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10 November, 2005

Today's S&G

There's now been two lawyers killed and one wounded from the Saddam and Friends case. Has anyone else noticed that these were the lawyers for his lackeys and not his? Gee - do you think they're being sacrificed in an effort to get the trial out of Iraq? Or is that just me being cynical again.

The number of cars being torched in France is starting to drop. The French claim it's because of their caring handling of the matter. I think it's because they're running out of cars.

While the Dems are beating on the intel before the war being misused, etc, has everyone else forgotten the six month period before the war when Saddam shipped all that crap to Syria? Guess so.

Pity poor Judy Miller. Here she goes and sits in jail for 85 days for no particular reason and now the NY Times turns against her. I heard (or started) a rumor that she's going to CBS News, and her slot at the Times is being taken by Mary Mapes.

I see where that Florida school that cancelled all religion-related holidays because the Muslim community asked for one day to be added. One f'kin day. They've now back tracked, but still won't add the day for Eid. Aren't these people watching France?

After the murderous thugs blew up in Amman yesterday, Zarqawi said it was to get the Crusaders. Pity all he blew up was those who had supported him up til then. I have a message for the boy - if he gets any Crusaders, it'll be because they're damn near 1,000 years old and aren't moving very fast. They also came mainly from France and what's now Germany, with a dabbling of Brits thrown in.

I've noticed that there has been no mention of Wahabism in the news for almost a year. Wonder why?

Go over to Indigo and read her guest blogger's entry for yesterday about the Medal of Freedom awards made this week. The highest award this nation can give to a civilian has turned into an ESPY.

And, of course, we have San Francisco. They have banned the manufacture, sale or possession of hand guns or ammo by any person or business. Fits right in with their ban of cemetaries within the cities.

I've been going to comment on Terrell Owens, the poor baby football player, but the puke factor got to me.