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04 November, 2005

The Animals are Loose

(The more I thought about this, I decided to keep it at the top for a few days. But don't forget to see what's below - you might miss out on another Spits & Giggles)

This little item makes me want to go out and do a little kneecapping.

One of the guys that works for Boy Wonder is a 19 year old second generation American and a really nice kid who is an American first and foremost.

He also happens to be a Muslim.

When Ramadan ended Thursday, he stopped at a gas station in High Point, North Carolina, to pick up a pack of cigarettes. It was his day off and because of the holiday he was wearing his national dress.

When he was walking back to his car, two of the local rednecks - the ones that you wouldn't walk across the street to piss on if they were on fire - beat the crap out of him, sending him to the emergency room with some scaring that is going to mark him for life. It's unknown at this time if these scum suckers have been apprehended.

For reasons best known to themselves, the Winston Salem Urinal chose not to report this.

I moved down here to the Piedmont Triad area (Greensboro, High Point and Winston Salem) in 1999 and have loved just about every aspect of life down here.

This makes me ashamed.


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