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26 April, 2005

More Base Closings

According to the Asswipe Press, the coming round of closings must be free of political influence. It then goes on to point all the ways that this round of closings will all be anti-Democrats. Nice one.

In February, a group from New Hampshire met with Bill Frist, Chuckie Hagel, Toilet, er, John McCain and Hilarity Clintoon. The reason? To tell these August Senators just how important the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard is - and how important that first National Primary is in an election year.

Apparently the Pentagon estimated that the U.S. has about 25% more base space than we need, although SecDef Rummy thinks that number is a bit high when you take into account all the troops who will soon be coming home.

Because Vice President Cheney wanted (and got) Anthony Principi (former head of the VA under Dubya) as chair of the commission, lobbyists are already screaming that Cheney will control the commission. Lots of Dem/Soc/Commie pols in D.C. are already shitting razor blades thinking that base closing (and the associated job losses) are going to hurt their re-election chances.

Hairy Weed, the Dem/Soc/Commie leader in the Senate, said "I can't understand why this wouldn't be a fair process. It's not a political issue."

In the past there has been 451 installations either closed or realigned (Fair? Or Farenheit?). Out of that number, 97 were major installations. Anybody remember Naval Training Stations in Orlando or SanDiego? If the Navy is running only one Training Station - Great Lakes, can the Marine Corps Recruit Depots at either San Diego or Parris Island be long for this world? It would seem one of them will get the axe. As a "Hollywood Marine", I know that it's going to piss me right off if San Diego goes!


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