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01 June, 2005

Can Little Bobby Come Play?

Little Bobby Herbert is at it again. "In most of the world, the image of the U.S. under Bush ... (is) a heavily armed thug in camoflage fatigues." and "America is increasingly being seen as a dangerously arrogant military power that is due for a comeuppance."

Of course, I guess you'd have to narrow down the definition of "most of the world" to be the Kennedy/Kerry end of the Democrats, the MSM, what's left of the Giuliana Sgrena's of the world and al Qaeda. They would also be the same gullible asswipes that are so fast to believe anything coming out of the mouth of a terrorist.

An example? Remember the turd arrested for planning to assassinate Bush? The one that said the U.S. had shipped him to the Saudis for torture and how his back was a mass of scars because of it? Doctors checked that little item out and - guess what? Not a mark on him. Got that from the MSM, didn't you?

Ya know, it's really going to be a shame when the "Sgrena Factor" finally sinks in to the Herberts of this world - that the terrorists really don't give a shit. Left or Right politics don't mean nuthin' to them - only Allah (their own brand, naturally) and everyone else.

And everyone else had better practice their ducking.

(I've spent the last 15 min. trying to run a trackback to the Sailor's site - he has something that pertains to this as well. Screw it - just go there and read it yourself)


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