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23 November, 2005

I'm Startin' to get Hostile

Any time one of the generals is interviewed and says something positive about Iraq, the MoveOn'ers immediately come back with "That's what they said about Vietnam". Like that's a bad thing.

The whacked left, both in and out of congress and the media, have been doing everything they can to poison the rest of the nation. They would like nothing more than to see us defeated in Iraq and our troops brought home in shame. They would be elated to see another attack against our people - the more murdered the better. And throughout it all they'd be happiest because it happened on Bush's watch.

I can't think of many elected officials in this country that I'd piss on if they were on fire. That includes our precious president and his posse. But the Reid, Pelosi, Dean, Streisand, Moore and Penn group have shown and are proving every day that they have no love for this country and have nothing but distain for our system of government.

I have a little history lesson for those under 40. In the Vietnam war, we won Tet. Walter Cronkite and his buddies lied about every aspect of that. We won every battle in every location over Tet. We also won every single battle we took part in in Vietnam. The battle we lost was the one with the media and the communists (yes, Virginia, they really were communists) in our colleges and other places. I understand that you were never taught about Vietnam in high school, so do some research.

The left in congress spouts the vilest slurs and slanders imaginable, then when the administration answers them, they yell "Stop the partisan rhetoric!".

I'm getting really close to driving to D.C. and slapping those asses down.

Oh, and by the way, Murtha was not compared to Michael Moore (tho you'd think all Dems would aspire to that) but his call for an immediate withdrawal of all our troops was compared to the policies that Moore espouses.

One late addition to this - apparently Condi Rice is making noises about how some of our troops may come home early next year. Of course, the Dems are all over this saying that it's because of them. BULLSHIT! If the troops can start coming home early next year it's because of what the troops have done - their fighting, training and construction. Politicians can kiss my ass.


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