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29 October, 2008

S&G - Two Quickies

First, "news" outlets like the New York Times and Newsweek, among many others, have already decided the election. They are spending their time and ink speculating on who Obama is going to appoint to what cabinet positions. Do you think there's any mention of McCain? Even in passing?

If you have ever believed that we have an impartial press, I recommend long-term professional care.

Also - and this is the scary one - Obama's campaign people are accepting donations made through prepaid credit cards. These cards can be bought at drug stores, grocery stores and just about anywhere else. There is no way to track back where these donations came from - the money can be from foreign nationals, government contractors, unions, donors who have exceeded their limits or other illegal sources.

By accepting this anonymous cash (which is a no-no in the first place), the Federal Election Commission could rip Obama a new asshole.

But I wouldn't hold my breath.


28 October, 2008

Grab Yer Ankles - Again

So - after Ms Barbara West quoted "From each according to his abilities to each according to their needs" (by Karl Marx, not Harpo or Groucho), the centerpiece of Obama's platform, Joe Biden got all huffy and refused to continue the interview. He even had the gall to ask her who was writing her questions.

Now, Ms West - and her family - are being dragged thru the mud by Obama's folks who are looking for anything to discredit her (Carville tactics again), and they have shut down that station from any further contact with the Democrats.

Is it just me, or does this sound kinda like Hugo Chavez?


26 October, 2008

S&G - All Over the Place

I was doing a little calculating - I have nothing else to do with my spare time - and worked out the "accuracy" of the so-called JDAM Smart Bombs.

The bomb itself is claimed to hit within 10 meters of the aiming point. If you can do it without getting run over, take a piece of chalk and a long piece of string. Mark a center point, then measure out 39 feet of string and, using the center point, draw an arc.

Now JDAMs come in two flavors - small and large. The small one has a blast radius of 26 feet, so mark the arc you have and draw another arc 26 feet from that initial arc. The large JDAM has a blast radius of 82 feet, so from the original arc mark that out. That comes to 121 feet from ground zero. That's a smart bomb?

I've also been doing some actual research on facts regarding Global Warming, and have some up with some interesting items. First, some months ago an experiment was held in a jungle (they're not rain forests, dammit!) where they pumped extra CO2 into an area for a week. When they came back, the leaves in that area had turned yellow - they couldn't cope with the added CO2. How many trees in summer have you seen with sickly yellow leaves? Secondly, one decent size volcano eruption puts more poisons and "greenhouse gasses" into the atmosphere than all of America's factories and cars can in a year. And while everyone blames the U.S. for the so-called warming, has anyone noticed that China, for the last century, has been using soft brown coal to generate their electricity and other fires needed in their factories. And we're the bad guys?

And is anyone else tired of the bouncing numbers of those without health insurance? 40 million, 47, 46 - make up my mind. Now, let's have a look at who these people are. At least the 12 million illegals A YEAR aren't covered, and millions of employees who have company health plans that require their participation opt out, so they and their families aren't covered.

If you want health insurance, go buy it. Medicare and Medicaid cover many who are genuinely in need, but also cover way to many who are scamming the system.

Yeah - I'm pissed off - again - still - yet.


22 October, 2008

Bye, American

Have you noticed that there hasn't been many "Buy American" campaigns lately? Wonder why?

Here in North Carolina I've watched most of the textile plants close, throwing thousands out of work. Hanes Brands, located here, has been closing factories. Just south of me is Thomasville, who has been synonymous with furniture for decades. Even that town is seeing corporations close.

Other than York Barbells, have you seen any sporting equipment made in the U.S. in the last 10 - 15 years? How about electronics? About the only cars still made in the U.S. are Toyota, Honda and BMW. The Big Three (soon to be the Anemic Two) have outsourced to Canada and Mexico years ago.

Even our energy. Hell - even China and Cuba are drilling oil in the Gulf of Mexico, where we're not allowed to go. Laws passed back when Carter was President have prevented us from being energy-independent by making it illegal to drill for oil off the coast of our country. Even if we are allowed to drill, it won't do much good, since we can't refine the crude - no new refineries have been built in the last 30 years. Come to think of it, no new nuclear plants have been built in that time either.

This leaves us the choices of importing almost 90% of our oil, burning coal, or hydro electric (but the dams kill fish). Solar and wind are nice, but years away from being of any use.

In Australia, the government pays to convert your car to run on natural gas, and it's readily available at every gas station. What's our problem? We put catalytic converters on our cars so they can spew carbon dioxide. Good move.

Until we get serious about our energy and labor costs, you can continue to watch our nation go to the dogs - if they'll have it.


20 October, 2008

Sorely Missed

On this date in 1977 - 31 years ago - a plane ran out of fuel and crashed near McComb, Mississippi while trying to land. Six people were killed in the crash and the rest sustained injuries.

Just as Lynyrd Skynyrd was getting the world-wide attention they deserved, lead singer and writer Ronnie Van Zant, guitarist and writer Steve Gaines and Gaines sister, back-up singer Cassie Gaines, pilot Walter Wiley McCreary and co-pilot William John Gray, both of Dallas Texas, and Dean Kilpatrick, assistant road manager for the group were killed. All died instantly.

It took 10 years for the band to reunite (with Ronnie's brother Johnnie from .38 Special as lead singer), and after going through several personnel changes, I went to one of their concerts with Boy Wonder a couple of months ago, and Skynyrd is kicking ass today as much as they ever did - and still singing about common folks.


19 October, 2008

Short Takes

It didn't take the Democrats and the MSM long to do their hatchet job on "Joe the Plumber", did it? Of course, they've conveniently ignored both his question and Obama's answer. I didn't know that James Carville was working for Obama - this looks like his work. Remember when the Paula Jones thing came up on Clinton's watch? It was Carville who said, "Roll a quarter down a trailer park and you never know what will show up."

And now that the Supreme Court has sanctioned Ohio's systemic voter fraud, my one vote ain't gonna count for much!

Also - if there are any Obamaniacs out there, take a lesson from She Who Must Be Obeyed. My wife is Australian, and a lot of times people tend to listen to her accent and miss what she's saying. The same is true of Obama. He's great at rhetoric and has a beautiful melodic voice - but people are listening to that and missing the substance of what he's saying. The man came flat out and said he plans to turn the U.S. into a Socialist country by "spreading the wealth", yet there has been nothing but apathy over such an outrageous statement.

And people wonder why I'm cynical. Being a cynic just means you're paying attention.


14 October, 2008

U.S. - SSR?

Is the United States prepared to become a Socialist nation? Judging by the number of people saying they plan to vote for Barack Obama, it would appear that way.

Why do I claim that?

Yesterday, I saw Obama on TV and heard that he "Plans to spread the wealth." Who is he - Robin F'kin Hood? Take from the rich and give to the lazy.

I also saw a video clip where Obama said that between winning the election and the inauguration, he will call in community organizations from across the country to "Help set the agenda" of his Presidency.

And in today's paper, during a speech yesterday in Toledo, Ohio, Obama said he will give a two year tax break for businesses that create jobs. Considering the crushing taxes he's going to level on corporations and small businesses, I don't think he'll have to worry about that tax break.

Considering Obama's lies about not working with the Chicago Democratic machine, his 20 years of Rev Wright, his long-term association with Bill Ayers (which he denies, of course), the lockdown or "disappearance" of his past work and university documents, and his wife's Senior Thesis at Princeton (which puts the Klan to shame when it comes to a bigoted rant), and his rating as the most "Liberal" Senator, do you really believe we can afford him?

Be prepared to grab your ankles, folks - BOHICA.


13 October, 2008

My Atitude Problem Hit Meltdown

The Federal government gives $85 Billion of our money to AIG, so the AIG execs immediately go and spend almost half a million partying. What does our government do? Gives them another $37 Billion. Again, of our money.

Now that the $700 Billion Bailout is "law", can someone please point out where the Constitution gives our lawmakers the right to give charity?

As a taxpayer, I have some questions for our Federal government (you should too). Just over the last 4 years:

* Other than the CIA, DIA, NSA, NRO, etc, I would like to see a complete list of Federal departments and agencies ( the IRS, EPA, FDA, OSHA, etc), what Cabinet position they report to and what their annual payroll and administrative costs are.

* How many Federal grants have been made to State, County or Municipalities - which should have raised the money locally? How much money went in these grants?

For our members of Congress (names, please):

* How much has each spent in earmarks for its home district (using our money for their campaigning)?

* How much has each received from sources other than their government paychecks, and where did this money come from?

* Which ones have gone on "Fact-Finding Missions"? Where to? And did family members go with?

I know better than to get the answers to these, but this is OUR MONEY we're talking about. Our Senators and Representatives believe that they're playing with Government money! The Government HAS NO MONEY THAT IT DIDN'T TAKE FROM US.

If this doesn't truly piss you off, I truly pity the apathetic existence you consider a life.


02 October, 2008

I Give Up

I think I've decided not to vote this year - why bother?

The Secretary of State in Ohio has come out and said that, since the law requires a 30 day period between registration and voting, those people wern't voting, they were mere casting their ballot. Huh? Please explain the difference.

And between them and ACORN, they've been bussing in homeless to "cast their ballot". Excuse me? You're a resident of where? And apparently some of them were so drunk that they started fighting in the lines and had to be bussed out.

Between this and bogus voter registrations (just how many Mary Poppins are there?), it sounds like Obama has exported Chicago politics. Unless they are willing to ink-stain fingers like in Iraq, I can see no reason to even try beating the system.

And the system is called stealing an election through fraud.