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18 November, 2005

S&G - Whine Like it's 2004!

"How dare you question my/his/her patriotism!" Has a familiar ring, doesn't it? Whenever anyone questions one of the incredibly stupid statements made by the Dems, that's the kneejerk response - again! Pull out all the troops today, put them all in Kuwait and watch the fireworks. Did that silly Mutha think that Kuwait might get a touch irritated about that? That asking them first might have been a good idea?

Speaking of rectal ejecta, I have not, in my 54 years, heard anyone let alone the leader of the opposition in the senate refer to the President and Vice President as "spineless". Can we please, please bring back dueling for these type of outrageous and unwarranted insults? Do you think that Kennedy, Kerry, Dean, Reid and the rest might be a tad more circumspect if they thought their "witticsm" might be their last?

Did anyone else notice how the "debate" has gone the last day or so? Reid, Pelosi and the rest of the far left keep denigrating our executive. When Bush & Cheney finally respond to the slander the Dems cry that they are playing politics and should be concentrating on fighting the war instead. Isn't that precious?

I see that the French have declared victory over the French. The reason for this is that only 100 cars are being torched each night. The French consider this to be normal. I don't know what I could possibly add to that.

Seattle says that they have arrested 19 members of the Crips gang - a "chapter" of the L.A. gang - on drug charges. I'm presuming that the drug was nicotine.

She Who Must Be Obeyed just about blew a gasket this morning. If the Left Wing mouths refer to our fighting men and women as kids one more time I'm going to lose a picture tube. By referring to them as children makes it easier to push their alliance with Al Qaeda, doesn't it?

When those apologists blather about how the Mexicans (and others) are going to sneak across the border whether we help them or not so we might as well help them, or how they take the jobs Americans won't do (because they work for $2 an hour), can we please place them in stocks in a public square somewhere? About 30 days (first offense) should do. Then the unemployed and those who have had family members murdered, raped or otherwise assaulted by these poor unfortunates can be encouraged to throw rotten garbage and other selected missiles at them?


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