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09 November, 2005

Just Another S&G

"Parents ... have no constitutional right, however, to prevent a public school from providing its students with whatever information it wishes to provide, sexual or otherwise, when and as the school determines that it is appropriate to do so." So says the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, located in Vladovostock. That when and as part seems to be the key - If the California schools decide to have the first graders do a 'get naked with the teacher and have a group grope", it must be ok.

California has also affirmed that a ten year old girl can get pregnant and have an abortion without Mom or Dad being any the wiser. I thought any pre-op process required the signing of a consent form that allows the doctor to perform the op in the first place. Is that gone? Does that mean the all the docs that haven't gotten that form signed opened to law suit?

I saw Harry Reid go ballistic yesterday. He's really got to stop drinking the water from Howie Dean's place.

New interrogation guidelines were released yesterday for our troops. It's now a court martial offense (apparently) to use dogs to: "harass, intimidate threaten or coerce a detainee for interrogations purposes." Lord help us if we should ever try to get information from these scum suckers by harassing, intimidating or coercing them.

Today is the anniversary of both Kristallnacht and the death of DeGaulle. In honor of this the French govenment is going to roll over and die. Who sets a curfew for Midnight? Oh, yeah - can't eat into the nightlife at Moulin Rouge and the restaurants, can we? Personally, I think they should be using the Napoleonic option - line up the cannon on the streets, load them with double cannister, then offer to negotiate.

Sunni terrorists have killed and wounded more Sunni lawyers who are trying to stop other Sunni scrotums from getting the noose. I guess the terrorists really want Saddam and his buys to hang.

My sidekick, aka eldest granddaughter, had a mood ring that she really loved but it got lost. I found a place online that sold them, placed the order for a couple and got them in the mail two days later. One of them was broken, and when I contacted the company about it they said don't send it back - we'll get another out to you. Nine o'clock the following morning I got a tracking number from USPS. The company is Dapples, and their customer service it the best I've seen from any outfit in years.

Finally (Thank the Lord, I hear you say), will the person who first came up with the idea that every person on TV who is asked a question respond with "that's a good question" please report to the firing squad? "That's a good question." No shit, Sherlock - that's why I asked it.

Oops - almost forgot. That school shooting yesterday? The one by a 15 year old? Based on identification by some students, the Urinal has already printed not only this little gunman's name, but his picture as well. I thought that was a no no - at least until the ID was official.