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21 November, 2005

S&G For A Soggy Monday

Seeing as it's going to piss down rain all day, I might as well ruminate.

Here in Winston Salem we have our very own Michael Nedow clone. This clown wrote to the Urinal about how he, too, feels a second class citizen because the word "God" appears in public. Now, I can't speak for anyone else, but the only time I was ever asked about my religion was when my dog tags were being made. If you feel the need to announce your religion (or lack thereof) to the world, don't be shocked at the giggles it evokes.

I loved to hear about that firefight at Mosul. At least three of the scumbags self destructed in order to evade capture. That is definitely not martyrdom but suicide - no Allah, no virgins for them. Straight to Hell to burn for eternity. We can only hope Zarqawi was one of them. Right now they're culling the vermin from there to Jordan trying to get something to match the DNA against.

Zarqawi can only hope he bought it, since his entire tribe has now turned against him. Not only are they turning their backs to him, but will actively search him out. Assuming he's still sucking oxygen, anyone have one of those Dale Carnegie books you can send him?

I've been thinking back over the past couple of weeks, and for the life of me I can't recall anyone being called unpatriotic or a traitor. If anybody out there has a better memory then I have (a cocker spaniel puppy has a better memory than I have) let me know, OK?

Speaking of which, if there is anyone who believes that the Legislature, Executive or Judicial branches of government have actually been working for the people of the United States over the last six months or so, let me know. Give examples. Entries will be graded on neatness.

A report was released over the weekend about which area of the United States were more willing to donate and help those less fortunate. It turns out that the most generous are the Red States. The stingiest are in New England. I'm shocked, aren't you?

A professor at Hofstra writes an email to a Freshman at the school, threatening her directly and accusing her of subversion. He also says that we will have no freedom until the troops start shooting their officers. According to the school, threatening a student is a First amendment right. And this is the school that produced Bill Cosby.

I was trying to think of something funny to end this with, but the only joke I can think of is that Cindy Sheehan has written a book. MoveOn better open it's pockets if she's going to sell more than five copies.


At 3:40 PM, Anonymous chad said...

I propose a corrolary:
We will have no freedom until the students start ignoring their professors.


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