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27 April, 2005

In the News?

Time for another romp through the pages of the Winston Salem Urinal.

This didn't take long! A group calling itself "Animals Australia" is already saying that the culling of camels will be a "Bloodbath." Still no word from PETA.

I imagine by now that most of you will have heard about the Mexican quints born to a surrogate mom in Phoenix. That's got to piss off one of the families in my neighborhood - they had quints not long ago who have all survived, and they haven't gotten so much as a free diaper. Of course, they're an American family which may explain that. Plus the fact that, since the fertility drug epidemic, quints are a dime a dozen these days.

Now Germany is joining the French government in trying to get the european constitution passed. Yep - that should work for the French - invite the Germans in! Speaking of europe, their "Human Rights" body is condemning the U.S. because we're holding people at Guantanamo who had spit on the street or something, and we're flaying the skin off them for lampshades or something (damn - the Germans again). They want all the european countries to stop cooperating in any interrogations.

Finally, it seems we may have a first. Alicia Hardin, 19, of Chicago, who happens to be black, has been charged with disorderly conduct and (Gasp!) a Hate Crime! Seems she has confessed to sending racist letters to some black and hispanic students at her school, Trinity International University. At least one of the letters threatened to use a weapon against a black female student. Her reason? She was homesick! She wanted to convince her parents the school was dangerous so they'd bring her home.

Now, I'm not really certain about this, but had it been any other race sending those letters some other charges would likely have been filed. Something about communicating a threat, using the U.S. Mail for said purposes, etc.

Or am I just cynical?


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