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08 November, 2005

Let's Get Shallow!

Just to show how much spare time I have, I've been thinking about some of the ads on TV and came up with the following:

Don't you think it's time for GEICO to retire the perpetually offended ad and bring the lizard back? Preferably as a Komodo Dragon?

Capital One really should stick with the Viking ads. The "NO" and the new "black out" ads really suck.

And how about the Roving Gnome? If its mythbusting is always wrong on the second myth, what does that say for the first one?

On the basis of their "I'm just so elite" ads, Progressive will never get a cent of my business!

CDW's ads with the hardware guy holding seances, etc, can get folded into all sharp corners and shoved where the sun never shines.

Drug ads really need their own post - how about the ones that say their product shouldn't be taken by women who are pregnant or may become pregnant. That really means don't take it until after menopause or radical hysterectomy, don't it? And I love the "Tell your Dr what medications your taking". If that isn't a plea to shop around for a pill pusher - I need the doc to tell me what meds I'm taking.

Of course, there is one new ad I like - the new shredder ad. Maybe it's the Bulldog!

Feel free to add your personal hit list to this. Let me know what I've missed.