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13 February, 2006

I'm Back - Maybe

I see it's been a week since I last posted - where does the time go? Sorry for the delay, folks - pain will take your mind off of most other things. Today's not much better, to tell the truth, but I figure if I don't post something soon everyone will think I've quit.

Is this true? Did this really happen? Did Algore actually go to Saudi Arabia and incite the Arabs by saying how Bush abused and illegally arrested Saudis? Does anyone need more data to prove he's out of his f'kin mind?

The Rev. Fred Phelps and his merry band of unholy warriors were at it again. Another funeral of an American serviceman who gave his life in Iraq, another group of hate mongers with signs like "Thank God for IED's" and "God hates fags". I think it's time I advocate violence - I pray that the next time these assholes show up at a funeral, the mourners do what needs doing and prevent this from happening at any more services.

After Dick Cheney's misadventure with 'friendly fire' this weekend, I'd like to hear from you - who would you like to see go hunting with the Veep? Stay away from Algore and Howie Dean - they're too easy. Points will be awarded for neatness and originality of thought.

Finally, I'll be so glad when tomorrow comes and goes. Watching the ads for pyjamas and teddy bears, I never realized that central casting kept 'Sluts R Us' on their speed dial.


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