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19 June, 2007

She Did WHAT?

Twice each year, at New Years and on her "Official" birthday (June 7th), Queen Elizabeth issues an Honors List - handing out knighthoods and other honors - OBE's, MBE's, etc.

This year she apparently granted a knighthood to Salman Rushdie, What the f'k was she or her advisers thinking?

That's like begging radical Muslims to all meet in England and blow the shit out of it! Wern't the f'kin Irish enough?

I guess I'll never get to see it, but if you're planning a trip to London, I'd get there quick while it's still there.


18 June, 2007

Evolution Hypocracy

Just about everyone with a minimal interest in science knows about Charles Darwin's trip to the Galapagos. Among other things, he discovered 13 different finches, but the only real difference between them were their beaks. He made the leap that they all evolved from a single pair of finches that has landed on the islands many thousands of years ago.

He proceeded to list each of the finches as a separate species, based solely on their beaks.

Now, here comes the part that will get me branded all sorts of bad things.

From the time of the first recognizable humanoid 3 million years ago, there have been innumerable species of humans that were dead ends. We are all now classified as the same species - and to me that's a crock of shit.

First of all, DNA has never been a criteria for determining species in the past, so it shouldn't now.

Some in the scientific community are now thinking that Neanderthals didn't so much die out but interbred with the new humans. I believe it's strictly theory at this point - no real proof to back it up.

Now let's look at today. Remember those finches? They were capable of interbreeding. Have a look at the "Human Race". We are all listed as one species, but if were were examined the same way as other animals we should be listed as a large number of separate species.

Have a look at a Scandinavian, then have a look at an Italian. As far as intelligence and capabilities there's very little difference, but living in different climates have led each to develop different skill sets.

To me, the theory that we are not only one species, but have reached the epitome of our "race" is an incredible arrogance of the worst kind.

And no, I'm not a "Skinhead" or a "White Supremicist" or any other kind of someone's better then anyone else. I just try to use my powers (such as they are) of thought and deductive reasoning. I am certainly NOT saying that anyone is better than anyone else - just different.


17 June, 2007

Happy Fathers Day

It looks like my daughter and her family might stop by today - I'm not too sure about Boy Wonder but I'll see him tomorrow. We all live within about 10 miles of each other, so it's nice to be able to see them fairly regularly - especially the grand kids, including the newly acquired ones.

My ex son-in-law is with his daughter and my new son-in-law is with his son and daughter, as well as with Attitude With Legs eldest daughter.

Boy Wonder, however, had to watch his little girl head away with the Wicked Witch of the North yesterday, although he does have his Significant Other's little girl today.

To all the Dads, Grandpas, Great Grandpas, etc, I hope you have a wonderful day with your children.

And to the kids - don't forget how much your Dad (and Mom) have sacrificed over the years out of sheer love for you, and that they would lay down their very lives for you if necessary.

Happy Fathers Day to you all.


13 June, 2007

Talk About Fickle Fans

So - Dale Earnhart Jr announced today that next year he'll be racing for the Rick Hendricks team - the same team that has Jimmy Johnson - and Jeff Gordon.

Many of Jr's so-call "fans" have already deserted him because of this. What they never knew - or didn't care about - is that since the death of Dale Sr., Gordon and Jr have been friends off the track, taking trips together and being involved in some business ventures together. It's only been on the track that they were rivals.

Even then, according to Jr, he really only viewed the Fords and Dodges as serious rivals, not fellow Chevy drivers.

I wonder who the dickheads will be throwing beer cans at now?


12 June, 2007

Best Ranger?

I see that the Army runs a yearly contest to determine who is the Best Ranger.

I just know I'm going to get slammed by this, but we had something similar in the Marine Corps. The winner was named Honor Graduate of his Boot Camp Platoon.

Let the games begin!


10 June, 2007

Sport of the Common Man?

After watching on TV, I'd love to go and experience a NASCAR race in person. After all, they moved the sport from its roots in the South across the nation. It used to be that most engines and chassis for NASCAR were made within about a 25 mile radius of Winston Salem.

NASCAR has always been viewed as the sport of the common man, but the "common man" must be doing pretty well these days!

I had a look at some of the tracks to see how much tickets would be. Here's an example of the cheap seats at some of the tracks:

Chicago - $195.00
Martinsville, VA - $100.00
Infinion (California road race) - $130.00
Bristol - $104.00
Kansas - $205.00
Texas - $130.00
Telladega - $70.00
Atlanta - $80.00 (restricted view)

Remember, these are the "cheap seats", and are single ticket prices. That does not include parking or any concessions. A family of four would have to drop well over a grand to attend a race. And if you're interested in NASCAR and don't have cable or an equivalent, you're screwed.

As much as I enjoy it (let's face it - where else am I going to see a 20 car pile-up and not be in the middle of the sumbitch), their "Common Man" label has turned into a real joke.


09 June, 2007

Operation Stars & Stripes

So far this organization has shipped almost 17,000 pounds in about 3,500 boxes to our troops overseas. Besides trying to send some of the comforts of home and things that they need but can't get from the military, they've also sent some stuff for the dogs over there.

Meredith, who runs this group, is in dire need of donations to help cover the costs of mailing these boxes. She has a Tax ID Number for the organization, so you can get a tax break for your donations.

She has spent so much of her own money on this in the past that she really needs the help. Anything you can do will be greatly appreciated.

You can find the site in my Blogroll as ** - Operation Stars & Stripes or just click on this.


08 June, 2007

General Pace to Retire

The first Teufel Hund (German for Devil Dog - which is where the term came from in WWI) in the Nation's history to hold the position of Chairman of the Joint Chiefs has decided to retire at the end of his term.

General Peter Pace - one of the very few Marines to hold four stars without being the Commandant (Lew Walt was the first) - has served our Nation with pride, honor and diligence for many years. I'm sorry to see him go, but he deserves the rest.

He has received so many awards from our country that when he wears his dress uniform he has a list to port. He damn near needs someone to hold him up!

I wish him a long and comfortable retirement. Since he is a Marine, I wonder if I can get his box of crayons?


06 June, 2007

Enemy Combatants?

It looks like the government is pulling more red tape out its ass. Now the Military Tribunals can only try those who have been labeled as "Unlawful Enemy Combatants".

Now, by definition, an enemy combatant would be a soldier, in uniform, fighting against us. Any terrorist scumbags who are spies, sniping our troops or setting IEDs and are NOT in uniform are Unlawful Enemy Combatants and should be shot on sight. This isn't my opinion, this is from the Geneva Convention.

Those on Gitmo all come under the category of Unlawful Enemy Combatants, so the military should simply change their status - immediately.

As for the dickheads who came up with the semantic frogshit, they should be categorized as "Enemy Combatants".


Another Illegal Murderer

Once again, a drunk illegal had murdered an innocent American with a stolen car and fake ID.

Every time someone like New Haven, Conn or North Carolina give photo IDs to an illegal, those IDs go straight back across the border where hundreds - if not thousands of copies are made, allowing anyone - including gang bangers and terrorists - to come across the border.

And as far as the claim that we can't deport all of them so we should let them all stay, well I'd like to use the thoughts of Ann Coulter (follow that link) - we can't arrest every rapist, murderer or even speeders, so we should just give them a pass, right? After all, crossing our borders is a crime, but since we can't catch them all (absolute bullshit as far as I'm concerned) we may as well let them all in.

Now you have some group of total imbeciles from Texas running ads saying that they need workers so we need more Mexicans. No word in the ad about Americans looking for the same jobs, especially construction and kitchen help. They also forget to mention that they can pay the Mexicans $2 - $3 per hour and they won't complain because they're afraid of being sent back home.

Does anyone remember how the Roman Empire collapsed?


05 June, 2007

William Jefferson - Gotta Love It!

They've finally indicted him on bribery, accepting bribes and racketeering charges. That damn Culture of Corruption is still at it (oops - he's a Dem).

The one item in this case that really yanked my chain was when the FBI searched his congressional office and Pelosi, etc, went apeshit. According to her, those offices are supposed to be sacrosanct. That would allow any Congressman or Senator to run scams worth millions as long as they kept the paperwork in their office.

Sorry - even tho Pelosi and friends have backed off that, those offices should be open to the FBI to search when they have reasonable cause.