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13 November, 2005

An S&G Going Everywhere

I've been watching some of the demonstrations taking place in Jordan against Al Zaqari and his murderous thugs, and something struck me. As much as I'd like to believe this is a genuine outpouring of emotion by the people, the whole Middle East has a history of government organized "spontaneous" demonstrations. I just hope thay can wring every bit of intel possible from Mrs Murderer.

It seems that just about all of the scientific community is now starting to agree that global warming is happening, although there is no consensus as to the cause. A mate of mine in Australia even told me that it's now possible to sail the Northwest Passage above North America in the summer. If all that is true - ice caps melting, glaciers disappearing - where has the water gone? Sea levels should have risen significantly as a result of this. Maybe we're drinking more and pissing less - a Baby Boomer Prostate thing?

Quite a few folks have been reporting on the movie "Jarhead", saying what a load of crap it is. Haven't seen it. Won't see it. I was silly enough to buy the book. Within the first three pages he's bragging about how he'd steal cases of MRE's and any web gear that wasn't nailed down and sold it to a military surplus store. The puke factor took over and I never made Page 4.

Speaking of Jarheads, did anyone see Gen Peter Pace in his Blues with full-sized medals? Either he has a bum boy or two for support, or he's got a strong list to port with all that hardware!

Meanwhile in Gaulistan (Sorry, Mr Goldberg - I had to steal this one!), the French government keeps referring to the rioters as "people" - a fairly safe description. They've even stopped calling them "youths" for the most part. Heaven forbid they should be called Muslims or Islamofascists. Meanwhile media all over is trying to find any excuse for this that doesn't involve an Intifada trying to take over the country. As long as they stay out of the center of Paris, Chirac is cool with it.

There was another "art" exhibit at an Illinois university pulled after one day. The university at first didn't see any problem with portraying Muslim women as sluts I guess. Of course the ACLU is getting into this, but can I clue them in on this? Yes, throughout history the rulers of nations have supported the arts - look at Leonardo, Mozart and all the rest. But they were also very, very selective as to what art they supported. And as to out First Amendment, you can take all the pictures, paint all the paintings, urinate on all the crosses your want. There is nothing there that says anyone has to give you a forum to show this.

After Bush's speech on Veterans Day, Kennedy, Kerry and the rest in the House and the Senate (what's to the left of Communism?) jumped up and once again compared Iraq to Viet Nam. In a couple of ways they're right. By doing all that they can to shit on this country, they are doing the same thing to the American service men and women that they did when I was in Southeast Asia. Instead of letting the troops do their job, Bush's boys are micromanaging the war from D.C. The media - especially the print media - is as shrill and venomous as they ever were in the late 60's and early 70's. And no one seems to be able to figure out why so many Americans have had a gutful of Iraq.

And with Iraq - the Dems keep screaming that the intel they were shown by every European agency was made up by Bush and Cheney. A couple of things come to mind about all this - wasn't there over six months before the war started when Saddam shipped his stuff th Syria and Russia? And wasn't there something about the United Nations and some resolutions?

My mind is going, Dave - I can feel it.


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