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13 February, 2005

The Top (?) 20 Are Out

OK Folks! Listen up for your names!

So - Castro only rates 13th and al-Assad of Syria ranks 14th in the world? Musharraf of Pakistan (7th) ranks two spots ahead of Robert Mugabe (9th)? And Iran (18th) and Vietnam (19th) barely make the list at all?

I’m talking about the list of Top Ten Worst Dictators in the World (and the Dishonorable Mention List) listed in today’s PARADE magazine. The choices made in assigning these positions look to have been decided by pulling the names out of a hat - until you see who was involved in compiling the list:

- - Amnesty International
- - Reporters Without Borders
- - Freedom House
- - Human Rights Watch

The Top Ten (by country) are Sudan, North Korea, Burma, China, Saudi Arabia, Libya, Pakistan, Turkmenistan, Zimbabwe and Equatorial Guinea.

Yeah, there are some real bad people there, but the Saudis worse than Iran, Cuba, Syria and Zimbabwe? GMAFB!

Debate this one at your leisure.


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