plants. The vote was 7-2, which basically tells me that we can save a whole shitload of money by getting rid of the FDA! Obviously their approval on a product is worthless anyway!

Also, an election to the UN-fucking-believable Human Rights Commission was protested by the U.S. What caused this protest? Zimbabwe was once again elected to the commission.

Zimbabwe? To a Human Rights Commission? I got an idea for them. Why not make the committee with Fidel, Saddam, whoever is leading China these days, Mugabe (wait - they just did that) and then they can dig up what's left of Mao, Uncle Ho, Stalin, and Hitler. I'm quite certain that they couldn't be any worse than the current "human rights" group - the one that threw the U.S. off!

I'm depressed. Again.


Decisions, Decisions

I don't know whether to shit or go blind.

The Right Reverend Jesse L. Jackson, founder and president of Rainbow/PUSH and accomplished extortionist is coming to Winston Salem!

On May 12th at 6:00pm, he will be the opening speaker at the 2005 State of Black North Carolina. This year the conference organizers have decided that they want to attract a wider audience than last year, so they've lowered the registration fee to $39.00 - - from $300!!

There's just so many ways I could go with this. I'll leave it up to your imagination, and no, I will not be putting out aiming stakes.


27 April, 2005

The DevilDog

Since I've been asked by at least one person, here's a couple of shots of the Devil Dog:

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

A nice side-on pose

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Him sneaking up on me. Note the latest in stylishness on the shoe in the background.

Below is the Devil Dog's collar. Yes, that's a Mickey Mouse name tag for him.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us


On al-Zarqawi's Laptop

It's come out that the "almost Got al-Zarqawi" operation was over two months ago, so one would hope that every last scrap of intel had been squeezed out of that laptop and already acted on before any of this went public.

Even so, I've now heard that we "almost got" him because of a UAV following his truck, and he escaped from it in an underpass. I've also heard that it was because of a SpecOps ambush. Either way, there's things about this story that reek just a tad.

In both cases, the story was about him escaping from the truck in an underpass. Now, if they were trying to evade either of these two scenarios, it could be assumed they were travelling at a pretty good clip. Therefore, they would have had to slow down before el-Cumquat jumped out. This should have been noticed (brake lights, anyone?) and the time in the underpass times rate of speed going in should have been seen.

Or am I just being a pedantic prick again?


Fire in the Hole!

Or is it "Toad in the Hole!" Gives that an entirely new and unsavory meaning.

Is it real or is it Monty Python? Go read about the Case of the Exploding Deutsche Toads!


Too Good to Pass Up

Or too bad to pass up - you decide.

The following is from Brit Hume's Political Grapevine yesterday, April 26th:

"9/11: The Road To Tyranny"?

A professor at North Carolina Wesleyan College (search) in Rocky Mount is defending her course titled, "9/11: The Road to Tyranny," which teaches that the official story of the 9/11 attacks is actually a government cover-up. According to one required text, the attacks were orchestrated and carried out by U-S government elites themselves. Professor Jane Christensen (search) insists, "I teach the truth about 9/11 ... This is a war by the extreme right wing motivated by the Zionists to quash academic freedom." So what does the school think about all this? Well, its President says, "We don't tell professors what to think. We don't tell professor what to teach. ... that's what [Saddam Hussein] did."

"we don't tell (a) professor what to teach?" How about trying to get them to teach truth? How about trying to get them to teach facts? But allowing someone to teach whatever they damn well feel like is not allowed at universities, and the president of that college f'kin well knows it. That's what leads to Saddam Hussein!


About the Fireman/Doberman Pic

According to Snopes Urban Legends, while the picture is genuine, the story isn't. The real story - from Snopes - is as follows:

"Charlotte firefighter Jeff Clark and Cinnamon, a pregnant red Doberman, gained international exposure with this photograph snapped by the Observer's Patrick Schneider during a July 1999 house fire. Seen through wire services and the Internet, the picture has moved people around the world and is still a top reprint seller.

However, the text that now accompanies e-mailed versions of the photograph is inaccurate in suggesting that Cinnamon was "thanking" firefighter Clark for saving her life "by carrying her out of the house into her front yard." As Clark himself explained, he didn't rescue the dog, and his encounter with her was pure happenstance:

We didn't do anything (special) to save Cinnamon. When we have a house fire, we have to do a primary search. There could be people home and inside. Our first major concern is life safety. That house was full of smoke and we couldn't see it very well. All I saw was a dog run out, and one was (already) in the backyard. I think Cinnamon got out the door herself.

The dog approached me. As soon as I knelt down and took my mask off, Patrick was coming around the corner of the house and took the picture.

Jeff Clark is still with the Charlotte Fire Department. Cinnamon eventually gave birth to five puppies and lived for several more years until she passed away in January 2005."

Thanks to them for this information.


I Almost Forgot!

In the OpEd section of the Urinal, Bob Herbert's column is all about the poor, misunderstood woman who was going door-to-door in Iraq trying to come up with the millions of unfortunate civilians who'd suffered terribly under the heel of American unbridled blood-lust. What a warm, loving person she was! Why, just like Rachael Corrie, she had no ulterior motive - just a lover of Peace.

How there's been hardly any media coverage of the "unrelieved agony of tens of thousands of innocent civilians in Iraq." Shuuuuuure - like the media has run from such stories. Like our military has gone out of their way to slaughter the innocents - that's why so many of out troops have given their lives in efforts to protect civilians.

To me, it's the most delicious of ironies that Ms Ruzicka was blown to shit by a terrorist car bomb.

And in a move which is based only in altruism, the paper's editorial says John Bolton should "bow out" and withdraw his candidacy to "avoid embarrassing himself and the president any further."

Yep - the Urinal certainly wouldn't have any ulterior motives - like that it's a left-wing apologist.


In the News?

Time for another romp through the pages of the Winston Salem Urinal.

This didn't take long! A group calling itself "Animals Australia" is already saying that the culling of camels will be a "Bloodbath." Still no word from PETA.

I imagine by now that most of you will have heard about the Mexican quints born to a surrogate mom in Phoenix. That's got to piss off one of the families in my neighborhood - they had quints not long ago who have all survived, and they haven't gotten so much as a free diaper. Of course, they're an American family which may explain that. Plus the fact that, since the fertility drug epidemic, quints are a dime a dozen these days.

Now Germany is joining the French government in trying to get the european constitution passed. Yep - that should work for the French - invite the Germans in! Speaking of europe, their "Human Rights" body is condemning the U.S. because we're holding people at Guantanamo who had spit on the street or something, and we're flaying the skin off them for lampshades or something (damn - the Germans again). They want all the european countries to stop cooperating in any interrogations.

Finally, it seems we may have a first. Alicia Hardin, 19, of Chicago, who happens to be black, has been charged with disorderly conduct and (Gasp!) a Hate Crime! Seems she has confessed to sending racist letters to some black and hispanic students at her school, Trinity International University. At least one of the letters threatened to use a weapon against a black female student. Her reason? She was homesick! She wanted to convince her parents the school was dangerous so they'd bring her home.

Now, I'm not really certain about this, but had it been any other race sending those letters some other charges would likely have been filed. Something about communicating a threat, using the U.S. Mail for said purposes, etc.

Or am I just cynical?


26 April, 2005

Mostly Cajun has some wonderful photos up on his site. Really worth a look. And if you want to hear about the stupidest person in the world (it took him six years to get a joke?) go here.

Most people would never guess that the last place in the world to have truly wild camels is Australia. They were brought over from Afghanistan in the 1800's to help in building the railroad througbh the center of the country from Adelaide to Darwin. They and their hearders were the reason the train was called "The Ghan." Now there's something like half a million of them suckers running around the Outback - go here to see how they plan on handling this situation - at least until PETA hears of it!

And this story is gonna flat break the heart of just about everyone who's ever served as a Marine Drill Instructor. The Great State of Texas voting for an Amendment to their Constitution forbidding gay marriage? Why, everyone who's ever been through Marine Boot Camp knows that the only thing that come from Texas are steers and queers!


Just A Quickie

I'm watching some show about Jerico back around 1200 B.C. - only they're saying B.C.E.

B.C.E.? C.E.? Common Era?

Just what is this so-called Common Era based upon? Oh, yeah - the Birth of Christ. Changing the Politically Incorrect Before Christ and Anno Domini really makes a big difference, doesn't it? Makes the Jews, Muslims, Hindus and all the rest really happy, don't it? Like they don't know the basis for it in the first place?

F'kin hypocrites.


More Base Closings

According to the Asswipe Press, the coming round of closings must be free of political influence. It then goes on to point all the ways that this round of closings will all be anti-Democrats. Nice one.

In February, a group from New Hampshire met with Bill Frist, Chuckie Hagel, Toilet, er, John McCain and Hilarity Clintoon. The reason? To tell these August Senators just how important the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard is - and how important that first National Primary is in an election year.

Apparently the Pentagon estimated that the U.S. has about 25% more base space than we need, although SecDef Rummy thinks that number is a bit high when you take into account all the troops who will soon be coming home.

Because Vice President Cheney wanted (and got) Anthony Principi (former head of the VA under Dubya) as chair of the commission, lobbyists are already screaming that Cheney will control the commission. Lots of Dem/Soc/Commie pols in D.C. are already shitting razor blades thinking that base closing (and the associated job losses) are going to hurt their re-election chances.

Hairy Weed, the Dem/Soc/Commie leader in the Senate, said "I can't understand why this wouldn't be a fair process. It's not a political issue."

In the past there has been 451 installations either closed or realigned (Fair? Or Farenheit?). Out of that number, 97 were major installations. Anybody remember Naval Training Stations in Orlando or SanDiego? If the Navy is running only one Training Station - Great Lakes, can the Marine Corps Recruit Depots at either San Diego or Parris Island be long for this world? It would seem one of them will get the axe. As a "Hollywood Marine", I know that it's going to piss me right off if San Diego goes!


25 April, 2005

Hi Folks

Sorry - I didn't even bother turning the damn PC on until around 8 tonight. I see where Indigo and Sailor both have some good things up, as well as a great one at Day by Day.

We did the drive down and got my head examined - I'll have to wait to find out if they actually found anything up there. Other than that, it's just been one of those days - ya know? It happens.

The newspaper got left at the VA hospital, which cut down on my work. Maybe in the morning I can get my shit together, remember where I put it and I'll be able to carry on.

Besides, today was ANZAC Day. A day for remembrances of those who are no longer with us. If you don't know what ANZAC Day is, ask an Aussie or a Kiwi. Do some research on WWI and Gallipoli. A real bummer of a day.


24 April, 2005

A Late Start Tomorrow

Just so you know, on Monday I'm off to the VA Hospital near here to get my head examined (about bloody time! I hear you say).

So don't look for any updates much before Noon. Hopefully I can get caught up by then. Go read Indigo or Sailor or Cajun - just pick one off the Blogroll.


My Make-Up Paper

Today's a bit more managable, so it's time for a run-thru of the Winston Salem Urinal.

Starting with yesterday's yellow journalism, Page 2 there is a Great Wailing and Gnashing of Teeth by the Earth Day believers. Seems they can't figure out why most Americans have lost interest in supporting their causes. Of course, in their view, it couldn't be because they've gone absolutely f'kin stupid at one wing of the Enviros and terrorist at the other. Nah - must be Bush's fault.

Also yesterday, one of their editorial snippets takes a slap at the new Pope. It quotes a statement from Benedict XVI saying basically that the problems within the Church - particularly the priest/boys thing - it being blown out of proportion by the Western press. Okay, I don't buy that, but the editorial goes on to say that the Pope and Tom DeLay must "have similar conspiracy theories about the press."

One article today caught my twisted sense of humor - Hugo Chavez of Venezuela is giving out free copies of Don Quixote to all his subjects, "to feed our spirit with this fighter whocame out to get rid of injustice and fix the world. Hughey baby, I gots some really bad news for you. First, Don Quixote is fiction, not Spanish history, OK? Second, his shaving basin helmet was his "Golden Helmet", not his Tin Foil Helmet.

Oh, well. Time to gather the Doggie Droppings (which should give you a hint as to the creative spark behind this site's name), then on to see what everyone is bleating about.


23 April, 2005

Bad Day

Rotten day. Pain-O-Meter hitting meltdown levels.

Check back tomorrow. Sorry.


22 April, 2005

Just Curious

Now that Sesame Street has officially turned Cookie Monster into Tofu & Sprouts Monster, does he now say "C is for Colorectal Cancer!"

We must be Politically Correct, musn't we?


A Beautiful Thing!

This comes from Indigo Insights -

This photograph shows a red Doberman kissing an exhausted fireman.

He had just saved her from a fire in her house, rescuing her by carrying her out of the house into her front yard, while he continued to fight the fire. She is pregnant. The firefighter was afraid of her at first, because he had never been around a Doberman before.

When he finally got done putting the fire out, he sat down to catch his breath and rest. A photographer from the Charlotte, North Carolina newspaper, "The Observer," noticed this red Doberman in the distance looking at the fireman. He saw her walking straight toward the fireman and wondered what she was going to do.

As he raised his camera, she came up to the tired man who had saved her life and the lives of her babies, and kissed him, when the photographer snapped this photograph:

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us


How Time Flies!

Did anyone out there realize that it was on this date in 1983 that the German magazine Der Stern announced the discovery of Adolf Hitler's 60 volume diary?

Oh, and in another hoax, today is Earth Day. I looked out the window. It's still there.


Hot Damn! It's A MARINE

There haven't been many times in the History of the Marine Corps when there was more than one 4-Star General on active duty at the same time. It used to be only the Commandant of the Marine Corps was a full General, but I had the honor to meet one who wasn't - General Lew Walt.

We now - for the first time in history - look like having a Marine as the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

Congratulations, General Peter Pace! Ooooh Rah! Kill! Kill! Kill!

In a nice way, of course.


I Never Promised You a Rose Garden

This is going to be a bitch session. Most sociological problems in our society don’t have solutions, let alone easy ones. Everything in life - from the time you rise until you sleep again - involve trade-offs. So bear with me.

It really hurts me to see that my children and grandchildren will never know the same freedoms I enjoyed growing up. Those of us who were raised and educated in the late 50's and the 60's actually learned basic skills in our schools. Were there gaps in our education? Of course there were - world history pretty much didn’t exist and whole chunks of our own history were either glossed over or ignored entirely. That we had slavery in our history was taught but not dwelt upon. Our dealings with the Indians got pretty much the same treatment. And no, most of us didn’t get our American History from John Wayne movies. Not the ones that paid attention, anyway.

The best thing I saw coming out of that era was the Civil Rights movement, but true to form, we fucked that up. Instead of actually working to bring those who had been discriminated against all their lives up to the same basic level as everyone else, the "Kumbaya" crowd decided, in the 70's and beyond, that it was much easier to dumb-down everyone else. Then the Civil Rights movement was taken over by the Perpetually Offended. No prizes will be awarded for guessing why we are where we are at this point in our history.

I’d love to know who came up with the concept of "hate" crime. Why is that only applied when the perpetrator is white? Why are all other races incapable of this? If crime in this country received the treatment it deserved, where all acts of brutality were prosecuted equally, would we ever have heard of this? Oh, yeah - I forgot - the Southern Democrats were not believed capable of playing nice. So we put judges on the bench that viewed stone-cold criminals as "maladjusted."

We have gotten to the point where it has become mandatory for our children to learn religion at their Public Schools. The Muslim religion is taught at Elementary Schools nationwide and UNC at Chapel Hill has made it mandatory for incoming Freshmen in the very recent past.

Of course, due to the Perpetually Offended - who are physically incapable of averting their gaze - anything which could be linked, however tenuously, to Christianity is to be stamped out because the First Amendment says that Congress (no one else, just Congress) can make no laws establishing a religion or restricting the freedom to worship. I’m so damn tired of hearing about the misuses of the First and Second Amendments. I’d love to hear a spirited debate about the Third for a change!

Where are we now? Let’s see - an announcer in an ad gets in the shit because he mentions "Cave Men"; freedom of association has become forced association with anyone or everyone.

Our children and grandchildren can’t be corrected by anything more stringent than a "Time Out." Every time I think of that I picture Dennis the Menace in his chair facing the corner. Sure works for him, don’t it? A friend of mine in the late 70's, early 80's had a wife who believed in "negotiating" with her 20 month daughter. The daughter believed in slapping the mother across the face. Guess who won that one? Yep - the daughter!

Our Nations schools still ignore most of the History which takes place outside our borders - especially if it happened in Europe and involves something good. Children are taught that all competition is bad - until they have to apply for a university or confront the real world. Any male children who show either a streak of independence or absolute boredom in schools aren’t to be challenged - they’re to be medicated. It makes life so much easier for the teachers and parents who really don’t want to be bothered with such things as instilling values and ethics into the widdle kiddies.

Have we still got real problems with race? You damn skippy, but the major ones right now involve making everyone universally stupid instead of universally smart, and the JacksonSharpton entitlement mentality.

Yeah, I got an attitude - but you knew that when you met me, didn’t you?


21 April, 2005


Hasan Akbar, the piece of shit who fragged and shot his fellow soldiers was concerned the invasion of Iraq would result in the deaths of Muslims and that U.S. soldiers would rape Iraqi women.

Ask around to see if you can find anyone who gives a fuck about your fellow muslims, filth. He murdered two and tried his damndest to murder 14 others.

Now we have to wait and see if the court will give him the death penalty - hopefully by firing squad - over several days.

I'd pay to watch.

Shit, I'd pay to take part.


Sensationalism At Work

I was just doing a fast scan of the main 3 cable news outlets - CNN, MSNBC and Fox - and only Fox had a headline displayed that dismayed me.

Only Fox had Documents: Jessica Lunsford Was Raped and Buried Alive. Seeing that displayed on the first screen I saw gave me way too much information. I really had no need to see that sensational headline. They could have just as easily titled the story, "Documents Released on Jessica Lunsford" and left it up to the individual how much they wanted to know.

All these news outlets suck. We all know that. Sometimes some suck more than others. This is one of those times for Fox.

Wear the crown well, f'kin asswipes.


Sadly, The Cardinals Elected a Catholic

Hugh Hewitt has an interview with Mark Steyn at Radio Blogger that's a real gem. Most of it deals with the election of the Pope (naturally) but Senators Jim Jeffords and George Voinovich get a mention as well - and it's not an Honorable Mention by any stretch.

Reading these two giants playing off each other is a real treat!


For Marine Wives

I have stumbled across a song that should be made mandatory listening for any current, ex or soon-to-be wives of Marines. This is commonly known as "The Toughest Job in the Corps."

It's by the Bluesman Tommy Castro and the title is "You Knew The Job Was Dangerous (When You Took It)" and it's on the CD "Can't Keep A Good Man Down."

A truly awesome piece of music and I've never heard anything more fitting for the "Job"


20 April, 2005

This is a MUST!

If you're a Veteran, know a Veteran or just care about Veterans, you MUST GO TO THIS SITE!!

All I'll tell you is that it involves Jane Fonda, a Viet Nam Veteran, and something nasty! And you're going to f'kin Love It!

Thanks to Rob for the link - I owe you, mate!


Something's Been Bugging Me

Well, something different, anyway.

Whenever you see those really pathetic ads for Dell Computers on the TV, they always say to log on or call, right?

Well,for lots of people all over the U.S., you have a third option. The Dell Store. Yeah - they actually have those, although you'd never know it from the ads. These are places where you can look at that new Plasma or LCD TV or check out how heavy a laptop actually is, or to try out one of their newer machines - with help available to show you through the products.

What a friggin' concept! If you live in North Carolina, I know there are stores in malls at:
Winston Salem,
Asheville, and

I know some airports like DFW and O'Hare have stores as well, plus there's many more coming nation-wide.

Check 'em out.

This has been an unpaid announcement just to piss people off.


The Muslim Enigma

I got the following in an email from my Blogmother. Thanks, dearie!

Everyone seems to be wondering why Muslim terrorists are so quick to commit suicide. Let's see now. . .

1 No Jesus,
2 No Christmas.
3 No television,
4 No cheerleaders,
5 No baseball,
6 No football,
7 No hockey,
8 No golf,
9 No tailgate parties,
10 No Wal-Mart,
11 No Home Depot,
12 No pork BBQ,
13 No hot dogs,
14 No burgers,
15 No chocolate chip cookies.
16 No lobster,
17 No shellfish, or even frozen fish sticks,
18 No gumbo,
19 No jambalaya.
20 No Beer.
21 No Retirement Plan....:-)))
22 Rags for clothes and towels for hats.
23 Constant wailing from the guy next-door because he's sick and there are no doctors.
24 Constant wailing from the guy in the tower.
25 More than one wife.
26 You can't shave.
27 Your wives can't shave.
28 You can't shower to wash off the smell of donkey cooked over burning camel dung.
29 The women have to wear baggy dresses and veils at all times.
30 Your bride is picked by someone else.
31 She smells just like your donkey. But your donkey has a better disposition.
32 Then they tell you that when you die it all gets better!

I mean, really, is there a mystery here?


This Should be Fun - Again!

House Majority Leader Tom DeLay looks to have performed a manoever which we in the Marines used to call "stepping on your dick."

Apparently he's actually started using the rules in the Constitution to review the actions of Federal justices, up to and including the Supremes.

And doesn't he what! The only one he names is Justice Tony "Da Red" Kennedy and he rips the shit out of that oxygen thief! Of course, we all know what the left's response will be, don't we, boys and girls?

Go read it if you haven't already seen it. It's a thing if beauty.



I see that Senator Jim Jeffords is going to retire when his current term expires. The residents of Vermont will have to find another traitorous, scum sucking piece of human filth to send to Washington.

Fortunately for them, they have an abundance of possible candidates.

So Jeffords is retiring.


The drinks are on me!


A New Link for the Blogroll

Welcome Obnoxious Fumes to this merry little conclave! This man is seriously sick & twisted - sterling qualities as far as I'm concerned. He also has a bad attitude! Is it any wonder he's on the blogroll?

Go see for yourself and say "Hi!" If you like some of what you see here, you're gonna love just about everything you see over there.

I just wish I could take credit for the name ... ...


Talk About Cojones!

Does the name Joe Kittinger mean anything to you? It should.

As a Captain in the Air Force he took part in something called the Excelsior Project, where he rode in a helium balloon to a height of 102,800 feet above the ground. That's past the edge of our atmospheric envelope. It's also around -110 degrees there. Joe Kittinger was wearing a thin flight suit as his only protection.

Shows some balls, don't it? Ain't nuthin compared to his next trick - he jumped out of the gondola of the balloon at that height! Within 22 seconds of his jump, his body reached 714 miles per hour. For those who don't know, that's the sound barrier. He broke the sound barrier without an aircraft and lived! His 'chute opened around 14,000 feet after over 4 minutes of free fall and he drifted down to the New Mexico desert.

He still holds the records for highest man in a balloon and the free fall records - length of free fall and breaking the sound barrier.

He should be at least as famous as Chuck Yeager, and what he did rates comparably with Neil Armstrong. Look him up on Google -
this one is a good starting point.

I almost forgot to add this - that all took place on August 16, 1960!


Would This EVER Happen to the Dems?

So yesterday Sen George Voinovich ambushed his collegues, his President and his party by waiting until voting time to let people know that, "I've heard enough today that I don't feel comfortable voting for Mr. Bolton. I think one's interpersonal skills and their relationships with their fellow man is a very important ingredient [in] anyone that works for me."

Well, isn't THAT just fucking special? Did it even occur that Mr Bolton doesn't work for him - now or at the UN? He couldn't give Sen Lugar or the President a "heads up" over this little conflict in his heart. I don't particularly care. He deliberately and with malice aforethought sabotaged the selection of the man ke knew his President desired to represent the United States and our interests to the Cesspit on the East River.

Scumbag. Absolute f'kin scumbag.


A Bit Slow Sometimes

Indigo Insights put this post up 2 days ago - it's one of those things I meant to do before my short-term memory decided otherwise.

Some great sites remembering Pat Tillman that are a must-stop, followed by a comparisons of dog vs. cat diary entries that's so close to real it's scary!

Personally, I think my DevilDog has some cat in him - he'll circle for 3 - 4 times before finally laying down, and for about 75% of the time if I toss a toy for him, I'm the one who has to fetch the damn thing!


19 April, 2005

I Hope It's True!

I was reading a comment at El Calamaro Grande's site about saving the battleships when I came across something that's just too damn good to allocate to a mere link - here it is:

"I had a AT Chief in the Navy ( I apologize for butchering it here, but I want to make a point), Who used to tell a story about his older brother who was a Marine Cobra pilot; anyway one day the brother marine and his wingman where slugging it out with some VC on a little Island in the middle of this river.

The Cobras were trying to support an amphibious unit, when everyone ran into more than expected resistance, so when things got desperate, the cobra gunner radios for some artillery. He finally gets a calm response back, gives the coordinates, and then receives a message to; “hang on, that one round is in coming”.

The Brother Marine hears the exchange;“what do you mean one round?! We need every thing you’ve got!”

The response was; “one round, and only one round, incoming” “ Trust us you won’t need another”

Gunner; “Who is this?!”

Response; “The USS Missouri, you’ve got one 16 inch round incoming”

Gunner; OH SH…….!,

Just as the sound of the freight train arrived over head. Anyhow, they sank the island, and muddied up a couple of helicopters.

When Marines are having trouble getting out of trouble faster than they got into it, you can’t call for that sort of air support from back in Diego Garcia (a 14 - 16 hour wait for a B-52)."

I F'kin Love It!!


I Was Right

There's a whole bunch of shit for me in today's edition of the Winston Salem Urinal! Bunches, even!

On Page 3 is a story about how different States are treating illegal immigrants. From Arizona (the strictest) who are denying some welfare bennies, to Iowa who is making it easier to get drivers licenses and, by extension, voting registration. Most telling quote is from the deputy director of the National Immigration Forum, Angela Kelley, who says that "Clubbing people because of their illegal status isn't going to make them legal or make them leave." Of course not, bitch - we don't want to make them leave,we want to force them to leave and to stop them from getting in here in the first place!

Page 4 tells us about a graduate physics student from CalTech who burned Hummers at a dealership "because SUV dealers are evil." William Jensen Cottrell,24, got 100 months in prison and repay $8.58 million to the dealer. Yeah, like that'll happen!

On to the editorial - entitled, "Lazy or Chicken" That's what the Urinal sees as the only two possible reasons why some of the initial co-signers of the In-state Tuition bill have since withdrawn their support. They must either have been lazy in that they didn't read the proposed legislation, or "they chickened out (because) the political right has seized on this bill as a pet issue." I guess it never occurred to the non-liberal, straight down-the-middle people at the Urinal that there could be another reason - Duty. I always thought it was the duty of elected persons to actually represent the people who sent them to the legislature, regardless of politics. I know, what a concept!

That'll do. For now.


What A Morning!

Yeah, I know - late again. I gots an excuse. Really.

I had an early appointment at the VA today that got stretched until after Noon. The Doctor I see there is extremely efficient and not at all officious, so that got stretched out a bit. She sent me for a phlebotomy, then later got me to have another one because they didn't get enough the first time.

So see? I got an excuse!!

I got home just in time to see the new Pope Benedictus XVI - he already has the nickname Papa Ratzi. Gives it a whole new meaning, huh?

They think his hard line against variations from existing dogma might have something to do with his background. As a 14 year old he was a Hitler Youth and then served in the German Army during WWII.

Let me set something straight right now - if you grew up in Nazi Germany during that period, I'm surprised that he wasn't in the Youth from age 10! If you wern't in the Hitler Youth from age 10 to age 18, you were Jewish, Gypsy or Homosexual. No one cared if you wanted to be in it - you were in it. The same with his time in the Army - especially towards the end of the war - if you were German, man, woman or child - you served in the Army. Conscientious Objector status wasn't a really big thing in Germany back then.

Got it? Good.

I'll check to see if anything else happened today - I think the W-S Urinal has some stuff for me - and I'll be back in a bit.


18 April, 2005

So Sad

Nancy Kerrigan has had a baby boy. Seven pounds nine ounces and 21 inches long. She named him Brian.

Other than the fact that Monty Python fans can have fun with that name, why do I even have to know who she is? She's a second-rate ice skater who told Mickey Mouse to go fuck himself if I remember correctly, and she made a star out of the thug Tanya Harding.

Is there anyone out there who really cares if this person - or her family - lives or dies? Okay, maybe if she can find some spectacular way to die that has lots of entertainment value.

If there's anyone out there who cares, let me know. OK??


Today Really Sucks

I really hate Mondays like this.

I had to go for my morphine pump's bi-monthly oil & lube job. It was scheduled for 10:15 but they fucked around and I ended up getting out of there after 11:30. Pissed me right off.

Then I get home and do the daily dog shit detail. I finish up and put the tools away - and the damn dog decides to drop a fresh steamer for me. Waddaya gonna do?

I figured I'd get domestic and semi-clean the kitchen. I circled the house rounding up everything I could find for the dishwasher. I grab a Pepsi and come here to start blogging - and I realize I put the ashtrays in the wash.

I searched for a spare and came back - and find that the damn glass I put the Pepsi in has a leak.

And it's not even 3:00pm! I knew today was gonna be a bad day anyway:
- It's the 10th anniversary of the Oklahoma City bombing.
- It's the 50th anniversary of Einstein's death.
- It'a the 99th anniversary of the San Francisco earth quake.
- It's the 60th anniversary of war correspondant Ernie Pyle's
- It's the 22nd anniversary if the bombing of the American Embassy in

Is that enough?


17 April, 2005

M. Moore Begs NeoCons for Pies

Following a spate of Lib/Soc/Commies throwing calories at Conservative speakers - pies, salad dressing, etc. - Michael Moore is begging Conservatives to throw pies at him. Blueberry is preferred, but coconut cream is acceptable.

Hell, Turkey sandwiches with gravy would do as well!


These People Slay Me!

In an editorial today, the Winston Salem Urinal columnist John Railey (requires free registration) had this to say:

"There's a chance that the coming white smoke in Rome will rise for the first black pope in modern times.

Francis Arinze, a cardinal from Nigeria with ties to Winston-Salem, could be that pope. It wouldn't be his race alone that's controversial, although there are too many racists left in the world who still make pigment an issue. More than anything else, the controversy if Arinze is elected pope would be over the fact that he's black and rigidly conservative.

Not that there's anything wrong with that."

He then goes on to say just what exactly IS wrong with that. In a speech that Arinze made at Georgetown University a couple of years ago, he said, "In many parts of the world, the family is under siege, opposed by an anti-life mentality as seen in contraception, abortion, infanticide and euthanasia," he said in a speech that sparked sharp outcry. "It is scorned and banalized by pornography, desecrated by fornication and adultery, mocked by homosexuality, sabotaged by irregular unions and cut in two by divorce."

Pity the Rich White Liberal here in America!! Why, they'd be hamstrung because any criticism of the Black Pope could smack of (Shudder) RACISM! Can you imagine the number of WASP Catholics in the U.S. who wouldn't know whether to shit or go blind!

I'd love to see it, but at best it's a real long shot. But the Cardinals are going to get locked up shortly, and they have a habit of doing whatever they feel like.

Wait and see.


America Needs to Wake Up

That's a quote from Mark Lunsford. “It’s sad that it takes something like this to bring a community together,” Lunsford said. “America needs to wake up. The next child could be yours.”

Mark was among those who had been searching for Sarah Lunde, whose body was found in an abonded fish farm pool.

36 year old David Onstott, a registered sex offender, has apparently confessed to this girl's murder. God and Onstott are the only ones who know what this young girl had to suffer through before death released her.

Do I believe in the death penalty? you Fuckin' A bet your ass I do! With much pain and suffering. In public. Now these oxygen thives get to go to sleep. They just don't wake up. It needs to be returned to being a deterrent, and the only way for that to happen is to make the deaths public and painful. Otherwise we're just cutting down on repeat offenders.

Onstott, Couey and every swinging dick out there who feels like molesting and murdering a child just fuckin' begs to be executed.


16 April, 2005

Stealing From the Troops

I'm sure most of you either saw or heard about this story already. It seems that some 13 asswipes working in the cargo area of San Francisco's airport made a habit of going through the packages marked to our troops on Okinawa, stealing laptop computers, digital cameras, DVD and CD players, game units - you name it, these feces with legs stole it, to the tune of $200,000 or so.

Considering who is stationed on Okinawa, I'd say there's a good chance that a chunk of those stolen articles would have been earmarked for the Marines stationed there.

Since the maximum that any of these will face in 5 years and $250,000 fine, I have a better idea. I know what Marines do with thieves - or at least what they used to do. When I was in, if the thief was able to walk without assistance by the time he got to the Company Commander, the rest of us would be in the shit! Thieves had a really bad tendency to fall over foot lockers - a lot.

Just send these bright sparks to Kadena. If they could make it past the Flyboys, the Marines should be able to take care of the rest.


Indigo's Up!

My Blogmother got a post up today - part of it is all the things you can do with those Bounce fabric softener sheets.

I couldn't find out what good it would do to wipe yer ass with it. Maybe they just missed that one!


I'd be Worried

According to this, all parties in the Terri Schiavo case have been cleared from any allegations of abuse or exploitation. This is the official view of the Florida Department of Children and Families in a report ordered to be released by (wait for it) Judge George Greer.

Of course, not having the autopsy results yet would make one think a report like this may be a bit premature, but what do I know?

Just a personal opinion, but considering the track record of this Department, if I was Michael right now I think I'd be a bit worried. Wouldn't you?

I wonder if they ever got around to finding any of those hundreds of kids they "misplaced"?


15 April, 2005

Dan Rather - The Gift That Keeps Giving

It's been a while since I'd been over to RatherBiased, so I went (more out of curiousity to see if they still existed) and not really expecting much.

Well, is my face red! They've been busy little suckers over there lately. Since I have no reason to ever put my television on CBS, I didn't know about the Wednesday 60 Minutes interview with the Italian Communist - which had already been shown to be crap before it even went to air! NBC aired the preliminary report that said the American military acted properly in the shooting of the bitch's car.

Lots, lots more - go see! It's fun!


Oh, My - Where to Begin?

I just got a "heads up" from Indigo to go check out this story at Jen Martinez's site. The bag in the seat pocket in front of you is for your convenience.

I went and had my Bull Shit Meter blow up on that little bit of creative personal history. If you don't read it for yourself you just ain't gonna fuckin' believe it!


The Secular God

It looks like I'm gonna have to watch The History Channel on Sunday and Monday.

I watch it a fair bit anyway, but this time they claim to be revealing the dirty bits of the Liberal God, Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

Personally, considering that channel's track record on such other things as the use of the A-bomb and some of their snider comments about our wars since 1960 (notice how those shows always find at least one former troop who was just sickened - sickened I tell you - by our actions?) I'm not going to hold out much hope for an objective look.

That's the nice part of being a cynic - I'm rarely disappointed and sometimes - though not often - I get pleasantly surprised.


Save the Battleships!

Don't snicker - this is serious. Ollie North has a column about this today, and any Marine or Doggie who saw what the USS New Jersey could do to a four digit coordinate (one square kilometer) knows exactly what I'm talking about.

These battle wagons can (and have) supply a lethality not available to our troops in any other form right now. We need to keep these magnificent old bastards on call!


A "Die-In?"

Why go to all the time and trouble organizing one of those at your school when you can go to Iraq and experience the real thing?

A Marine currently playing in the Kitty Litter heard about just such a demonstration, so he decided to write his school with some really instructive hints.

Kudos to Matt Kennicott for finding this. Another addition to the Blogroll! And thanks to Blogmom for pointing it out!


In the News?

Thumbing through today’s copy of the Winston Salem Urinal has produced the following:

The Chief Justice of North Carolina’s Supreme Court is urging the State government to set up a panel which would, "investigate defendants’ claims of innocence." Could’ve fooled me - I thought we already had one of those. It’s called the jury trial system.

Katie C(CCP)ouric gave an award to Caroline Kennedy, praising her about the way she handles, "the privilege and pressure of her last name." Apparently the award was for being named Kennedy.

The latest bombing in Iraq targeted, among others, an ice cream vendor. It blew up his only way of making a living as well as killing 18 and wounding 36. The Iraqi branch of AlQaeda was really, really proud of this effort.

Koffee Anus says that all the money Saddam got wasn’t from the Oil for Terror program after all - it was all the fault of the United States and Great Britain! Koughing Anus claims that the Saddam weapons were all bought with the ill-gotten gains of his smuggling oil out of the country. The best quote: "They were the ones who had interdiction, possibly they were also the ones who knew exactly what was going on, and the countries themselves decided to close their eyes to smuggling to Turkey and Jordan because they were allies" Dontcha just f’kin love it?

More mass graves were found in Iraq. One of these is believed to contain over 5,000 bodies, but they can’t do anything because the ‘insurgents’ would most likely blow any workers up or take them for beheading.

Finally, I scored the Daily Double in the OpEd section - Donald Kaul AND Maureen Dowd. How lucky can one cripple get?


14 April, 2005

Someone Needs a Reality Check

Two Dimmocrats have decided to put forth a bill in North Carolina where any Company that does business with the state must go through its history to see if they ever profited from slavery.

I can think of no other possible use for this than extortion, can you? I mean, of what possible good or ill can that information do over 140 years after slavery was outlawed in this country? What does it mean to a company today that merged with another company years ago? Keep in mind, theoretically a company has to be 140 years old for this to matter.

Shouldn't it?


Ethics? What Ethics?

If, as one of the tolerant and caring Liberals put on the T-shirts he was selling, "Everyone" wants Tom DeLay to commit suicide because of his alleged ethical indiscretions, he'd have a whole shitload of company - from both parties.

Don't believe me? go read this and this over at the Big Squid's site. I doubt that there's anything there which would shock the normally cynical shits like me, but still, it makes good reading. Reading of a type you are guaranfuckingteed not to see in the New York Times.



Fact-Based Debate

Or, as Liberals refer to it, "FOOD FIGHT!!"

Only problem is that the Libs make certain that they're the only ones who are armed. Ann Coulter is in a bit of a righteous snit today over the prosecutor of the two cretins who attacked her in Arizona. Seems this particular "strong on crime" servant of the people is a Democrat and she had the charges dismissed against the pie-throwers.

Pies and salad dressing have become the bon mot of choice lately (Ooh! Morticia! That's French!!) in refuting arguments that are deemed to be unsavory. Especially at those hotbeds of spirited debate - the American Universities and Colleges. They take great pride on allowing a full range of debate to take place - from Radical Liberal all the way to Rabid Communist!

I think we should all be guided by the actions taken against the food-tossing Neandrathals by their respective schools - take no action whatsoever if we should happen to physically attack anyone who disagrees with us.

Just write it off as youthful exuberance on our part. I know that I'm having my childhood now!


Feral Cat Season

Despite a poll of Wisconsin residents saying that a hunting season on feral cats is needed, the Governor has said he'd shoot down any such legislation.

Another case of Political Correctness gone absofuckinglutely nuts.

They have over two million feral cats in Wisconsin that are spreading disease to outdoor "domestic" cats (no such thing) including feline leukemia and AIDS. The songbird population in Wis. in in trouble due to this problem, and if you want to see what feral cats can do, Google "feral cat australia" and see what they've done to the native wildlife. Several species of reptiles are now extinct and more are endangered due to these 'widdle kitties'.

Besides which, this solution is already in force in MN next door and the cats may be feral but they aren't stupid - like any other animal they'll find where they will be safe.

And before someone says, "Oh, but they will shoot my little Suzi" - if your cat is an outdoor cat, it's a killer of anything it can catch. It can catch the feline diseases and spread them. If you are dumb enough or uncaring enough that you'd let a house cat run outdoors you deserve what you get.

Personally, I think that shooting cats should be mandatory (sorry Indigo & Cajun).


13 April, 2005

Really Sick-Making

What would you do with a woman who forced one daughter into prostitution and traded the other daughter for a car?

This isn't make-believe. Go to The Rottweiler for the whole story.


A Reward for Illegals

Reading through today's Winston Salem Urinal, I came across an article headlined, "Bill would let illegal immigrants pay in-state tuition at N.C. universities."

Apparently a group of legislators in the North Carolina General Assembly are sponsoring this bill, claiming that this will help make sure the illegals are educated.

First of all, I thought they were here to take the jobs no one else wanted. That normally wouldn't require a degree. Secondly, the in-state tuition is still pretty steep. Migrant agriculture workers and restroom attendants will still find that cost out of their range.

Those are the kind of jobs these illegal immigrants are taking, aren't they? That's what the Lib/Dem/Soc/Commies have been telling us, isn't it?

Oh - and where was this article? Buried among the Obits on Page 5 of the "Metro" section.


12 April, 2005

Only A Suggestion ... ...

Rodger Dodger over a C&S has come up with a marvelous suggestion for handling theving f'kin Democrats of the Washington State variety.

Go over and be enlightened - but remember, it's only a suggestion.

Or is it?

Personally, I don't have a problem with it.


Caring, Sharing Libs

My mate, Sailor, has scored with a great post again. Once again it's from Doc Farmer, and this one is all about those Lib/Dem/Soc/Commies who will put up with almost any kind of speech or behavior as long as it's something they can agree with.

In this case it's a T-shirt "designed" by one of their ilk that requests that Rep. Tom DeLay commit suicide. How F'kin Lovely!

Mr Farmer has, however, given me some great ideas for some shirts of my own. Go read the article and see if you agree.


11 April, 2005

Another Raven "Gang Colors" Update

It had to happen, didn't it?

Some asshat at Runningscared.org, who says he's a "former republican" (who f'kin cares?) has turned this personal rights issue into a Red State/Blue State bullshit issue. After shitting on Michelle Malkin, the following sample of the blog is registered:

"It is at once an insightful look at the blindness of right wing pundits and a depiction which had me alternating between holding my sides in laughter and gagging. (Warning for the easily nauseated... Ann "the Toxic Twig" Coulter is mentioned. Your dinner may be spoiled.)"

It just so happened that I was indeed eating my dinner when I read this. Not the wisest move on my part. Much of the argument revolves around red and blue being the gang colors of the Crips and Bloods - of course he seems to miss completely the white beads in between, and having both the red and blue colors on the same piece of jewelry is pretty much ignored.

What really sets him off, though, is the fact that Raven's mom has filed a lawsuit against the school. He views it as being just out for the money and allowing all gang-related clothing, etc, back into the schools. He claims it was used as a "first option" instead of what it really is - the only way she was able to get the school's attention.

It figures this asshat can only see the red and blue beads - that's the way he seems to view everything in this nation - red and blue.

And that's a damn shame.

(Many thanks to Indigo Insights for the lead to this blog)


Well, It's Not Johnny Cash

Some guy with obviously shit for brains thought it would be a good idea to dress in all black and go to the US Capitol today.

With two suitcases. And just stand there outside the Capitol.

When police told him to back away from the bags he didn't say or do anything, so said cops snuck up on him, took him down and dragged his sorry ass off to a waiting ambulance.

I presume that ambulance trip was taking said shit for brains to the Hotel Silly.


About Printing Lies

I mentioned that in my last post, but there's not much I could come up with that'd beat the new Japanese text books. Apparently the Chinese and Koreans feel that way as well. Somehow the don't remember the 30's and 40's quite the same way as those texts present it.

Even the Chinese are having 'spontaneous demonstrations.' Just curious, but how long does it take for the Communist government of China to organize a 'spontaneous demonstration?'

All these people are highly pissed. After what the Japanese did to their countries and people - the tortures, rapes and slaughter, not to mention the "comfort girl" slave trade - they have every right to be pissed.

This isn't the first time Japan has tried this shit with their desire to teach revisionist history in their schools, and I doubt if it will be the last. Each time they try it though they need to be slapped around. It's a shame that soon those who remember these acts will be dead.

Like the Jewish Halocaust, memory of these barbaric acts need to be remembered forever.


A Little of Everything

Another shitty start to a day in Paradise. I got the damn brace this morning - I feel like I should be saying, "God bless us, every one!" To top that off, Boy Wonder read today's Day by Day and took great delight in pointing out the obvious between me and one of the characters. I do love him, but there are times ... ...

I read the article Calamaro Grande has up about Cuban heathcare. It really doesn't surprise me, since I already knew that AIDS patients along with other infections STD carriers are kept isolated in camps with minimal to nonexistent medical care. The article along with its link to Cuban blogs are worth the time.

Indigo has posted today as well - mentioning Raven, our "gang colors" student from New York. She also give what might be good knowledge about identifying a stroke victim. I don't know if it's valid or not, but it sounds like it should be.

Time to go traipsing thru blogdom and see what else I can print lies about today.


10 April, 2005

The Rites of Spring

I love this time of year - the flowers, the smell of new-mown grass - - and NASCAR racing on a short track today!

I also have both the Cubs and the White Sox on TV today. And tomorrow's the home opener for the Winston Salem Warthogs. Unfortunately, I don't have a pit to hiss in, so maybe later in the year ... ...

Of course, by the first day of Fall it will be

But in the meantime - Ahhhh, Spring!


09 April, 2005

These People Just Don't Get It

I've been reading letters to editors and various columnists lately, and it's amazing how absolutely f'kin ignorant these Leftists are. Consider Terri Schiavo.

Just about as many Democrats as Republicans voted on that piece of legislation, and the legislation only allowed the parents to take their appeal to the Federal courts. Yet these fuckwits keep screaming about how the Radical Right Christian (now a curse word) Illuminati tried to ride roughshod over the judiciary.

These same people actually believe that, should your opinions differ from theirs, you must be a Facist.

It's really depressing me: the fact that so many people in this country have the attention span of a Cocker Spaniel puppy so they need to either have their reality fed to them in small bites by Hollywood or by the politicians who will promise them bread & circuses using words of one syllable.

Obviously the Paxil and Welbutrin ain't workin' - must be Miller time!


Hanoi F'kin Jane - Again

I don't think I've ever linked to one of my own posts before, but regarding this one, it was pointed out to me that said douchebag has actually apologized for the trip to the NVA Anti Aircraft battery and the photo that was taken with her on the gun.

Of course, she will never apologize - nor will she ever see a reason to - for her Ho Chi Minh USO Tour. I'd be willing to bet that she thinks by saying "sorry" about the gun pic that everything's going to be sweet from here on out.

I don't fuckin' think so. The only reason she apologized for that was a) she got caught, and b) because of the photo that she couldn't deny.

And these are the kinds of turds that America calls "stars". Look at who the music industry pushes at you, then think of the last time you saw any mention of Ted Nugent in the media. In a positive light. Did it mention his music?

If you're my age and you can still stand such things, get one of Ted's CD's (I almost said 'album'), turn it up to about a Warp Factor 12 and put some earphones on. Chemical assistance is optional.


Gang Colors - An Update

You might remember that back around March 14th, I wrote about a young girl going to school in Schenectady, New York who wore a necklace of red, white and blue beads to honor family members over playing in The Kitty Litter.

Well, there's an update on this story, and rather than pirate the whole damn thing, just go over to
Stark Truth and read it there. I'm just going to pirate the cartoon:

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

I know - I'm shameless.


From A Wimp? Not Bloody Likely!

Every time I start feeling sorry for myself, I think about everything Indigo Insights has had to put up with in her life. And she just keeps right on truckin' along.

Now she's finally come down with carpal tunnel, so her postings are, understandably, going to slow down some. And she thinks that's Wimping Out!

Not. Bloody. Likely! Blogging is supposed to be fun - unless you happen to be making a living from it. When it stops being fun - for whatever reason - you stop.

Hell yes, I'm gonna miss seeing the thoughts of my Blogmother on a regular basis.

But I have her phone number!!


These People Need Dying - Real Soon

It has now been determined by an American court of law that you can write, "You will die too George W Bush real Soon they Promised That you would Long Live Bin Laden." and send it to the President just two weeks after September 11, 2001 - and it's protected speech under the First Amendment.

I know I'm an old fart, but I can remember when communicating a death threat to the President of the United States would land you in more shit than you could shovel. I can see where that's no longer the case.

Of course, no one would ever guess that the court that decided this is (drum roll, please) - TA DA - The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals located in San Francisco.

How about if someone threatens one of them with death - "real soon"!


08 April, 2005

The Dog Has Grievances

Anyone who either has a dog, once had a dog or might have a dog sometime in the future really needs to go read this at Circa Bellum.

It makes me damn jealous that I didn't think of it!!


How Many Times?

Charlie Daniels has a column out that all I can add to is Amen.

He's talking about the monsters that are out there preying on our children, and that they must be stopped.

Read his article. At the bottom is a pro-forma letter you can use to mail to your representatives (email or snail mail). Grab a copy, fill it out and send it to your senators and your rep - both State and Federal.

I did. Do it now before you get sidetracked.


A Dilemma for Turkey

Ya know, I've been thinking again (yeah, I know) and the government of Turkey has got to be highly irritated. I might go so far as to say they're really pissed.

Here the Turks have been spending decades shitting on the Kurds in their country, when their neighbor goes and makes one President!

When you think about it, the parallels between this and Blazing Saddles are getting interesting. Substitute Turkey for townspeople and Kurds for the Black Sheriff. Hmmm.

Where was I? Oh, yeah - one thing that had the Turks testicles in a tangle over Operation Iraqi Freedom was the remote possibility of the Kurds setting themselves up as a separate nation. Should that have happened the Turkish Kurds would have tried to join with it and the shit would've really hit the fan.

When you get right down to it, pretty much the entire Eastern half of Turkey is a conglomeration of leftovers from the Ottoman Empire who want abso-fucking-lutely nothing to do with the Turks.

Like I keep saying, nothing ever really gets better or worse - it just gets different.