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27 June, 2005

Tom Teepen Strikes Again

This columnist, of the Cox News Service, is just f'kin outraged. The reason? Why, what Dick Durbin said was just "political high spirits." According to Tommie boy, "Durbin would have done better to choose less extreme examples, but he was, finally, just deploying a standard rhetorical flourish .."

Yep - he really wrote that. It's on page A7 of today's Winston Salem Urinal. He also repeats the story of a detainee who was chained hand to foot in a fetal position and forced to listed to loud rap. This made the murderer so distraught that he pulled his hair out. Now, I grant you that it could be done, but pulling his own hair out isn't torture regardless how "distraught" you get. I'm distraught that I wasn't born into money - is that torture as well?

And the liberals are still talking of charging these pieces of filth with crimes! If, as the liberals have claimed, they are prisoners of war under the Geneva Convention, they don't get charged with anything - they get held until the end of the war when they are repatriated. If they aren't covered, then holding them is a kindness, since they should have been killed, not captured.

It's days like this that I wished I had more readers than the usual suspects - those damn soap boxes are getting harder to find.


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