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16 November, 2005

The If I Only Had A Brain S&G

Fear & Loathing on the Left Coast (again): Seattle and San Francisco have banned military recruiters from their high schools, ala 1960's - 1970's. In their total ignorance of just what our military is and does, one area has even suggested that if the military come, Al Qaeda should be there too (or some other anti-america group). If either of these school systems get as much as one more cent of state or federal money and their isn't a nationwide outpouring of rage, then this country won't be worth fighting for anymore.

Somewhere in California, an activist has decided to file a class action suit against another school system because blacks get more suspensions and expulsions then other groups, and their education is woefully inadequate. This is a place where the black, white, hispanic, asian, etc, are all in the same classes, with the same teachers, teaching the same material to all. Somehow in that environment the same words going to the rest are deliberately withheld from the blacks. Go figure.

The latest word out of Iran is that Zaqawi is a Jew!! Who knew? According to the Iranis, it was the Jews who blew up the hotels in Amman and it's the Jews who are burning down France. Obviously reality isn't a required course in Irani schools. In the meantime, folks keep talking aout Muslims killing Muslims. Incorrect - To a Shia, the rest are infidels. Same with the Sunni, the Sufi and the Wahabi. Infidels exist only to be converted or destroyed.

Let's see - in 1956, Charlie Starkweather was 19, his squeeze Caril Fugate was 13. He killed her parents, then blamed her when they were caught. Any bets on how this case in PA is going to go?

Michael Nedow is back. This time he's attacking the one thing that I've been waiting for someone to attack - our currency. Since the mere touching of United States money demeans him and makes him a second class citizen in his own eyes, he can use a pair of tweezers, put all of it that he has in a box and send it to me. I don't mind being a second class citizen if the pay is good.

Baseball looks to have come up with a steroid policy - but there's no mention if those suspensions are with or without pay. All suspensions during the season - for fighting, etc, are with pay - so this 50 game, 100 game and life (really 2 years) could be the best paid vacation ever seen.

Speaking of baseball, all the post season awards have now been given out - and not one player on the Houston Astros or the Chicago White Sox won an award. How a team like the Sox can go through a season winning 66 games by two runs or less (and 35 of those were by one run) and has no gold gloves, Cy Youngs or MVP is beyond me. (Those of you in Houston can make your own arrangements - this is MY blog).

One quick question - is my mind really that far gone, or has the pre-Sam Walton and post-Sam Walton Wal Mart become two totally opposite corporations?

Finally, in an effort to raise the tone of this place (Lord knows it needs it), I have a pop physics quiz for you.

1) If, as Edwin Hubble found, all the other stars and galaxies are moving away from us, does that mean we're the exact center of the universe?

And 2) Since everything in the universe today, plus all the matter/anti-matter wipeouts that took place right after the big bang, was compressed into that point, just how big was that singularity they talk about?

Extra credit: Since the heat and pressure inside a star is what creates all the other elements, why is it that when the Big Bang went off, all that came out was hydrogen?

I gotta change the drugs.