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16 February, 2006

Random Neuron Firings

I saw in the news that a Russian female biathelete (that should have been a give away, right) was disqualified after winning the Silver Medal at Turin. Apparently at one stage during the competition one of her testicles popped out. What a shame. Or was it a drug test - I get confused with those Eastern Europeans.

Speaking of drug tests, it looks like Sammy Sosa's baseball career is over, since the only offer he's gotten was for half a million for the season. After several years of hitting 50 - 60 homers he looked like a Hispanic Mark McGwyre. Once he appeared at those Senate steroid hearings, though, his numbers for the season were pretty dismal - a .221 batting average and only 14 home runs. I guess he just ran out of "juice", don't you?

And you just knew that Cheney's appearing on Fox yesterday was going to drive the rest of the media f'kin nuts, didn't you?


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