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04 November, 2005

Today's S&G

The Mayor of Las Vegas wants to institute Sharia law in his fair city. Tag some graffiti? Lose your thumbs. I thought that whole opposable thumb thing was part of our defining factor. Colobus humans - an interesting concept.

Nextel has come up with a new idea that will be an instant hit - literally. They plan on broadcasting TV on their cell phones. You'll be begging for the days when the driver in front of you was only taking care of personal hygiene!

The TSA apparently wants to allow pocket knives and scissors on planes again. Does a box cutter count as a pocket knife? And will they let me take my lighter now. I think that "no zippos" thing was a conspiracy by BIC - you get off to change flights, buy a BIC to light up, then throw it away - over and over.

On a related note, TSA is also saying that the security lines at the airports are nowhere near the hour or more they used to be. No shit! Maybe that's why all the major airlines are either in or contemplating bankruptcy?

And after the South Carolina escape, Texas goes them one better. A death row inmate is allowed to enter a visit box with a change of civilian clothes and a fake ID - and they can't figure how he got out. A real mystery, isn't it?

ADDENDUM - I forgot to mention the "French" today. How Gauche of me. A true Faux Pas. Apparently these riots are France's fault, since they haven't changed the rest of the country to assimilate with the Muslims. At least these rioters have paid attention to history. The Los Angeles riots, the Detroit riots, the Chicago riots. These have been their template for burning down and destroying their own neighborhoods!



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