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22 February, 2006

S&G - I Have Returned!

Late Sunday, my router decided to crawl up its own ass and die, which is as good a reason for my absence as any. Meanwhile:

I saw where a group of Iranian mullahs have declared a fatwa demanding that their government use their nuclear weapons against Iran's enemies. That kinda gives the game away, doesn't it?

Hamas made a statement after Israel cut off their funds that such an act will just cause increased Palestinian hatred. Did I miss something? I thought Hamas' level of hatred towards Israel was already fairly well documented. Anyway, Iran says they'll make up the money for them. Wasn't that a complete surprise?

While I can't understand why anyone would give the thoughts of Bryant Gumbel the light of day, I have to wonder what his reaction was to a Black American winning a gold medal at the Olympics. By what I understand, the split between the Black skater and the rest of the team is nothing to do with race and all about his being a complete arrogant asshole. Of course, I could be wrong.

The Winston Salem Urinal has finally weighed in with an editorial about the Cheney shooting incident. While I wasn't surprised by their stance, I am a bit outraged by their blantant far left language. Some quotes:
"Cheney apologists such as the Fox News Channel have been disparaging the coverage."
"He appeared for an interview only on an ideologically
sympathetic network
"Cheney, at least, looks incapable of dealing with the bedrock of liberty - a cantankerous, unbowed and agressive press."

More on the UAE ports buyout - as owners, they're going to be responsible for the maintenance of equipment such as cranes, the hiring and payrolls of the stevedores and possibly the dredging of the harbors. Not directly involved with port security, which was originally reported. Now, these ports wern't American-run to start with, and I think a lot of the outcry is more anti-Arab then anything else. But my concern goes a bit beyond that. Since this company is owned by the UAE government - even though they're sorta friendly at the moment - we've seen in the past just how quickly an friendly Arab nation can go to completely hostile. Anyone remember Iran in 1979?