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23 February, 2007

This Day in History

62 years ago today, there were two flag raisings on Mount Suribachi on the island of Iwo Jima by U.S. Marines.

When the first flag was raised, it so incensed the remaining Japanese troops in their caves and tunnels within the Mount (really not much more than a hill - the eroded remains of an extinct volcano) that they came out and attacked the Marines on the summit. Because these Japanese attacked piecemeal with no leadership they were all killed.

Shortly thereafter, a larger flag was sent to the summit, and this second flag raising was the one made famous by the photo taken by Joe Rosenthal.

Also, today is the birthday of She Who Must Be Obeyed. Happy Birthday, Sweetheart!


21 February, 2007

The National Park Service - Real or a Bluff?

I got the following in an email - apparently it has been posted on the Patriot Guard Rider site:

From The Park Service Veterans, family and friends; In response to the concerns expressed in the message below, I contacted Robin Owen (Person in charge of issuing event permits for the National Mall area) of the National park Service via telephone this morning and was very convincingly informed and assured of the following:

1. There will be a 300 yard perimeter comprised of double snow fence barriers with an ample number mounted, foot police, riot reaction squad nearby, and intelligence personal on scene, to ensure that the conditions of the permit granted to the antiwar activists are not violated. E.G. the assembly point is in an appointed area on the eastern end of the grounds (Knoll) and will they will not be allowed in the proximity of the wall. A Similar exclusion zone applies area and approaches from Constitution Ave. So net effect ... no protesters within 300 yd's.

2. That ALL laws will be vigorously enforced and prosecuted in terms of any violence, vandalism,or, threat to public safety. This was stated emphatically.

3. About an hour later, I received a phone call from Sgt, Booker of the Park Police saying he had been asked by Robin Owen to reiterate the policy and to reinforce her statements to me and answer any further questions I may have on the Park Police law enforcement polices.

Sgt. Booker stated even MORE emphatically that the Park Police consider the Wall as sacred ground, as we do, (As did Robin Owen) themselves, and that they WILL enforce any, and all laws, relevant to it's integrity. And, any concerns we may have stemming from the non-enforcement of the law by the Capitol Police last weekend are not relevant to his Dept. They WILL arrest and prosecuted anyone who breaks the law.

4. The Wall will be open for visiting to the general public as usual ... if any of you care to do so on that day.


Now, there's nothing mentioned in this about protecting the Three Man Statue or the Womens Memorial Statue. And personally, I'm not sure I trust the Park Service.


20 February, 2007

Deja Vu All Over Again

My, how time flies - here it's been over a week since I posted anything. Of course, getting vertical helps.

Over the last year or so I've been looking at the situation in this country and a few things struck me - especially after last week's vote in Congress:

- We're currently in a war that's being micro-managed from Washington.

- We're trying to fight guerrillas with (mostly) conventional means. Our enemy can cross borders freely while our troops must stay where they are.

- The three traditional broadcast TV stations have used their news programs to turn the population against the war without any word about the consequences.

- Someone dug up Hanoi Jane and pulled the stake out of her heart so she can protesting again (I'm waiting for a picture of her building an IED).

- There have already been instances of people spitting on troops returning home from overseas.

- Now we have the Democrats back in power. Since March 2003 they've been screaming, crying, bitching, pissing and moaning that we don't have enough troops in Iraq.

- When the President sends over 20,000 more troops, they cry about that and try to pass a resolution against it.

- The Dems have put Murtha in charge of the House Defense committee - kind of like putting a sex offender in charge of an all-girl's kindergarten.

To any of you from my generation who served in Southeast Asia, is there anything here that sounds familiar?


11 February, 2007

Attention All Vets, Patriots, Etc!!

Remember how the "Peace" marchers went to the Capitol Building at the end of January and defaced the building with thrown paint and graffiti?

Well, apparently these same scumbags are planning another "Peace" march - this one on March 17th - St Patrick's Day. They plan on starting from the Vietnam Veterans Memorial and marching to the Washington Monument.

We are trying to get every vet, patriot or anyone else who values our Nation to come to Washington. We plan on standing shoulder to shoulder in front of The Wall, around the Three Man Statue and the Women's Memorial Statue. These assholes can throw all the paint they want on me, but not one drop had better hit that Wall or it might turn into Open Season - no bag limit.

Please, PLEASE - if at all possible, try to make it there for this. We may need all the help we can get. Patriot Guard, Rolling Thunder, American Legion Riders - tell anyone you know and feel free to grab this post and put it up on your site.


07 February, 2007

Open the Flood Gates

Let's see - so far at least one rancher in Arizona has lost his ranch to illegals coming from Mexico because they accused him of something. At least two Border Guards are in jail, with another awating sentencing - and one (that we know of) has been attacked and beaten in prison by Latino gangs.

Since the government is allowing the illegals to get together and cook up a story, then giving them immunity to testify against those trying to do their job, can I make a suggestion?

Remove all Police (Marshalls, Deputy Marshalls), National Guardsmen and Border Guards from our southern border. Both political parties want an uninterupted flow across the border - the Republicans so they can get workers who will accept $3.00 an hour for jobs and the Democrats for the votes. Letting terrorists and drugs come through is just a down side they're willing to put up with.

Since the National Guard is required to run away when illegals are spotted and the others live in fear of not only losing their job but losing their freedom, why do we even pretend to protect ourselves?

Within 15 years there will no longer be a United States of America.


04 February, 2007

Wait 'Til Next Year!

Maybe there really is a relationship between a Bear and a Cub - congratulations to the Colts, but I'm not buying the announcer's "analysis" that threw the loss all on the shoulders of Rex Grossman.

The Bears Defense couldn't stop the run and they couldn't stop the pass - makes it kinda difficult to win a football game - any football game.

Sure, the Bears offense could have done better, but you can chalk most of that up to the way the Colts Defense played. The Bears coaching staff didn't seem to make any adjustments at halftime and Peyton and company took advantage of that.

At least the Bears can't blame their loss on Beakman. Due to injuries, this was basically Grossman's rookie year, so watch for him to improve significantly next year. I was really disappointed when Brett Farve signed up for another year with the Packers - he would have made a great quarterback coach for Grossman, since their styles are so similar.

As long as the Bears can hold on to players like Lance Briggs and Coach Lovie Smith, they should make Superbowl XLII - and it should be a completely different game.

Hey, a transplanted Chicago boy can dream, can't I? Besides, there were 30 other teams sitting at home watching this on TV.


02 February, 2007

S&G - Muskrat Love

Let's see - this morning at Gobblers Knob, PA, Punxsutawney Phil the resident Ground Hog (a ground hog is a muskrat) failed to see his shadow, so now we're not supposed to have any more winter. Had he seen his shadow we would be in for another 6 weeks. Now, I don't know if there's anyone out there who can read a calendar, but the first day of Spring is 6 weeks, 4 days from today. you know, with a town named Gobblers Knob, we have an air Force base here in North Carolina that should relocate there. I think Gobblers Knob would be the perfect place for Seymour Johnson AFB!

Meanwhile, the fighting continues in the Gaza Strip area - but for once it's not the Israelis being killed. Hamas and Fatah have so far killed around 70 of each other recently. I think they need better weapons training - 70 just isn't good enough.

Until yesterday, I had never heard of William Arkin. Apparently he writes opinion pieces and blogs for the Washington Post. By what I understand he has always been just slightly to the Left of Lenin, but this week he's outdone himself. If you haven't heard of this prick, sit down, take your blood pressure medicine and wait for it to kick in, then go here. Now that you've read that, he wrote another blog about those who disagreed with him here, where he seems to have outdone himself. Another oxygen thief who really needs to have all his rights and privileges (like breathing) cancelled.