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20 June, 2005

Donald Kaul - What a Guy!

For those not familiar with this columnist, Mr Kaul thinks Mo Dowd and Molly Ivins are part of the VRWC.

In today's offerings, Mr Kaul seems to be writing tongue-in-cheek, but it's hard to tell. He starts off talking about why the French rejected the EU Constitution, about how they're French for one thing. For another, they were suspicious that they may have to work 40 hour weeks, etc, just like the U.S.

The kicker for me was when he said that each of those European nations want to be French or Italian or English. His reason for this? Not that people could possibility love their country and it's history and culture - noooo! He says it's because, "Their histories are stories of warring tribes; they don't want to give up their animosities."

After going over EU's disunity, he then turns to the United States. The kicker quote here is:
"I have long advocated allowing or even encouraging the states of the former Confederacy to secede from the Union, thereby rectifying Lincoln's error."

"Lincoln's Error"?? The only thing I can think he's referring to is the freeing of the slaves. From a dedicated Soc/Commie.

Isn't that sweet?


At 10:12 AM, Anonymous James said...

How amusing... Yes, I'm just so sure that a LIBERAL like Donald Kaul, who refers to anti-gay proponents as "shameless", would advocate that freeing slaves was an error. Apparently you're just a typical conservative reactionary who takes things out of context & twists the words of people deemed 'too liberal for your tastes' into something that would evoke loathing from 'fair minded' people.

Your error here is that anyone who has read any articles by Donald Kaul, yes, even conservatives would know he wouldn't advocate an abomination like slavery, the idea is absurd. Some of us also don't fall for the notion that the Civil War was all about slavery.

Guess it never occurred to you that the Civil War was largely fought as State's independence vs. the Federalist's who wanted a central government. As a "quasi-conservative" you should know a thing or two about centralized government encroaching on the rights granted to the States by the Constitution, and how a lot of people, who aren't bigots are very much in favor of a very limited central government. Or maybe that's the part of 'conservatism' that you don't like, hence "quasi".

Rather than believing the more liberalized, 'politically correct' propaganda that Lincoln fought the South and sent hundreds of thousands to their deaths because he believed so much that slaves should be free and all men are created equal... perhaps you should do more research.

Of course all the facts and common sense in the world just can't get through to some people. For instance, some people are so convinced that we're really fighting this war in Iraq to spread democracy and fight terrorism. Yeah, some people will believe anything they're told...

At 11:19 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Kaul is worthless he is so far up the Donkey he craps for him.

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