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19 November, 2005

Random Thoughts on Iraq

Around 50 Muslims are murdered in Jordan and the Arab world goes into an uproar. In two days over 100 Muslims are murdered with hundreds more injured, Mosques are bombed, hundreds of copies of the Holy Koran are desecrated - all by the same Muslims who bombed Jordan - and there's not a murmur. Strange, isn't it?

Within the last couple of days, the Democrats in Congress tried to force our government to commit to a timetable of when we will pull out of Iraq. At the same time, the Sunni Baathists in Iraq tried to get their government to commit to a timetable for the withdrawal of foreign troops from Iraq.

One of Rep John Murtha's reasons for pulling our troops out of Iraq is that our troops have become the main target there. In the last week at least 125 Iraqi civilians have died, and hundreds more injured, as a result of being targeted by the murderous thugs.

Because Rep. Murtha is a Former Marine Vietnam vet, no one is allowed to say anything against him. Well, guess what? I'm a Former Marine Vietnam vet, and there are thousands of others like me. I'm not impressed. When a member of our government makes a speech stating that we should pull our troops out, leave no one in country but station some in the general vicinity, he knows before he stood up that his words will be on Al Jeezera before he sits down again.

For at least the last six weeks, the Democrats have been using both houses of congress to call the president, vice president and anyone else that got in their way the vilest of names. Over the last couple of days the Republicans have joined them. Seven score and two years ago today, a gentleman made a speech at the dedication of the Gettysburg National Cemetery. I believe that every single word of that speech is applicable to the situation we find ourselves in today. I would suggest that ALL of our elected representatives read that speech and stop acting like spoiled, selfish children.


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