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11 November, 2005

I LOVE Living in the South!

On all holidays (and many other days) I fly the American flag, the Marine Corps flag and the POW/MIA flag.

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A few minutes ago I was out straightening them out when a car pulled in my driveway and an extremely large Black man got out - someone I've never seen before.

I took for granted he was soliciting for something - and now I'm ashamed for that presumption. He introduced himself and said that he just couldn't drive past without thanking me for flying the colors and thanking me for my service. It turned out that he was a Former Marine as well, having served in the 80's and 90's.

Most of the time that I've spent in the States has been in the North - mainly around the Chicago area. Can anyone out there tell me that they'd honestly see something like this happen up there? On a fairly regular basis?

I just f'kin LOVE it here!


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