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16 June, 2005

Shit Streaks of the World Unite!

What do all of these have in common:
* Amnesty International
* Jimmy Carter
* Senator Dick Durbin
* Human Rights Watch
* Senator Teddy Kennedy
* Senator Patrick Leahy
* Representative Ellen Tauscher
* Senator John McCain

Well, the nicest thing that can be said about them is that they're totally f'kin ignorant. The bottom four only think that Camp Delta at Guantanamo is just a National Embarrassment and a recruiting tool for the terrorists; while the top four think Camp Delta is at least as bad as anything created by Hitler, Stalin or Pol Pot.

Excuse the fuck outta me? Ignorant don't even come close - insane starts to hit the mark. Every one in that list wants us to close Camp Delta (some have said to close Gitmo - a Naval base!) without mentioning what should be done with the murderous filth incarcerated there. Do we just let them wander around the base?

These poor people are being tortured by having their air conditioning turned off! A drop of urine may have touched their version of a holy book. Why do they have either of things to start with? Are the troops stationed there issued with a holy book? Fuck No! Both of these "tortures" rank right up there with Hitler, Stalin or Pol Pot, don't they?

Oh, but they're Prisoners of War and must be treated differently, right? BULLSHIT! Not one of these scumbags is a "POW." Who says they're not? The Geneva Fucking Convention says they're not! If you wany to make them POW's, change the Convention! Oh - and make those changes retroactive!

These pieces of shit can get international sympathy because urine might have touched a Koran, yet these same asswipes can hurl their own urine and feces at the Americans there - and that's OK?

Each individual in Camp Delta had their own 8x10 cell, protected from the elements. That right there is better treatment than the majority of US Servicemen. They also receive designer meals that are better than any enlisted serviceman receives anywhere in the world!

Yeah - once again - I'm pissed. And I think I have every right to be.


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