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28 November, 2005


If a loan company tells you it doesn't need to know where you work, how much you make or how much you have in the bank, would that raise a red flag with most people? Now if we can just stop the three year olds from singing their damn jingle.

Remember that idiot who said he's being ripped off because his AmEx was charged with around $250,000 for one night at a strip club? He's really hot because he said he couldn't have spent more than $18,000 to $19,000!

I've seen and heard a bit about how bigoted and hateful the Vatican is because they don't want open (or closet) homosexuals in the priesthood. These are the same people who went f'kin ballistic over these same clergy screwing every altar boy in sight.

Fidel's hand puppet, Hugo Chavez, has started selling cheap oil to some poor in New England through his company CITGO. If he was serious about this being anything other than an attempt to sway U.S. public opinion he'd be giving it away to the poor all over the country, wouldn't he?

The California Ecoweenies are at it again. Now they're after the wine industry because the fermentation process releases CO2 and they want that stopped. These asswipes release CO2 as well every time they breathe - how about we demand that they stop?

I was recently asked in a survey about if I plan to turn the heat down this winter. If you think about it, those Ecoweenies nationwide should be living with no heat (or air conditioning) whatsoever, since there's no acceptable way to produce energy. Wood burning releases bad chemicals, Gas and oil are horrible for any number of reasons, and don't even get them started on coal or nuclear! I hope those idiots from Montana to Maine dress in lots of layers.

The news over the weekend seemed to be dominated by the efforts to get that all-round saint of a human being, Tookie Wilson, off death row. Hell, they might as well, since he's been there so damn long it's a joke anyway. One of the people defending him said he should still stay in jail even tho he didn't commit those murders, because he's since said he did other crimes. Here's a news flash, sweetheart - he wasn't convicted of those "other crimes" so if he was innocent he'd be on the street, murdering more. The fact that his conviction and death sentence have been upheld by every f'kin court in the nation should tell the non brain dead something.

So, former Iraqi acting PM Allawi is saying that torture is worse now than when Saddam was in power. If that were true he would have been arrested immediately for saying that and been dismembered very slowly.

All-around traitor and general piece of shit Ramsey Clark is off to Iraq again trying to force his way on to the Saddam defence team - again. He was fired from it not that long ago. He says he want to ensure that Saddam's civil rights aren't trampled. Here's another one who needs a clue - it's an Iraqi trial, under Iraqi law, tried by Iraqis. Not Americans. Iraqis. Got it? Saddam's "civil rights" are exactly what their law say they are.


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