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17 November, 2005

A Lobotomized S&G

Does anyone out there remember the old Bill Cosby routine about how all children suffer from brain damage? We've got a bunch who never grew out of it, haven't we?

Most of the Dems out there have given themselves severe whiplash in their turnaround of "There were weapons, he's a threat" to "Weapons? What weapons? Bush Lied!!" They've done this in less than seven years, but Sammy "The Shyster" Alito is going to be fried over something he wrote 20 years ago to pad his resume. Of course, Harry Reid says he's keeping an "open mind". Him keeping an open mind? You couldn't open his mind with five pounds of Semtex.

That Bird Flu pandemic is flying around the world. Why, there's already been 67 deaths from it in almost three years! Break out the kimchee!

I saw that Fidel's hand puppet, Hugo Chavez, called the Mexican government the lickspittle running dog lackeys of the U.S. - or something like that. Ambassadors have been recalled. Yeah - that'll show him! Speaking of Chavez, I saw a really small news clip several weeks ago about how he's now also pissed off with us because the former government got all these F-15's but we've stopped supplying spare parts. Chavez said he'll most likely send some of these to Cuba and China. By the time Fidel ever pulls his arm outta Chavez's ass he's going to have to have it amputated and burned.

Bob Woodward, the "reporter" who has made a career of trying to sabotage every presidency to the right of Jimmy Carter, has finally come out and said, "Wilson's wife? CIA? Sounds familar." He was quite happy to watch Scooter hang - I have to wonder who leaked Woodward's name? Call for a Grand Jury!!

The city of Seattle has taken the lead in the race between it and San Francisco to see who can secede from the U.S. first. As of Dec 8th, it will be against the law to smoke just about anywhere but in your own home. This includes all bars (including specialty cigar bars), restaurants, hotels, outdoors - but of course they'll stop taking in the tax dollars, right?

Cindy Sheehan is back in the news. Why?

Professional sexual predator and former part-time president Willie Cliton was in an Arab nation yesterday telling them that - - Bush Lied! People Died!!

A late addition - After reading Ann Coulter, it brought something to mind - how many Dems and their fellow travellers still believe that Senator McCarthy ran the House Unamerican Activities Committee? And that he created and enforced the Hollywood Blacklist?

One last thing and I'll put this post out of its misery. The Senators of the minority party have gotten stuck. Now their mantra is "Oil Execs Lied! People Died!!" Will someone please put a quarter in their collective ears to see if their Chatty Cathy voicebox can move to another phrase?

Now where the hell did I put that Valium?


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