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02 November, 2005

S&G - Because I Can

Yesterday the Senate suspended all business pertaining to the American people and was forced into a closed "intelligence" session by Hairy Reid. The burning need for this? Bush Lied! People Died! Apparently the fact that this report has been worked on for some time - and reportedly been stonewalled by the Dems since May of this year - didn't enter into the calculations. How come what happened in 2002 is such a burning issue now?

Speaking of Bush Lied!!, don't you just love the current "Insert name here should/must quit or be fired or be impeached because they wern't indicted". Working on that theory, Teddy Kennedy and that wiseguy from New Jersey should be fired/impeached, shouldn't they?

Ebay is still auctioning off those MRE's from MS, LA and AL because they might have been legally purchased from Army/Navy stores. I can see that - people would gladly spend $9 or $10 a pop for MREs and then auction them off for $4 each. Nothing suspicious there.

I also see where a state in New England is going to start levying a property tax based on the view people have from their home. One of those threatened with this is blind. Good planning there. Does this mean if your view is of a strip mall the state will pay you?

Just a random thought here - has it ever occurred to you that some atheletes have names that are a perfect fit for some teams? Like Tedy Bruschi should by rights be with either Green Bay or Chicago, while NBA forward Carlos Boozer really should change sports and play for the Minnesota Vikings?

Sammy "The Mouthpiece" Alito looks to be in for a fight. The local yellow journalism calls him an extreme right wing idealogue. I wonder what they'll come up with when they actually get around to finding out who he is?

Once again, the French have found someone they can beat up on - each other. A couple of Darwin finalist teens who were running from the cops decided to hide in an electrical substation and promptly electrocuted themselves, giving students there an excuse for what is now six days of rioting. Now how f'kin stupid is that?

the Marines have now been forced to supply a unit to the SpecOps. The Marines tried setting up elite units during WWII - Merritt and Edson led those units - before enough other Marines pointed out that all Marines are an elite unit. Just throw darts at the TOE for the Crotch and send whoever shows up.

There's more - DeLay gets a win, Hummer has Goldilocks moving up from simple B&E to Grand Theft Auto, The Duchess and the Dirtwater Fox have arrived for a state dinner - but once again the Bird Flu wins out after the President throwing billions into the trash can over it. Let me reiterate - don't kiss your chicken, don't goose your goose, and for God's sake, don't f'k your duck!!


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