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07 November, 2005

HR 3132

This refers to the Children's Safety Act of 2005. When I first heard of this Act, I thought it was going to be a federal version of Jessica's law, mandating 25 years minimum for attacks on children 11 and under.

That was before I read it. It turns out that this Act is all about creating and maintaining registrys of those predators with no mention of actually making the predation itself a federal offense.

This passed the House with bipartisan support but has been ignored so far by the Senate. I guess they have more important things to do - you know, Bush Lied!!

I plan on writing my Senators, Richard Burr and Elizabeth Dole, to not only push this legislation, but amend the one from the House to include the Jessica's Law provisions. If there is anyone out there who doesn't know where to find their senator's address, go here.

I also plan on making those letters snail mailed - email is too easy to ignore.


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