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11 February, 2005

It's Not Hate Speech, It's Just "Unpopular"

Yeah, I know - everyone has already weighed in on the Ward Churchill asswipe. I have to get in on this one though, because I know the Whitewater, Wisconsin area very well. My sister owned a home only a couple of miles down the road from there.

Now that the UofW at Whitewater is bringing in this fraud - he's not an Indian - to espouse his brand of hate speech (remember: it's only hate speech if they disagree with you), can we get something through to these people?

Fox News uses the quote, "a decision the chancellor said was repugnant but necessary under First Amendment principles of free speech."

Free Speech? BULLSHIT! Free speech does not mean you have to provide a podium or employment for anyone. They can espouse their Free Speech quite nicely, thank you very much, standing on any street corner in America.

The University of Wisconsin must provide adequate security for this event. I pray they don't find out what "adequate security" really means.

I've been giving this a little more thought and talking it over with Boy Wonder. When a person gives a speech designed to incite others to take direct violent action against other groups, such as Churchill's statements against Jews in particular and the average American in general, have we gotten so afraid of the ACLU that we as a nation will now allow this?

How is this any different from shouting "FIRE" in a packed theater? The results are very similar - they both plant a fear of a situation that does not in fact exist.

Whether or not his words are provable treason, his statements about the Jews alone should be enough to keep him off the speaking circuit.

Of course, someone will point out the fallacy of my views.


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