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11 November, 2005

Just a Little S&G

People ask me why I'm an independent. Just look at what the Republicans and Democrats did to our oil and gas supplies at ANWR and off shore - that should answer the question for you. I had to laugh about it because the Senate was still trying to find out why gas costs so much.

As far as those gas prices, did you know that the petroleum companies and the tobacco companies have one very big thing in common? The governments, state and federal, make more profit in taxation off these products than the companies make. Whoever thinks this is a capitalist country is fooling themselves.

I guess by now most have heard about how Sony, in it's attempt to quell piracy of its CD's, has added software to their discs that does a stealth install on your computer should you load the CD to your hard drive. Personally, I have over 1,200 CDs and all of them are on my computer. I don't do any online swapping or anything else - I just use my machine to listen to them and occasionally make my own compilations. Now, I view any software that is put on my machine without my permission as a virus and will quite happily sue whoever puts it there. Sony has a problem with piracy? Then they'd better find a way of controlling it, hadn't they?

In another show of priorities, the lead story above the fold in today's Winston Salem Urinal is about the Iraqi suicide bombers killing 42. If you search back to page 10, you'll find a short little blurb about the Jordanians and Palestinians in Amman calling for Abu Al Zaqari's head.

Abu -- I've heard that name before -- Oh, yeah - that's the monkey in Aladdin, ain't it?


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