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16 September, 2007

I Think I'm Back (I Think)

Well, my system's been restored thanks to Boy Wonder (now you know why I called him that), and I've sent an email to him without attachments and it went through clean. I picked him because he has his system locked down tighter than a frog's ass. Later I'll try an attachmentment and see what happens.

So - for the moment I feel comfortable sending out mail and posting again.

What happened? Glad you asked - I'm very careful, but I was checking on She Who Must Be Obeyed's family crest and tartan, and the supposed "tartan" site turned out to be a sex site that hammered me with a new virus - my system condom had a hole in it.

Let this be a lesson - trust no one, do nothing!


13 September, 2007


My computer has been slimed - I'm using She Who Must Be Obeyed's laptop for this.

Until further notice, there will be no email from me from my personal account - if I do send email, it will be from here - Obnoxdrop@yahoo.com.

I'll let everyone know if and when my machine is resurrected.