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03 November, 2005


I see where the new President if Iran is pulling somewhere between 40 to 48 ambassadors from around the world. The reason given for this, as far as I can tell, is because they haven't blown themselves up. Pity.

It took seven days of saying the Paris rioters were from "tough" neighborhoods or "poor" neighborhoods before someone slipped up. I'm pretty sure that when a reporter actually said the riots were in Muslim neighborhoods he jepoadarized his career. He's profiling! He's racist!

I heard something yesterday that got me thinking (yeah, you can smell the burnt rubber from there, can't you?). If, by accident, there's any "moderates" or "progressives" out there who hit this site by accident, I have a question for you. Can you give me even one instance where Howie Dean, Harry Reid or Nancy Pelosi has given a positive press conference? On any subject? Inquiring minds want to know.

Now that all semblance of trust is gone from the Senate (comity today, a comedy tonight), I got a question about this pre-war intel thing - any of those mentioned in the last article might want to help me with this - wasn't it Hillary who said that Saddam had ties to AlQaeda? And wasn't it everyone and their f'kin dog that said he had WMD's? Including Jimmah Carter? And Teddy Kennedy?

And now for total confusion - those "Just for Men" commercials using the two washed-up jocks - are they really saying that if you don't use their product you're gonna be one lonely sumbitch, but use it just once and you're gonna get laid every night?

And just a general query - can anyone tell me why Fox seems to have a 5-second delay on just about all of their on-the-scene reporters? Don't they trust them not to swear?


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