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16 February, 2005

Your Morning Court Report

Fun & Games in the American Courts:

The Weird One (multi-racial, multi-gender, one body - lots of spare parts) is rushed by ambulance to hospital because he has (drumroll, please) - The FLU! That’ll impress the jurors, won’t it?

Meanwhile, Robert Blake rushed out of his courtroom, sobbing uncontrollably after hearing a tape of him talking about his daughter - and how he wanted to do in his wife. Wonder which sent him to tears?

The Zoloft defense went down in flames, along with the kid who shot both his grandparents to death and burned down their home. The 15 year old got 30 years and in my humble opinion basically walked.

A defrocked priest (and that phrase brings up some ugly images) in Boston (where else?) got 12 to 15 years for raping a boy. He’s 74 so he’ll be 82 by the time he’s eligible for parole, but I think the general prison population will take care of this well before then.

The guy in LA, who changed his mind about committing suicide and left his car on the railroad tracks, causing a massing derailment, pleaded not guilty to 11 counts of murder. This is one clown the death sentence was made to order for, and can take care of any further changes of mind about that suicide.

Finally, in a case that just warms the cockles of my heart, a Federal Appeals Court ruled that Matthew Cooper of Time Magazine and Judith Miller of the New York Times must testify about their sources in the Valerie Palme case. The judges were unanimous in their ruling, saying that the outing of a CIA agent by these clowns isn’t covered by the First Amendment.

Overall, it looks like yesterday was a win-win day, don’t you think?


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